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  1. Hey all! Just wanted to post an upgrade announcement. Nabbed myself a CyberPower OR1500LCDRT2U UPS! This is my first UPS I've ever owned. Damn thing is HEAVY. I had to remove the battery before installation just so I could screw it into the rack. Powered everything up and it looks good! Still have to install the software. Not sure what I need to get. Maybe @Christopher (Drashna) can provide me with some advice on that. The Business one looks really complex but should feature everything I"d need to access. The Personal version looks much easier to work with but must be lacking in som
  2. Thanks guys. Honestly, I'm not really concerned about the energy (at least not yet). It's more about the heat. As of right now, because I live with my parents still, the server is located in my bedroom closet to dampen the noise as much as possible. I leave the door open about an inch to help exhaust the heat. However, there have been quite a few days I come home from work and find my room exceedingly hot (as in 100+ degrees F). It's not necessarily the computer. In most cases, it's because Dad turned off the air conditioner and didn't open my windows. My bedroom faces East, and I have
  3. Yeah I sent them a follow-up reply to see if there was anything they could do or recommend. I'm not using this in a business scenario, just a home file server. They said because of the way S3 works, it causes issues with the chips on their server boards. So it's not something I can do, it's a fundamental protection built into the server board itself. This has been very educational for me. When I built my first "server", it was just an old desktop computer, 4 drives, and Windows Home Server software. Again, using it just for file serving, it worked fine going into S3 and then waking up wh
  4. I send them a support request email after posting here. And believe it or not, they replied 1 minute before you just did! They confirmed that it's an industry standard on server boards to not include S3 compatibility due to stability issues. Kinda bummed about that. I spent $400 on a new CPU thinking it would solve the problem. Oh well. I guess I should have researched it more before "pulling the trigger".
  5. Good (and troubling) News.. I got my new CPU in today. I went with that Xeon E3-1276 V3. I just got done installing it. It works great. Windows gave me no crap about it, and detected the proper details automatically. 4 Cores with all the Hyperthreading stuff so it appears like I have 8. The server is a lot faster now. The troubling thing is, it still won't do a proper simple S3 Standby. If I go into the BIOS, all of the C states are enabled (it actually has more than I knew of, including S6, etc). However, when I check my powercfg inside Windows, it shows this: Microsoft Windows [
  6. Hey guys! I'm finally getting into some money from my job. I've been there long enough at full time to get the top out pay! My server is becoming quite large now, at 56tb. I know, that's not a lot comparatively among some of you guys. But still, I'm sitting now at 22 out of 24 drives in my case. I got all my backplane issues sorted out too. I'm looking to upgrade. The CPU is just a Celeron, the lowest chip I could get at the time that was compatible to make the system work. It's served it's purpose, but the system is very slow. I have the OS installed on an SDD too. I have plenty
  7. I totally get that. Depression is my angst. It's all good though. Projects like this keep me on the level. I got the drive cloned to a new SSD, so far no issues. A UPS will be next on my list before another drive. Maybe I can find a good deal on Amazon with free Prime shipping.
  8. I was all set and ready to buy a UPS when I posted about it a month or so ago but never did. I've been in a massive depression with my home life as of late and have dedicated a lot of time to working and saving money for a car so I can move out. Then all of a sudden my Essentials Dashboard has been throwing up glaring CRITICAL warnings about services (like Active Directory Certification Service) not running or being able to start. Databases are corrupted, and the computer just can't boot off the OS drive in a warm reset but rather only from a cold start. It's almost like my build is agains
  9. Ah! Thanks! I'll install that latest and see if it fixes anything. I really still think its the drive and not the software. If I set the computer to just always be on, I never have any issues. And rebooting from a complete power off always seems to make it work. It's only if I try to resume from standby, or if the power was cut (we have a LOT of momentary split second power outages around here (that's why I still need to buy a UPS)) that I have this problem of the drive not working.
  10. The only version I can find to download is or Beta. I went ahead and ordered a new drive for the OS.. gonna try that.
  11. BETA... Is there a newer version? I will try running through the troubleshooter. Do you have any advice on how to duplicate the OS drive when I get a new one?
  12. So I'm sending out another "Call for help!" @Chris Can you help me friend? I've started having a lot of intermittent crashes with my server. I'm not sure what's causing in. I've got it set to go into standby when I'm not at home to save electricity. Sometimes when I get home from work, I send it a remote wake "magic packet" so my Kodi box I built out of a Raspberry Pi can stream a TV show or something from it. Most of the time it works fine. However there have been a few occasions (lots more recently) where I'm sitting here for 5 minutes and it never wakes up. Then I go and turn on
  13. Ok cool, I'll consider that when I'm at the store next time. Thanks again!
  14. I never considered getting a shelf for the rack (other than the one I have the server case sitting on. When I get some extra money together I'll consider that as an option. This is the power supply I'm using my server http://www.corsair.com/en-us/ax760i-digital-atx-power-supply-760-watt-80-plus-platinum-certified-fully-modular-psu So it says PFC in the details on their website. I guess that means that's what I"m looking for. Have any suggestions for something I should look for?
  15. So here's a question... About UPS. I was at the (only) computer store the other day and was looking at what they had to offer. The prices are fair, around $200 for the high end stuff. 480 minutes, 10 outlets, etc. But my question is.. are these compatible with rack mounting? All I had to go by was the photo on the box, and they all look like they just sit on the floor. I thought I remembered seeing examples online that were designed to go into a rack or cabinet. Am I just remembering wrong, or do they come mounting kits? Also, I remember Chris saying something about the Sine wave b
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