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  1. Hey all! Just wanted to post an upgrade announcement. Nabbed myself a CyberPower OR1500LCDRT2U UPS! This is my first UPS I've ever owned. Damn thing is HEAVY. I had to remove the battery before installation just so I could screw it into the rack. Powered everything up and it looks good! Still have to install the software. Not sure what I need to get. Maybe @Christopher (Drashna) can provide me with some advice on that. The Business one looks really complex but should feature everything I"d need to access. The Personal version looks much easier to work with but must be lacking in some areas. I noticed the Business version has support for VM's and what not. I don't really have that, but I do have a LAN switch, as well as multiple devices (computers, TV, AVR, XBOX, etc) connected to it. Should I use the Business version for that feature? I spent a little more money and got the expansion card to have it function with the network, so that's a plus. Anyway, just saying hey. When things work right, I don't really need to spend much time here. But I'm sure some of the guys are still around and can provide me some insights.
  2. Thanks guys. Honestly, I'm not really concerned about the energy (at least not yet). It's more about the heat. As of right now, because I live with my parents still, the server is located in my bedroom closet to dampen the noise as much as possible. I leave the door open about an inch to help exhaust the heat. However, there have been quite a few days I come home from work and find my room exceedingly hot (as in 100+ degrees F). It's not necessarily the computer. In most cases, it's because Dad turned off the air conditioner and didn't open my windows. My bedroom faces East, and I have 2 HUGE 8 foot windows on that wall and it catches all of the morning sun. To make matters worse, the return-air vent doesn't go anywhere. After the fire, they rebuilt this building, and forgot to attach anything to the vent cover. A huge oversight that nobody knew about until I took the cover off to see why I never feel any air coming through it (or going into it, whatever). There's no duct work, just 2 studs on either side, and horizontal stud about 6 inches below the cover. Anyway, with the heat coming in from the windows, and then having nowhere else to go, my room is essentially a green house. I have really bad allergies too, so I keep my bedroom door shut to keep the cats and dog out. The server is warm, but not hot. And I've been monitoring the temps and they're averaging 40 degrees C all the time (occasionally it will peak a drive around 47c but that's the most). However, having the server on all the time certainly doesn't help. I will have a check though on my next day off and see if I can lower some of the settings stably to see if it helps a little. If anything, it should help increase the longevity of the components.
  3. Yeah I sent them a follow-up reply to see if there was anything they could do or recommend. I'm not using this in a business scenario, just a home file server. They said because of the way S3 works, it causes issues with the chips on their server boards. So it's not something I can do, it's a fundamental protection built into the server board itself. This has been very educational for me. When I built my first "server", it was just an old desktop computer, 4 drives, and Windows Home Server software. Again, using it just for file serving, it worked fine going into S3 and then waking up when I needed to access it. Now that I'm going for a more professional build (for stability, security, and expandability) I'm using server-grade boards, memory, and now processor. So the feature I was expecting isn't available in true server builds. That's cool. I was upset at first because I spent the money thinking it was a limitation of the single-core Celeron processor I had. I'm happy to know it's not because of something I was doing wrong or had misconfigured. It's just a fundamental safety built into the board. I'm glad it's there.
  4. I send them a support request email after posting here. And believe it or not, they replied 1 minute before you just did! They confirmed that it's an industry standard on server boards to not include S3 compatibility due to stability issues. Kinda bummed about that. I spent $400 on a new CPU thinking it would solve the problem. Oh well. I guess I should have researched it more before "pulling the trigger".
  5. Good (and troubling) News.. I got my new CPU in today. I went with that Xeon E3-1276 V3. I just got done installing it. It works great. Windows gave me no crap about it, and detected the proper details automatically. 4 Cores with all the Hyperthreading stuff so it appears like I have 8. The server is a lot faster now. The troubling thing is, it still won't do a proper simple S3 Standby. If I go into the BIOS, all of the C states are enabled (it actually has more than I knew of, including S6, etc). However, when I check my powercfg inside Windows, it shows this: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Windows\system32>powercfg /a The following sleep states are available on this system: Hibernate Fast Startup The following sleep states are not available on this system: Standby (S1) The system firmware does not support this standby state. Standby (S2) The system firmware does not support this standby state. Standby (S3) The system firmware does not support this standby state. Standby (Connected) The system firmware does not support this standby state. Hybrid Sleep Standby (S3) is not available. C:\Windows\system32> I'm not sure what gives here. This is the same readout I got with my Celeron processor. That's one of the biggest reasons I upgraded. It says the system firmware doesn't support it. But the BIOS clearly shows it does. Any ideas what I could do?
