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  1. Are there any other drivers that should be included? tcpip.sys? ntfs?
  2. I haven't had it happen before 1803, and I have never run a program from the pool. Curious.
  3. Without a rollback? That's the only sure way: Start > PC Settings > Update and Security > Recovery > Restore/go back to previous version of Windows. I haven't lost anything by doing this on both machines.
  4. I reverted the DP machine to the previous Windows build (1709 + updates), which now has DP on it. The machine I'm copying FROM still has 1803 on it. I've copied several files from the 1803 machine to the reverted DP machine without error. From https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin Windows 1803 seems to break a lot of things. I'm going to skip it.
  5. New upload ID 3594. DIfferent BSOD this time: DRIVER_PAGE_FAULT_BEYOND_END_OF_ALLOCATION I'll try another few times, then I have to revert both machines. The downtime is killing me. It seems to be giving this error now :/ DRIVER_PAGE_FAULT_BEYOND_END_OF_ALLOCATION, and the blue screen shows "what failed: covefs.sys". With verification on, I've been unable to get the BAD_POOL_HEADER BSOD. Upload 2 with ID: 3594_nm02 Upload 3 with ID: 3594_nm03 Output of BlueScreenView attached as well. report.html
  6. Bren: Deleting is writing to the pool, so not surprising. Reading seems to be fine.
  7. I tried with a Windows 10 1511 (yes, very old!) VM. I can copy to the pool (mapped through VMware workstation as a shared drive to the drive letter created by DP on the DP machine). I then updated to VM to 1803. I can copy without error to the pool. However, the VM is hosted on my Win10 machine that is NOT updated, so I'm not sure if these tests mean anything. Edit: Uploaded another BSOD with the troubleshooting tool. ID 3594
  8. The first thing you mentioned: DP machine as already installed, and I updated the machine to 1803. I later uninstalled and reinstalled DP on this same machine after the update to 1803, the BSODs kept occurring. I have two other WIn 10 machines, one updated to 1803, the other not. The crash occurs when copying TO the DP machine from the Win 10 1803 machine, but not from the Win 10 ...1709 update??? machine. I can copy from MacOS to a shared pool folder without error. I can copy from a Windows Home Server 2011 machine to the shared pool folder without error.
  9. Just tried a few more things: 1. On the DP machine, copying a file from a non-pooled folder to a pooled folder is ok, regardless of whether Windows Defender is enabled. 2. Copying a file from a pooled folder on the DP machine to a shared drive (another computer) was also ok, both with and without Windows defender enabled. 3. Copying a file from a Windows 10 machine that has NOT been updated to 1803 does NOT cause a BSOD, at least in my setup :/ 4. On the updated Windows 10 computer I'm copying FROM, I've updated the network drivers (it's a RealTek GBE gigabit, unsure of model). Still BSODs when copying to a pooled folder. 5. On the updated Windows 10 computer I'm copying FROM, I also have Private Internet Access v79 installed, and had it set to "small packets". Disabled this setting (thinking it was maybe a packet corruption issue???) but...BSOD on copying to the pool.
  10. Lyzanxia, please submit a crash dump, so the developer can see if there's anything common to these crashes.
  11. The DP machine uses DP latest retail build ( The network adapter is a Broadcom NetXtreme gigabit adapter. Current tests: Windows Defender/AV running: I can copy files to a shared folder on a drive where the drive has a poolpart on it, but the folder itself is NOT part of a pool (so no DP involvement) When I copy files to a shared folder that is part of the pool, I get the BSOD. By "shared" I mean I've used Windows sharing to share the drive letter assigned to the pool. Windows Defender/AV running disabled (GUI only, no registry tweaks, realtime/cloud off, no controlled folder access): Same result: OK if copying to a non-DP folder, BSOD if copying to a DP folder. I'm not sure WIndows Defender has anything to do with it now Edit: just uploaded service logs & memory dump, all compressed with 7zip.
  12. Nope. The moment I copy a file to a shared network drive that points to DP, I get the BSOD again, BAD_POOL_HEADER. :*( HEEEEEELP! Edit: I have boot and application logs. Before I upload the boot log, what is captured? I can't read ETL files.
  13. The MalwareBytes version is the latest whatever the free version is. Haven't' found any RAM errors yet-test is still running-but it'll be good to rule them out ...and it's not Malware bytes ( Any network access to the pool (it's mapped drive) causes the BSOD. Reading is ok about 50% of the time :/ Time to reinstall DP Edit: removed DP & Scanner, Sandboxie (there's a system-level driver there that also might be involved) and Private Internet Access VPN software. Ran chkdsk & sfc /scannow without errors created a test folder on one of the DP drives & shared it. Copied a file over the network, no errors or BSOD. Now to reinstall DP
  14. Maybe not a DP issue, but yesterday I updated 2 machines to Windows 10 April 2018. Both appeared to run normally, but I get an immediate BSOD on the DP machine with "BAD_POOL_HEADER". The Internet says it's either bad RAM (I'm current running MEMCHECK on the DP machine) or a bad driver. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I haven't yet reinstalled DP and scanner, or reverted to pre-update Windows. Edit 1: I do run MalwareBytes on the crashing machine, shall remove it and see what happens.
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