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  1. jonesc

    One Drive Business Experiences

    Thanks Chris. I suppose I could live with the slowness as long as the uploads completed as I have the spare disk space for the cache, and this is only a mirror backup. However I just logged in now and found all 5 of the disks have unmounted and show show as available to connect, when I try to reconnect any of them the Cache Drive letter is not in the drop down box any more. It is mounted in Windows with a drive letter and I can browse the drive as normal. All the cache data is still there nearly 800gb waiting to upload and it still has 500gb of available space left. Any ideas why the cache doesn't show in the software?
  2. jonesc

    One Drive Business Experiences

    Hi I'm after some experiences with OneDrive Business. After using Google Drive with no issues with speed, I'm not having a good upload experience. I have created 5x5TB drives using separate OneDrive Business accounts, all pooled with DrivePool using the DrivePool fixed placement plugin so each drive fills up one at a time. I have set the storage chunk size to 100mb. I have experimented with 2/5/10/20 threads and have seen the speed get upto 200mbps. Overall I'm lucky to see 6GB an hour of actual moved data to the cloud. Any ideas how to tweak, I have a 1TB cache and this is quickly filling and would take a week to move to the cloud if I stopped all of the transfers Thanks for reading.
  3. jonesc


    Hi Guys How often do you normally see "Measuring" occurring on your Pools? In my case with about 4TB in Cloud Drives its taking over a day and still showing this message. And seems to impact the speed of the pool. Thanks
  4. jonesc

    Hierarchical Pool Balancers/Measuring

    Hi Guys I have made a Hierarchical Pool with Cloud Drives. Are you setting up the balancers from the TOP level of the pool? I have "Measuring" (Lower Bar) displayed on the Lowest level of the pool but nothing showing on activity on the TOP Level? File operations show on both. Is this normal?