  6. Hey guys! I'm finally getting into some money from my job. I've been there long enough at full time to get the top out pay! My server is becoming quite large now, at 56tb. I know, that's not a lot comparatively among some of you guys. But still, I'm sitting now at 22 out of 24 drives in my case. I got all my backplane issues sorted out too. I'm looking to upgrade. The CPU is just a Celeron, the lowest chip I could get at the time that was compatible to make the system work. It's served it's purpose, but the system is very slow. I have the OS installed on an SDD too. I have plenty of RAM (16gb ECC). I'm thinking a CPU upgrade is in order. I have the server set to go into standby after 10 minutes of inactivity, and can wake it via WOL. HOWEVER, the CPU doesn't support S3 or Hibernation (not sure which one it was). So when it resumes, it takes almost 5 minutes to be fully back up and running. A fresh reboot takes less time. So I'd like to get a CPU that supports that, as well as buff up the cores and speeds. I looked, and can afford a chip that's around $450 or so. The best chips on the mobo's CPU charts is still around $899. I'm not spending that on a file server. But since I do a lot of media streaming with it, and transcoding, and TV Recording, I think a better CPU is just the ticket. For reminders, here's the mobo with it's CPU support list: http://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=E3C224-4L#CPU I'm looking at the Intel Xeon E3-1276 v3. Should I pull the trigger on this or would I be ahead to get one of the other chips further down the list, like a Core i7? I've not bought any computer hardware in YEARS other than the hard drives. I thought Xeon was supposed to be the top of the "best-of-the-best" lists, but the more I look around, everybody is using these "Core i-?" processors. I don't want to buy the wrong thing, because a CPU purchase at this price range is a big investment. I realize the socket (1150) is outdated, and somebody may suggest I replace the whole mobo. But I need this particular one (or one like it) because it supports PCI slots for my TV Tuner cards. Anyway, whenever it's all said and done, I had another question.. Do I need to do anything special to my server as far as the Stablebit software? Like, will it still recognize everything, or do I have to re-register the license with the new CPU? If I need to do anything, is there documentation on the process? I don't want to go and do this and end up screwing up the whole system. Also, has Server 2016 dropped yet? I'm still using Server 2012 R2 Essentials.
  7. I totally get that. Depression is my angst. It's all good though. Projects like this keep me on the level. I got the drive cloned to a new SSD, so far no issues. A UPS will be next on my list before another drive. Maybe I can find a good deal on Amazon with free Prime shipping.
  8. I was all set and ready to buy a UPS when I posted about it a month or so ago but never did. I've been in a massive depression with my home life as of late and have dedicated a lot of time to working and saving money for a car so I can move out. Then all of a sudden my Essentials Dashboard has been throwing up glaring CRITICAL warnings about services (like Active Directory Certification Service) not running or being able to start. Databases are corrupted, and the computer just can't boot off the OS drive in a warm reset but rather only from a cold start. It's almost like my build is against me. Bad backplanes, a SAS Expander dies (probably related to the poor power conditions), various drive failures. LOL maybe I should just give up. But naw, this is too much fun, albeit expensive.
  9. Ah! Thanks! I'll install that latest and see if it fixes anything. I really still think its the drive and not the software. If I set the computer to just always be on, I never have any issues. And rebooting from a complete power off always seems to make it work. It's only if I try to resume from standby, or if the power was cut (we have a LOT of momentary split second power outages around here (that's why I still need to buy a UPS)) that I have this problem of the drive not working.
  10. The only version I can find to download is or Beta. I went ahead and ordered a new drive for the OS.. gonna try that.
  11. BETA... Is there a newer version? I will try running through the troubleshooter. Do you have any advice on how to duplicate the OS drive when I get a new one?
