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  1. My drive went back to not showing a percentage either, so now I am back to both of my drives being in the "queue" to be recovered with neither of them currently being recovered from what I can tell.
  2. I have been seeing about the same speed, roughly 10% per day unfortunately. Although mine is now showing progress, which is better than before.
  3. Where are you seeing the chunks move on the drive? is there a specific location I can look in Google Drive to see the chunks being moved?
  4. I am seeing this too, except my second drive is a box drive and it is just stuck in the "Drive queued to perform recovery" as well. Since it's a box drive I would have thought it would be fine, but ever since this google drive upgrade I haven't been able to get my drive to load, ever.
  5. Mine is the same as this!! It's frustrating, and I have tried every version including the latest one just released. It still shows no progress bar at all. I have no clue and it's been running (supposedly) for roughly 4 days with a few reboots in between...
  6. Anybody else seeing this strange error where you are unable to destroy one of your drives?
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