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  1. Maybe it's an Explorer issue, since apparently cmd or powershell can delete the folder with the quotation marks. Handbrake was not able to open the folder from the usual windows open file dialogue. I found an older thread at MKV: https://www.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3495
  2. Just to add more info, this happened to 2 folders generated at different times by MakeMKV. I was able to delete the files inside the folders and I was able to use Teracopy to move the offending folders to a different drive. I can't delete the folders even on another drive though. I'll run a chkdsk but I suspect it's a Windows 10 issue.
  3. I'm getting "Could not find this item" and "The directory name is invalid" errors for folders and files within folders with a space at the end. Windows Explorer will open the folder and list the files, but I can't open them, rename them, or delete them. I've tried restarting. These folders were created by ripping a disc from MakeMKV. Ripping the same disc with a custom folder name not ending in a space does not create this error. How do I fix this?
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