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  1. Here's where I'm at.. Been avoiding this hoping I would get an amazing solution or recommended course. So internet went out and the drive was disconnected then I reconnected and detached and seemed like things were going well but when i went to re-attach to the new computer it says that it's still connected to the old computer and I would have to "force attach" At this point I'm afraid that I'm going to lose all my data. Really wish someone would respond to the forums. I don't want to be another person that loses 50+ TB of data due to some bad software.
  2. Still can't disconnect.. this is been an issue for over a week. I've tried everything can I please get some help. Here's a screen shot of my error count.. You can see where it says access denied a bunch of times and where I tried to re-authorize and then detach again.
  3. Man I'm starting to get stressed. I haven't been able to detach my drives for over a week and I'm not getting any response. I have 52 TB in the cloud at the moment.. and IDK how I'm going to get that data to the right machine since I can't detach. I heard that google drive has been having some outages for the past couple of days (less than the time I've had issues) and maybe that could explain your situation. They had cloud outages.
  4. Nah I'm still struggling with this issue. Hoping they can fix it somehow. I've tried re-authorizing, restarting etc etc. I'm hoping to get a response soon. Wish there was a phone number I could call for tech support.
  5. Yeah and I'm saying if you can't figure it out shut your mouth and move on. Bringing a negative opinion to a new idea is a shit thing to do. Especially when it's as vague as "I don't see why" Who cares what you can see if you aren't the intended user of such feature. GOOD DAY.
  6. Seems like a rather ignorant response since no one mentioned legality of it. This is a preference and no one cares about the law when it comes to naming folders. If I want to change the name of the folder and direct stablebit to that directory than it should work. It's actually a very reasonable and simple request. Personally I wanted to do the same thing with renaming the file folder because the cloud is often a SHARED environment and I would like to put a "DO NOT TOUCH" "DO NOT DELETE" "PERSONAL STORAGE" root directory above the stable bit folders. See this isn't about legality it's about preference and why bring up points that don't matter unless you are ONLY trying to have a negative opinion or be contrary? You some kind of flat-earther or something?
  7. I think the user is looking for a feature request to be able to rename or obfuscate the names of the folders. I'm sure if it was built into the software it would maintain the links.
  8. I am having the same problem. I need to relocate the cloud drive to another computer and getting access denied.
  9. Yeah I've done that too. Probably 10 times.. I wouldn't have made a forum post if it was working properly. Thanks for the suggestion anyways though.
  10. I've been struggling with this for days. I've rebooted multiple times. I've disabled all start up programs so nothing is accessing the cloud drive. I've transfered over small files to upload all content even the kilobytes and it still won't detach. I've been at this for days now. I would like to safely detach so i can reconnect to a new computer. I had to wait for upload to finish and that took days now this is taking days.. PLEASE HELP edit: UPDATE: still can't detach cloud drive after another 24 hours of trying. I've restarted the computer. I've reauthorized the drive. AND IT STILL WON'T DETACH!! UGH !!! This is so frustrating.
  11. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. I only own 1 license so I haven't lost as much as you.. But I'm in the same boat.. The product DOES NOT WORK... The last update LITERALLY BROKE many features and the software itself.. like i CAN'T PULL UP CLOUD DRIVE AFTER IT'S BEEN MINIMIZED.. AND i CAN'T CHANGE MY I/O SETTINGS AT ALL... it's beyond frustrating.. Would be nice to get an update to fix the 2 broken features.. and make it so the damn software automatically reconnects itself after a period of down time.. which seems like it would be soooo easy to add but they don't.. I'm starting to feel like this project has been abandonded by the devs.. because after they released the broken version they didn't roll back and they didn't issue a patch to fix the problems..
  12. Really hate having to check to see if it's connected and it goes down all the time.. How do I fix this? Or can you make it notify me when it's disconnected via push notification through pushbullet or some other API??
  13. Pretty much just like the title says. I updated to the newest version because I didn't look at the forums first and I guess lots of people are having issues with the drives reauthorization issue on google drive and it's disconnecting the drives for me. So I thought maybe the newest version would fix that instead the UI won't open after it's been closed and some of the UI features like IO settings can't be accessed AT ALL. IDK if i should try to reinstall or what...
  14. BUMP if not a recommended settings for plex but a recommended settings for different media types I.e. MP3 vs AVI since one only needs a 3-5mb buffer and the other needs a couple hundred mb buffer.
  15. How about a way to detect if the internet is active and then retry connection to cloud?
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