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  1. I get the errors: Checksum mismatch: data from the provider has been corrupted I'm trying to run a "chkdsk H: /r" to see if it can be repaired, but after several attempts, it just hangs forever with no additional progress. Any suggestions?
  2. Installed the last clouddrive update yesterday. Rebooted several times. Bandwidth is fine. I have 10 upload threads working. Not sure where to begin troubleshooting this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bonus question: Is there any way to monitor CloudDrive when I'm away from my server? Can I get error notifications sent to my phone?
  3. I'm always impressed with the extent you go to help people with their questions, no matter how easy it complex. Thanks Chris.
  4. I'm a dumbass......didn't read the product description. Bought it anyway. I've made worse mistakes in life. I was under the impression that Drivepool would consolidate multiple drives and the data on the drives into one pool. Therefore I could point Plex, sonarr, radarr to only one drive instead of multiple. It appears now that I have a created a pool out of a bunch of drives for only future use, and I don't have access to any of the historic data on that pool.
  5. Tried to resize, but clusters are too small to accommodate the new size. I need to format the local drive with a larger cluster size. Will this delete all of my data? Thanks!
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