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  1. I just installed the same update (KB4471324) on W10 pro, but it did not cause a license transfer dialog. Did you install this update only? I got this dialog several times, but it was always caused by a bios version update (automatically applied by HP support assistant). However, I think you can hit the button without worries. It will reactivate the license.
  2. Viktor

    Drives hidden "PoolPart.xxx" folder changed names?

    In my case it must have happened far more than 7 days ago. I detected it by chance about 10 days ago, when I checked the log file of a daily Duplicati backup job. It had error entries for the symbolic link, which pointed into the hidden PoolPart folder. The one-month log history shows that the link must have been already broken since at least Nov. 12th.
  3. Viktor

    Drives hidden "PoolPart.xxx" folder changed names?

    I can confirm that this happened to me as well. When I detected that a symbolic link pointing into a hidden PoolPart Folder didn't work anymore, it turned out that the hidden folder had been renamed. I’m not aware of anything unusual that might have caused this (no drive replacement or something similar). However, as the pool and everything else worked fine, I didn’t pay much attention to the issue (just replaced the link). I only know that the DrivePool version was at that time (meanwhile I’m using
  4. Viktor

    License transfer after reboot?

    Was the reboot related to system updates? I know that a preceding BIOS update triggers a licencse transfer.
  5. Viktor

    Two disks showing as other

    Can you check if each drive contains only one (hidden) PoolPart folder? I saw once a similar situation where the affected drive got pooled through a new PoolPart folder (with a different id) leaving data in the previous PoolPart folder, which was then no longer part of the pool. I don’t know, what led to this issue, but I fixed it by moving everything from the previous folder into the new one.
  6. Viktor

    Duplicate CloudDrives across GSuite Accounts?

    With that approach you would create clones of your gdrive. They would all have the same global unique identifier (guid) and I doubt that you can attach them at the same machine simultaneously. The question is also, which tool you would use and where it would run. If you run rclone on a local machine it would still up- and download everything. Better would be an online service like MultCloud, which could sync data between multiple Gsuite accounts.
  7. Viktor


    Looks like a false alarm by Avira. The file gets flagged clean by all other antivirus solutions on virustotal.
  8. It seems that you are looking for an encryption solution on top of Google’s CBFS (which does not support encryption by itself). That’s not what StableBit CloudDrive is designed for. But perhaps other cloud encryption solutions (like Cryptomator) meet your requirements and work with Google Drive File Stream.
  9. Where do you think gets file stream data stored, before you can access it? In a cache folder on your local drive! What about a thought experiment? If CloudDrive would allow you to put the cache on a file stream drive or any other cloud-based file system (and there are good reasons, why it does not), what would happen with one chunk of data from the CloudDrive you want to read? That chunk needs to be downloaded from the CloudDrive and put into the CloudDrive cache, which we now assume to be located on the FS drive. Therefore, it first would get downloaded and stored into the local FS cache, from where it then would get uploaded to the FS cloud (Google Drive). Finally, two network flows (cloud -> local -> cloud) instead of one.
  10. Viktor

    Google Drive

    Well, looking at the high number of critical and important pending code change requests I expect, that it still might take a while, before that feature request 27686 (Add support for Google Team Drive) gets completed.
  11. Viktor

    Google Drive

    It seems that Google Team Drives cannot be used with CloudDrive yet (see here).
  12. Viktor

    CloudDrive with more than one computer.

    Don't mix up CloudDrive and DrivePool. CloudDrive provides harddrive-like images located in the cloud, while CloudPool is based on hidden directories on its pooled hard or cloud drives. Like a physical drive a cloud drive can be attached to only one computer at the same time. But you can move it from one to another computers (detach it here and attach it there).
  13. Viktor

    Download speed with google drive.

    Your screenshot shows that you are using an older CloudDrive version. Perhaps the latest version ( changes something.
  14. Viktor

    How to get notifications back

    Check the Autostart tab of the Task-Manager. It should have an activated entry “StableBit DrivePool Notifications”. If its status is deactivated, then you need to toggle it to activated. If the entry is completely missing, you should repair the DrivePool installation or reinstall. If the entry is there and active, but no process is running, then something is preventing it from running, most likely a virus protection software, or it’s crashing for some other reason. In that case you maybe find some details in the event logs or the virus protection logs.
  15. Viktor

    I/O Error

    I saw the same issue quite frequently in the past (not only Google Drive but OneDrive too). I had to press the Retry button several times, before the affected drives got finally mounted. But things improved with recent beta builds (currently using BETA). Maybe you give it a try.