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  1. Chris The disk checks out perfectly in Scanner. The only issue presented was this massively excessive "head parking" which looks like was being caused BY Scanner. All other SMART data is fine and I cannot see any evidence of anything else wrong with it. Regarding the "evacuation" by Drivepool/Scanner - I did have a number of the built in balancers activated for a long time but have since cut it back to just two: Disk Space EQ And StableBit Scanner - with a specific focus on ensuring my "unduplicated" files are being targeted - if there's a problem with a drive.
  2. That may be true - but it looks like the beta action stopped around Mar 12-15. Would not surprise me if this is COVID related but it would be nice to at least get a one liner status update. Sonic
  3. Just wondering what is happening in here lately? I have asked a couple questions in the last week to 10 days and usually get an answer after a day or two? Is Covecube support no longer coming round or is the actual company not active? I realize the world is in a crap state right now but it would be nice to know if anyone is home? Sonic.
  4. Updated Data I did some reading on the forum here and found this tidbit from a few years back: In theory, the "Disk Control" option in StableBit Scanner is capable of doing this as well, and persistent after reboot. To do so: Right click on the disk in question Select "Disk Control" Uncheck "Advanced Power Management" Hit "Set". I have enabled this on all my drives to see if the "parking" will settle down But then I noticed that DrivePool was acting strange last night as well. It had begun an "Evacuation" of all the files from this specifi
  5. For the first time ever - I received this message from Scanner on a SEAGATE Ironwolf NAS drive that is about a year old: ST4000VN008-2DR166 - 1 warnings The head of this hard drive has parked 600,001 times. After 600,000 parking cycles the drive may be in danger of developing problems. Drives normally park their head when they are powered down and activate their head when they are powered back up. Excessive head parking can be caused by overzealous power management settings either in the Operating System or in the hard drive's firmware. This drive (and 3 other identical ones
  6. Well - I am not about to remove a drive to test this version but it's nice to know something new is available. Also glad I am not the only one experiencing this issue. S
  7. This makes complete sense - but how come the actual "Remove drive" process never completed? Is it not supposed to go to 100% (while leaving the dupe files on the drive) and conclude in a correct fashion? In my case - DP simply stopped doing anything at 94% and sat there for hours and hours and hours. This feels very uncomfortable on many levels - yet I had no choice but to kill the process. Luckily - there was no residual damage to my hard stop as all that was left on the drive where dupes. But this experience does not make me feel very trustworthy toward this app if a process c
  8. Well - the drive is gone now so enabling logging will not help. And as far as unduplicated data - I used the same process for 4 consecutive drive removals. The first three went like clockwork...the "remove" drive process (whatever that entails) went to 100% and then DP did a consistency check and duplication AFTER the drive was removed completely. This last drive "removal" not go to 100% - it simply sat at 94% for like 18 hours. For me there is long and then there is REALLY long. So I eventually got fed up - cancelled the removal and pulled the drive. My concern is that this "re
  9. Update. After I returned home from work - the drive targeted for removal STILL said 94.1% so I killed the process and restarted the machine. Once it came back up - I assigned this drive it's own drive letter and examined the files in the Poolpart folder - seems all the files in there were the files I had set to duplicate. So while that makes a bit of sense (I did tell DP to duplicate later) - I still do not understand why the removal stalled out and would not complete. I could have left this drive in this state for days with no change. Seems like a bug or something here. After t
  10. A Over the past few months I have been slowly upgrading the drives in my Pool. It's a 16TB pool with 4x4TB drives. Last night around 7:00pm - I added the last new drive to the pool and targeted the last drive I wanted to replace. I checked Duplicate later and close all open files and let the process begin - as per usual - things moved along nicely and around 9:30 - I closed my RDP session to the server and let DP do it's thing. When I checked back in this morning - I see the following on screen (see attached): 1. I see a ton of open files 2. The gauge has been at 94.0%
  11. All, After a instant drive failure on a secondary server last week - I am now being proactive with my primary server and replacing old disk in biweekly stages. This server has 4x4TB lineup and I have identified disk 3 as being the first one to be removed. The new disk arrived yesterday but - I do not have all folders in this pool duplicated. What are the correct steps to get this drive out of the pool, out of the box and then swap in it's replacement without jeopardizing any files that could be on drive 3 as single files? Assuming the Remove function in the UI should empty the d
  12. Update - I was able to get the new drives in place and DP did exactly as described - it moved everything over to the new drives without a hitch. I pulled all the old drives and will move forward with the two new 2TB. Duplicates are now turned on for everything. Taking no chances. However - we really need the ability to at least create a text file or something of the files on each drive. I never really gave it much thought until this situation happened - but a guy is truly flailing in the dark here without any ability to see what's on each drive. I know I lost some files and have
  13. Update: I pulled the faulty drive and I believe it is completely screwed. I messed with everything I could think last night including opening the drive case - the heads are in the "park" position and while the drive will power up and the platters spin - the heads simply rock back and forth to the disc edge exactly 11 times (beeping each time) and then the drive powers down. I do not think there is anything else I can do outside of sending it to the pros - but given what is on this server - that is not really cost effective. Next question - given the locked pool state - is there
  14. I awoke today to a weird beeping sound coming from one of my servers. Also heard a disk thrashing away in the case so I immediately remoted into the box and checked Drivepool. Sure enough - a disk is reported missing. Disk Management confirms some is up as well. This server has 3x2TB using Drivepool. I have identified the disk with the problem and judging by the sound the disk it's making - it's not long for this world so I have to move fast. I have new disk on hand but want to make sure I deal with the data in the most efficient manner and hopefully get it back. First thing I
  15. My upgrade worked perfectly - with the disclaimer that "upgrade" in this case meant a complete clean install of Server 2016 to a new system drive. I did however have a critical need to maintain my existing data drives. Both Drivepool and Scanner installed flawlessly - and especially for Drivepool - it picked up the pool (once I reattached my existing drives) like nothing had happened - saving me days of time backing up and restoring up to 10TB of data. Regarding Essentials 2016 - I would assume you should be good as well. Sonic.
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