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  1. Chris, How long should the "take the drive offline" step take? I clicked this a good half hour ago, and the drive is currently showing as readonly and CloudDrive is "prefetching" non stop? Ideas?
  2. So, following yet another google outage I have lost another 20TB of data on my Clouddrives... Initially i was told this was because i had created to large of a drive and should stick to 50tb or less.... so i did... and I've lost it again, my folder is "corrupt"... Does anyone have any workaround or fix to this? or anyway that i can prevent this constant corruption from happening? I am sick and tired of having to redownload from my backups!
  3. Teshiburu2017

    Data corrupted..?

    I've ended up with some corrupted files follwoing this, i guess the real question is how do I now find every corrupt directory, remove them, and re create them?
  4. Hi @Christopher (Drashna) updated to .963 last night - so i will do the above if it happens again praying for a trouble free christmas
  5. @Christopher (Drashna)- im not sure if others have the same issue, but when the pinning craps out its like the sevice its self dies or gives out somehow, i tried to upgrade to the latest beta, but was unable to stop the stablebit services, and when i reboot the server when this is occuring the reboot actually hangs at waiting for services to shutdown.... ive left it in this state for hours (last was from 9am until i got home at 1700) havent actually got around to installing the latest beta yet!
  6. Anybody? been without this until today - and this morning it craps out!
  7. @keithdok @josefilion Did you guys update to the latest beta did it fix this? I thought it had gone away for a while on .951 but after a week of being up successfully it has gone again!
  8. This is the same issue as me, @keithdok did you ever resolve? As for your cache comment on only using a 10gb local cache and still get the same issue I've just bumped mine up to 200
  9. Ok it would seem it's not API ban, but it does seem when it tries to pin data in the morning that the drive becomes inaccessible. Any idea what service tracing I need to see any issues with pinning?
  10. Hi Chris - 70Mbps for both up and down?
  11. Hi, So I may be talking out of my backside here, but ive noticed that lately im not able to access my clouddrive which is gsuite hosted on my own account - when i open the stablebit gui it says its pinning data - when i check the technical details and service log its just packed full of "rate limit exceeded errors" and the only way ive found to fix this so far is a reboot. Any ideas?
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