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  1. So on the root drive of the Google drive I have folders "tv" "movies" "documentaries". You're saying I move those folders into the hidden drive pool folder on that drive, not the newly created drivepool drive? After doing that can I just repoint my Plex to that hidden folder? I will give it a shot when I'm back at my computer and report back. Thanks.
  2. Hello Viktor, How do I go about doing that?
  3. Sure I'll be a bit more descriptive. I have a unlimited cloud drive on gdrive. Originally I used just the single drive in stablebit to upload my files encrypted to the drive to then access through Plex. I hit the windows explorer cap of 16TB so for me to continue uploading it seemed like the best option was to create more drives from that same drive account and link them together in drivepool. Since I'm a noob I realized after I created a few more drives that you have to move everything over to drivepool to access it from there. That's the backstory. So I am not sure if it's a drivepool issue or a gdrive issue. Typically when I'm uploading from to the drive to stablebit it's 170-180 megs per sec transfer speeds. Right now im still getting between 5-10MBs. In drivepool it says that "open files" is 2. Not sure if that's a limitation or not and if so I wasn't able to find where to increase that number.
  4. Hello, I just purchased drivepool as I hit the 16TB Windows limit and want to add more storage. I've created a few more partitions from the same g drive and combined them into a drive pool. When I try to copy data from the original gdrive to the drive pool, the speeds are abysmal. 5-10mbs per sec, or it just stops at 0 bytes. I'm pretty new to all of this so i'm learning as a go along so I could be missing something simple. Thanks.
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