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  1. Yeah.... Same here - two out of my 11 cloud drives (all on one GSuite account) are both producing the same "limit for this folder's number of children has been exceeded". Stuck uploading and can only pause to stop it. Version 1318 & Windows Server 2016 1607.
  2. Same as @kaeller - this just started happening to me for the first time ever (3+ year SBCD user). I recently upgraded to v1.1.6.1318. plex use. 11 "containers" on one GSuite account. Ten totaling 72TB, one totaling 72TB. Never did any of these "drive upgrades" everyone on the thread seems to be talking.
  3. So today Google announced GSuite is being rebranded Workspace, and with that unlimited storage options go enterprise only - minimum of 300 users for an enterprise account. I called support and they claim that the data we have up there already will stay after the transition on 15JAN2021, but we won't be able to upload any new files. Just able to read the data. My question then becomes - can StableBit CloudDrive work in read-only mode with a cloud provider? If we're not uploading any new data, will the program allow us to read from Google correctly without writing to Google?
  4. jaynew

    Longevity Concerns

    Ah! Good to know. I've followed the forums occasionally. Didn't realize they have publicly stated plans "in case". Thanks!
  5. jaynew

    Longevity Concerns

    Hey all. ~1.5 year CloudDrive user here. All the usual praise - greatest program since the original bread-slicing program, Plex, GSuite, etc. My question is, as I am set to embark on a backup to a completely secondary GSuite account, what expectations do we all have in case CoveCube closes up shop & then Google changes something API-related. I recall about a year ago where we were all having issues connecting to Google Cloud due to numerous API errors. A relatively quick update from the team fixed it and we were back up and running. But since then I've had reservations about
  6. @ccoleman I get that often. For whatever reason, my 16TB drive does this frequently and it takes almost 2 hours to finish. Thankfully, everytime it does happen, it comes back. Sick of these mini-heart-attacks, though. @Christopher Sad to report that with 10 different GDrive encrypted containers mounted - restarting my server takes forever, and almost always results in the same situation as @JohnKimble. Perhaps CloudDrive can't gracefully unmount 10 before Windows forces and completes a restart. Quite unnerving.
  7. Still not anywhere close to what I hoped to get, @Colbalt503. My expectations were that *my* bottlenecks would be my server's hardware & download/upload speeds (200/35). But hey, Google shouldn't have those limitations! Well, I did hit 1.08 GBps uploading from cache (again, Gdrive > Gdrive). But that was only while the VM wasn't downloading at the exact same time. The bottleneck here, IMO, may be CloudDrive more than anything. Downloading to a cache/prefetcher, then transferring to either the same physical disk (or separate local disk) and then into the cache/"To Upload", an
  8. jaynew

    How to transfer?

    It appears to be the best way, from what I've been reading. There's a thread over in the 'Providers' forum where I laid out a lot of the settings I'm using (and currently tweaking) with Google Cloud Platform (their version of a VPS) http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2904-help-moving-65-tb-from-1-gdrive-to-the-same-gdrive/
  9. (Sorry for the long post, but your situation has been my life for the past 2 days) I'll chime in, because I'm in the same boat as you. My reasons were a little different. Coming from 10 local HDD's, I had the bright idea to create 10 CloudDrive "drives" on one GSuite account, to match the content that had been stored locally. This was a mistake. Attaching, pinning data 10x, each using 5 threads to upload/download to/from the same account. Oh, and the OCD of not having the drives in order in the CloudDrive UI unless they are attached in said order? Nightmare. Decided to consolidate. So af
  10. jaynew

    How to transfer?

    @17thspartan - I hadn't been able to get Google Drive to allow me to "Make a Copy" of any folder. Only files. That's with a GMail account, a legit paid GSuites account and a few throwaway "purchased" accounts. In fact, in my testing this theory a few days before your post (heavy research included) it seemed this was a serious point of contention people have with Google Drive - the inability to make a "copy" of folders. Only files. And using a renamer to get rid of "Copy of " on 511 chunks of one large, 10GB StableBit CloudDrive encrypted file was arduous. Is there a hidden setting, o
  11. jaynew

    access time

    Has anyone found a solution to this issue? I have the exact same problem. However, I don't know that it is tied to the "prefetch time window" option, as folders that I accessed two or three days ago (and two or three detach/attaches) ago still load up near-instantly. But folder I've never clicked into in Windows Explorer still take 1 - 2 minutes to show contents. This is with my original Prefetch Time Window setting of 30seconds, and the updated 180seconds recommended in this thread.
  12. jaynew

    File Explorer hanging

    @bnbg - ever find a solution to this? I've got the exact same issue on a brand new install of Server 2016 Standard and it's killing me. Makes the entire system unusable to surf around. Did you also find that once you load a folder, the contents are then forever loading quickly after that initial 1 - 2 minute load time? Thanks -Jason
  13. Gotcha. Thanks for the quick, detailed response. I've read everything you mentioned in 20 places before, but in the semi-annoyed-panic of deleting essentially 2 weeks worth of work, I was reviewing every possibly scenario to merely restore the files quickly without having to reupload. Looks like we're back to the drawing board! Thanks, again!
  14. Hey all. Hoping someone can shed some light on what's going on in my situation. Currently evaluating CloudDrive and have been uploading like a madman during my trial period, testing all manner of things to see if this is the product for my needs. Last night I accidentally let a folder synchronization program delete ~4TB of content from Google Cloud Drive. While exceedingly frustrating (for upload time, not data loss - it was all duplicate data) I'm noticing some unusual behavior. After the data was deleted, I noted that neither StableBit CloudDrive *nor* Google drive reflect t
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