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  1. I was installing MyMovies today and was poking around looking at things. I opened up event viewer and saw a bunch of reported errors starting from June 14 to present. Sometimes the same error is logged once for that day or sometimes two or three times the same day. The error isn’t reported everyday sometimes it’s skips a day or two. Scanner appears to be behaving normally, but all the drives except one are listed as never being scanned even though they’ve been installed for 120 days now. Every time the error is generated a encrypted report is made. I’ve opened a ticked and attached two of the
  2. Hi Verme, You don’t have to format the drive if has already been formatted nor do you have to assign it a drive letter. You cannot mix file systems in drivepool. All drives have to have the same file system. In General, the default filesystem is usually NTFS. Any files that existed on the drive before you added the drive to the new pool will still be there. Drivepool doesn’t alter the the contents of the drive. If you want to copy or move the data that still exists on the drive after it’s been added to the pool, simply drag the the folder(s) to the pool drive letter. Hope this answers yo
  3. this happened to me a couple of months ago. My old server crashed and burned hard. I submitted a ticket with all the correct information including my activation ID and within about 24 hours he was able to deactivate drivepool. He’s usually pretty good about support tickets although your post is from March 16th, he may have already taken care of it.
  4. I have the beta of scanner installed. Everything seems to be working just fine so far.
  5. I did expand the pool yesterday. I took out a five year old 1tb drive and replaced it with a new 6tb 7200rpm seagate drive. After about a minute it did come up and was visible in the system so I could add it to the pool. The only thing that was different was I upgraded to the released version of Drivepool the night before adding the new drive to the pool. There was something about 1.x that the dash board didn't like suddenly because it started to crash when I attempted to open it. I would have to reopen the dashboard and it would point to the 1.x Drivepool addin as the culprit. Ever
  6. I ordered the motherboard and CPU yesterday. I decided to bump up the CPU to a Xeon E5-2620V3 2.4ghz processor $430.00. It has hyper threading and a few other goodies that the 1.9ghz Xeon does not have. Stupid CPU costs more than the motherboard! Newegg was out of memory, so I'll have to get it elsewhere. While I'm at it I might as well get a SATA III SSD because I have a 256gig SATA II SSD for the OS drive now. What I paid for my current SSD I can get one with double the capacity and faster for a little less money then what I originally paid! Sigh... :-)
  7. StableBit Scanner S.M.A.R.T. Failure on 'xxxxxxxxxx' One or more disks are expected to fail within 24 hours: Seagate ST6000DX000-1H21 SCSI Disk Device You are receiving this message because you have set up email notifications to be sent to this address from the StableBit Scanner. That's what I sai in the email that was sent May 21st @ 6:16am
  8. I installed the beta tonight. I did get another email today about a failing disk. One of the 6tb disks. This happened before the install this evening. I had to uninstall scanner completely front the console and control panel. Once I did that I was able to install the beta. Hopefully I won't see the error anymore.:-(
  9. Windows 7 64bit so it should support it. Probably the most ill ever get is 128gb. The last time I used a 32 bit os was XP. Once Vista came out I went 64bit and never looked back for my desktop PC. The ram I picked up for the board are two Kingston DDR4 dims (actually one one was sold) KVR21R15D4/16. I think this would work.
  10. Well when it blue screens it just freezes when it tries to write to the file. That could be it. At any rate I've got the new mother board and 32 gigs of memory sitting in my newegg shopping cart. I'll pick up the Xeon 6core 2.9ghz processor next week. The hardware is over four years old, so it really is time to replace it. At least when I get it installed upgrading to a CPU with more cores won't be so painful. Plus I'll have plenty of ram slots to expand to a larger memory pool. :-). I can expand up to 256 gigs.
  11. Ok will do that when I get home from work today. Are they any issues with installing that I need to be aware of? Do I need to uninstall then install the new version? I'm running scanner through the WHS console. I'll install the beta...
  12. I'll do that when I get home from work. There are no advanced setting in the scanner tab. I'm running I'm using Drivepool and scanner through the WHS console. It's the only way I interact with it and the rest of the add ins.
  13. This is the second time scanner has reported imminent drive failure on a brand new 6TB Seagate drive. There are no smart errors or surface defects on the drive. The file system is reported as healthy. The whole disk is healthy. All three 6TB drives are healthy. It could be the controller? Two of the 6TB drives are on the same controller that I recently put in to replace the one with the two dead ports. I can't tell if it's those two drives scanner is reporting as ready to fail. I should probably try to swap out a drive this weekend on the other controller to see if it actually hot swaps ou
  14. Yes it is odd. This is a recent occurrence the last two times I replaced drives. I'll probably pick up another 6tb this weekend and see what happens when I install it. I did let the drive sit for about a minute or so, but in the past they usually comes up pretty quickly. I'll double check my settings on perfect disk, but I think that's what I set it at. Really nice application. I'm happy that I bought it. My server is used for My Movies, music, software archives. The only time things change is when I rip a movie or music cd to the pool. I don't run any VMs or databases except my movies i
  15. Yes the BSOD issue I've been having. I've already reinstalled windows. I can get by for now until I get all the parts to upgrade my system. Whs 2011 is running great. I just replaced the last drive with excessive head parking with a 6Tb drive I picked up at frys saturday. Drive pool and scanner are doing there thing. I'm having one small issue though with my hot swaps. The last couple of times I replaced a drive to expande the pool they wouldn't become visible to the system with out a reboot. Thats never happened before. The only thing that has changed was wnen I bought and installed Perfect
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