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  1. Thanks for responding. I should have read more before posting. Has the cause been identified, and is there a way to avoid this happening in the future? I don't keep anything in my Google Drive CloudDrive that I can't lose, just backups and easily replaceable files, but it would be frustrating to have this happen again.
  2. Using the /f /r arguments is working now, but ETA is 200+ hours It'll probably be easier just to continue moving the files to a new drive...
  3. I've got a similar issue to a few others: my 16TB Google Drive CloudDrive is showing up in Scanner as "File System Damaged". I can still access files on the drive, so I'm moving everything over to an identical CloudDrive. Chkdsk reports the filesystem as RAW and fails out, same thing with Scanner (which I assume just calls chkdsk). Is there anything else I can do?
  4. This issue seems like it isn't going anywhere, but I have some anecdotal data if it helps at all. I have recently shifted my server from a SuperMicro whitebox to a Dell R720. By shifted I mean I swapped over the CPUs, storage drives and boot drive without reinstalling Server 2016, so it's essentially the same machine with a motherboard and HBA swap. I'm now getting ~40MB/sec copy to the CloudDrive cache rather than the ~30 I was getting on the previous machine. I don't think any strong conclusions can be drawn as to why I'm seeing slightly better transfer speeds, but I'd hazard a guess that it has to do with the storage controller and/or motherboard change. I was using an H200 in the old box, and I've got an H310 (PCIe) in the new box; both are running IT firmware.
  5. I'm still experiencing the issue, so it doesn't seem to have been resolved. But neither have I explored it any further.
  6. Done. First name Zoey
  7. No. Still get a maximum of around 30-35MB/sec copying to the cloud drive versus 160MB/sec copying to the cache disk itself. [edit] I should probably add that I'm getting similar performance transferring uncached files off the cloud drive as well. I have a 1000/500 fiber connection. The second time transferring the same file (ie when it's been cached) performance is much better, around 120MB/sec
  8. Ended up destroying and recreating the cloud drive as I moved to WS2016 and added a dedicated ssd for cache. Problem persists; copying to root of ssd tops out the mechanical drives, but copying to the cloud drive pool tops out at 30ish MB/sec. Uploaded logs to your dropbox, first name Zo.
  9. I've just got Malwarebytes free installed (on WS2012R2). Enabling bypass file system filters on the drivepool has not produced a noticeable effect. I'll look into file system logging later today.
  10. I followed over from the /r/homelab thread on reddit, since I'm having the same problem. Copying a 5GB ISO file from a drivepool of mechanical drives to the cloud drive cache on a sata ssd peaks at about 30MBps. Copying the same file to the root of the same ssd averages 130MBps, roughly what I'd expect given the performance of the mechanical drives. Anecdotally, I've tried the same settings with encryption enabled and disabled and it doesn't appear to affect the disk to disk copy rate.
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