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  1. I actually like this feature request - being able to cache headers of your files up to X GB. It would for certain improve a lot of stuff in various usecases
  2. The newest beta works great for me - i still have a great speeds and the drives are upgrading fine (25% per day)! Only annoying bug i have atm is that if i try to attach a new drive, then it will fail and give me a folder i cant delete. After a reboot the drive will mount (although it said it failed, but due to the folder being there) but not upgrade as it is supposed to. So since im moving my drives to a new server im only able to move and upgrade 1 drive at a time (although my drives are split over 5 google accounts and in theory have api limits on each account). So my wish would be a new version which supports mounting new drives, while an existing is upgrading - and fixing so that a drive which fails at being mounted doesnt get undeleteable due to being in use
  3. 1306 doesnt show any files being moved though like 1305... so dont know if it works or not :-P
  4. I can see chunks being moved on my drive, so i know its running! We just have to give it time :-)
  5. Mine is still going... complaining about Userlimitexceeded. Going on Google i can see it has not moved files since the night to sunday... so for me atleast it will take a looooooong time if we dont get a higher API rate limit! And this is the first drive i have out of 12
  6. The reindexing you saw was normal since waaaay back. Its to avoid corruption, then it rebuilds the chunk database by going through them 1 by 1 The numbers you saw were chunk id's
  7. Seems to make no difference here... Same error and still no % counter. My guess is that you guys got to a certain point before the limit was reached, where mine didnt get started. Anyway i hope they will have a fix for this soon - just sucks that stuff like this always have to happen in weekends
  8. Your drive is reindexing - it can take a while. Most likely due to og being closed wrong
  9. Yea in there! Try going up to the log levels and set ApiGoogleDrive to verbose - do you get Userlimitexceeded?
  10. What does the log write ? Maybe you ære hit with Userlimitexceeded like me. Then it will never finish untill limits are fine again
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