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  1. Yes, I've tried them in windows server and windows 10. One of them is a complete loss, not detected under any circumstances. The other two the machines will detect them and say they need to be initialized. Seatools fails the long scan and bad sector repair, tomorrow I will try the dos version as well.
  2. I did my research and due diligence and set everything up so no existing files would be balanced/duplicated. The only plugin I had was ordered file placement so new content would fill drives up in the order set. Everything seemed to be working as intended yesterday. I wake up today and 3 of my drives are not detected by the OS and all attempts so far to recover them have failed. They worked fine before I installed Drivepool, some of them for years. If it was one bad drive, I could chalk it up to coincidence. But losing 3 overnight the day I install this program? Is there some kind o
  3. Can you clarify this? You mean if you add the individual drives?
  4. Everything is a program by void tools - https://www.voidtools.com/ It can instantaneously find files. However it doesn't pick up anything at all from my pool. Does anyone else use this software?
  5. What about ordered file placement plugin? There seems to be several ways to do this I just really am worried about all of my existing files getting messed up.
  6. For my use case, I don't need duplication or balancing. I want to manually monitor/manage space. The main reason im interested in this software is to have ~13 drives combined into a single logical one for sharing. To accomplish this, I was thinking of doing the following: 1. Disable all balancing plugins 2. Create a file placement rule that says all files (*) should go to drive x in the pool. Would the above work without interfering with regular files? I want to strictly make sure it would only apply to newly added files.
  7. Thanks for the response. In doing my testing, im starting to get a feel for how things work. If the file names are the same but contents are different, a warning is given, with the only option to delete the older file (other than manual remediation). I have quite a few files, is there a possibility of automatically renaming one of them, with maybe something like file_2 instead of deleting?
  8. So my NAS started off as a single USB drive and slowly I kept adding until now it consists of 13 separate USB drives and two internal ones. I just fill one and when it gets full, add another new drive and another share. At this point I have way too many shares and I upon looking for a way to combine then, I found Drivepool. I am not interested in any backups or duplicate functionality, this is strictly to consolidate a group of non-raid drives into one single logical drive, which I want to share as SMB. 1. I have existing drives. My understanding from this page is that to mov
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