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  1. Latest version doesn't do it! So starting the loooong process of moving files to new drives!
  2. I think you are on the right track - my drives lost reference to the latest files! The drives that were not affected were those ones i didnt touch for a while
  3. Simply not true - the issue is due to your provider having issues. If it was google drive its because google sends old data back during outages - they think. They have listened so much to their customers and the product is what it is today due to that. You just cant blame them for issues caused by someone else :-)
  4. Force attach just makes it iterate chunks - drive still works! Just takes a long time as it has to index all chunks
  5. Well it's different based on the use-case I would have no need for a feature like that, but i guess its because not everyone has flatrate internet or that their internet get saturated when it's running. What about limiting the upload speed ?
  6. You could just pause uploads and manually start it when you want! Pausing downloads is easily done by not accessing the data
  7. Think you got the samme issue that i get on all new drives... the ntfs is formatted wrong and the partition volume cant be read correctly. Thus neither chkdsk, testdrive or anything else can read it!
  8. Got a notice on my support that they might have found a way to avoid this in the future! Hopefully a fix coming soon. Only fixes it for future outages but better than nothing! Almost used to constant recovery on drives anyway :-P
  9. TestDrive says bad GPT data - are the drives being formatted wrong ?
  10. Im also a bit in the blank as to how it can happen - but i guess it must be google throwing wrong messages back or something. Usually i can get mine fixed with chkdsk /f - however all my new drives seem to get an error so chkdsk doesn't work My ReFS drives never had any issues though - so maybe thats the way to go
  11. The issue is when Google Drive have outages. Then data gets corrupt.
  12. Hi, All new drives created on the newest version seems to give me: "Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted." whenever i run chkdsk on any of them. Is the drive somewhat created in a wrong way?
  13. Do a chkdsk /f on the drive. Google had an outtage yesterday so that can have caused some corrupted data to happen
  14. Some one had a bad day for sure. its a forum and made for discussion.
  15. Calm down. Just said i dont see the need for such a feature.
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