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  1. hey @Christopher (Drashna) , Question - Do you think it might be worth disconnecting The OneDrive CloudDrive from the server and connecting it to another PC to download all the media? The problem is that a lot of the data on the CD is media that PLEX is using, so I think that the drive is being scanned which is contributing to the API bans. Worth a shot or nah? I mean, I'm at a loss right now because I've got 5TB of data that's stuck on the OneDrive that I can't use in it's current state. Can't upload, can't download.
  2. Yeah, I was afraid of that. Might be a lost cause. It really doesn't seem to matter the settings. It just tries to download, slowly, then disconnects.
  3. @Christopher (Drashna) I bumped it up to 3mbps, didn't really see an improvement. Do you have a speed you recommend? I have a 1Gbps line. ``` 20:30:22.1: Warning: 0 : [ApiMicrosoftOneDriveBusiness] Server is throttling us, waiting recommended 30,000ms and retrying. 20:30:27.4: Warning: 0 : [ApiMicrosoftOneDriveBusiness] Server is throttling us, waiting 9,000ms and retrying. 20:30:36.5: Warning: 0 : [ApiMicrosoftOneDriveBusiness] Server is throttling us, waiting 10,000ms and retrying. 20:30:46.7: Warning: 0 : [ApiMicrosoftOneDriveBusiness] Server is throttling us, wait
  4. I've been using SB CD with OneDrive to archive all my old media. It's been painful as noted here: The CloudDrive has become unusable despite tweaking the settings repeatedly. I've moved to Google Drive and it seems to perform a lot better. The problem is that now I can't seem to download the data from the OneDrive to my local disk so I can re-upload to GoogleDrive. It's PAINFULLY slow and usually times out before a file can finish. With 3.5 TB of media on the drive I"m wondering what are the best settings to "empty" the drive to a local disk? These ar
  5. I was having this issue in the past and it was resolved. But out of the blue it started occurring again. I'm on version
  6. so me getting a BSOD right when I create a folder on network folder where the target is a DrivePool drive is totally different?
  7. I"m having this same issue. I enabled driver verifier on covefs.sys and covefs_disk.sys. However, Windows 10 immediately BSOD on boot now with error "Bug Check 0xC1: SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION" I also tried installing .922 RC but having the same BSOD Sincerely hope the team is working on this. Show stopper.
  8. I"m confused about the link that was shared above. " Uninstall StableBit DrivePool, if listed." So, are we NOT supposed to uninstall CloudDrive but uninstall DrivePool ??
  9. @Christopher (Drashna) I wanted to follow up on this a bit. As it's still a big problem for me. When I'm downloading data from the drive that's mounted to my MS OneDrive account, the activity fluctuates anywhere from 5MB/s then back down to 0, will hang at zero for a few seconds, then go back up. Nothing else is happening on the server, or on the LAN. UL pipe is 30mb/s DL is 250 mb/s Settings are in the attached screenshot. Here's a small GIF to show you what's going on. Pay attention to the bottom right corner as that's the file copy process:
  10. Chris, I actually have prefetching disabled ATM as suggested by you. Which has helped the disconnecting issue A LOT
  11. @srcrist thanks for the response Sir. ANY type of scanning for the library (which is stored on the CD) will trigger this. So, if a show is added, or during regular "scheduled tasks". Cache size is set to 30GB. I also compiled a quick 30-second screen grab of what's going on. You'll see in the top left frame shows that PLEX is scanning the "TV SHOWS" library (which is where the CD is attached to). However, in the top right frame shows PLEX is not logging activity (which I think is normal in cases where it's a "scheduled task"). Bottom left frame you'll see provider I/O, a
  12. So I'm confused, What's the recommended cache size?
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