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  1. I'm pretty sure you've just repeated exactly what you did two years ago when the thread was started and just read the bold question and not the actual explanation. It was all about things that are actually possible, and not at all about hard links across drives. In fact, that was kind of the point... We did already go over that, and your own replies above indicated that what I explained was as you said:
  2. Unfortunately, this does not work across physical volumes is the issue. It's already possible to make hard links on the same drive, the issue is when one of those copies gets balanced to a different drive, and it has exactly the same outcome - an additional copy of something that didn't need an additional copy. That's why the request was regarding balancing hardlinks and not about making hardlinks.
  3. Resolved, but it took a while to find the issue because nothing in the drive pool logs helped point to the source of the problem, and the behaviour of drive pool as mentioned above was a complete misdirection. It turned out to be a folder on one of the existing drives in the pool had broken permissions. For some reason this did not create any problems opening up the file duplication settings, unless I added the new drive. Even removing the new drive allowed it to work again. So the symptom of the issue was exclusively when the new drive was in the pool, but the error was caused by a fol
  4. A freshly formatted drive with no contents at all is giving me an "Unable to enumerate folder" error when I try to edit folder duplication options, preventing me from changing them *at all*. What I did: I removed a drive from my pool that had a read error. Formatted the drive (non-quick). Scanned the whole drive with scanner to see if error still occurred (it does not, reports healthy in scanner now). Added drive back to pool. Went to Manage Pool -> File Protection -> File duplication on the pool. Error popup saying, ""Unable to enumerate folder
  5. This is definitely one of the edge cases I thought of too and why having it on the balancer would be nice. I agree that the use of hardlinks as a general rule is not a requirement of the average user, and gave my use case as an example of a situation where hardlinking was the clear best option - as opposed to say things like plex where hardlinking isn't the best option but they do it anyway *grumble*. Balancing rules would be great for that sort of thing. For example, "Hardlinks outside drivepool volume will anchor file" (balancer may not move) as an option, where the default is to
  6. For reference, these are the win32 fileapi methods that do this: To determine if a file has hard links, fileapi function GetFileInformationByHandle gives a result where BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION .nNumberOfLinks is the number of directory entries for a given file. ie, 1 for typical files, 2 or more for files that have hard links. As you're moving the file anyway when balancing this is likely an action with negligible overhead. To get the list of all directory entries associated with a hard link, you use the fileapi function FindFirstFileNameW with FindNextFileNameW, which should give
  7. Sorry, but did you read only the questions in bold and not my explanation following them that addresses the how? :( I know how they work and that's why I explicitly mentioned the solution to both of those things. The balancer moves files between disks/volumes and I was suggesting that when a file with hard links is moved that all links move with it, which is as you said, necessary for them to actually be hardlinked and not just additional copies on multiple drives. You can check if a file has more than one hard link (the first entry counts, so a regular file has a count of 1), and
  8. Having looked through previous discussions a bit I know that hardlinks are not supported through the drivepool drive itself. Would it be possible to have the balancing system preserve hardlinks when moving files though? Currently I download a torrent to a smallish temporary drive, and when it's complete it gets moved into my pool. In order to continue to seed the files while also having them sorted into their appropriate places, the files get moved into a staging area (ie, E:\Unsorted) and after they've been moved there I have a script that hardlinks them to a seeding location (
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