  12. So I'm sending out another "Call for help!" @Chris Can you help me friend? I've started having a lot of intermittent crashes with my server. I'm not sure what's causing in. I've got it set to go into standby when I'm not at home to save electricity. Sometimes when I get home from work, I send it a remote wake "magic packet" so my Kodi box I built out of a Raspberry Pi can stream a TV show or something from it. Most of the time it works fine. However there have been a few occasions (lots more recently) where I'm sitting here for 5 minutes and it never wakes up. Then I go and turn on the monitor hooked up to it and find the system had somehow crashed and is at the Windows install screen (thanks to the USB drive I have plugged into the mobo with the installer software on it). I've found that if I power off the computer, wait, then turn it back on after a few minutes, everything comes up fine. This is a separate issue. When the system is finally up and running, a window prompts for input as to the cause of the unexpected system shut down. I'm not sure what causes it. I've checked my logs, and honestly there is just a massive amount of errors all over the place. It looks like a cascading failure, where it will be fine for hours and hours, then all of a sudden some random thing stops working right, which causes a chain reaction failure ultimately causing the system to crash and reboot. I actually witnessed the system do this while I was in a remote desktop session. My mouse became unresponsive, and looked like things had locked up. Then a window appeared saying the system was being halted to protect system resources or something. I've never seen that window before, and it wasn't a BSOD crash either. Needless to say, everything rebooted and came up with the Windows Installer again. So I did a whole bunch of generic "simple user" fixes. Ran a chkdsk on the C: drive (came back clean). Did a Windows Memory Diagnostic (during reboot, came back clean). I then tried to do a "sfc /scannow". This ran through 100% then said it finished but was unable to repair some files. This has me concerned. I've ran the sfc multiple times now, and each time it finishes it says it fixed some things but not all. I'm kind of at a loss here and don't know what it's failing on or how to fix it. I think there is a critical problem with a major system file that needs to be working right for the system to run, and since it's running it can't fix it. Is there an alternative tool or process I should take to further investigate this? Here is a link to my Dropbox where I've uploaded the log if you'd like to look at it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fuxujpho2us43xh/CBS.log?dl=0 Lastly, what I think may be the root cause of the problem, is in the rebooting. It doesn't want to reboot into the SSD drive that contains the OS. Rather, it's booting to the USB drive as a 2nd boot device. This means the BIOS doesn't detect the SSD. I've had this aching suspicion in the back of my head that this SSD is crap. I bought it through Amazon when it was on sale for like $50 I think. At the time, that was a great deal for the capacity (120gb). I'm sure there are much larger capacity drives for cheaper than that now, as tech pricing is always doing that. What I suspect is happening, the drive fails and shuts down while Windows is still running. Then Windows' built in safety measures kick in and reboot the system. Since the drive is still "off", the BIOS doesn't detect it, and thus Windows is never able to start. By powering off the computer and turning it back on, I'm resetting some capacitor or something in the SSD drive, and it starts working again. The only other thing it might be would be a faulty power supply. I did buy this as a manufacturer guaranteed refurbish.. And my BIOS system logs have a bunch of "lower non-critical" errors, but I've just been ignoring them because word is this specific model mobo has the sensors miscalibrated. I'd really like to just replace this drive altogether. But the drive is my OS, and holds all my Drivepool information, etc.. If I were to go buy a similar capacity drive, is there an easy utility to just duplicate the drive over, without having to start from scratch and reinstall Windows? Thanks for all your help. I know I pretty much alienate this forum except for when I'm struggling and need help. I'm glad you're here for that, and have helped to hook me up with hardware in the past when I've needed it. You're a true friend. Hope to hear back soon!
  13. Ok cool, I'll consider that when I'm at the store next time. Thanks again!
  14. I never considered getting a shelf for the rack (other than the one I have the server case sitting on. When I get some extra money together I'll consider that as an option. This is the power supply I'm using my server http://www.corsair.com/en-us/ax760i-digital-atx-power-supply-760-watt-80-plus-platinum-certified-fully-modular-psu So it says PFC in the details on their website. I guess that means that's what I"m looking for. Have any suggestions for something I should look for?
  15. So here's a question... About UPS. I was at the (only) computer store the other day and was looking at what they had to offer. The prices are fair, around $200 for the high end stuff. 480 minutes, 10 outlets, etc. But my question is.. are these compatible with rack mounting? All I had to go by was the photo on the box, and they all look like they just sit on the floor. I thought I remembered seeing examples online that were designed to go into a rack or cabinet. Am I just remembering wrong, or do they come mounting kits? Also, I remember Chris saying something about the Sine wave being important. There were lots of different options to chose from in that regard, and I want to make sure I ultimately get the right thing. To be honest, I don't even know what a sine wave is, other than a wave on a graphing calculator from algebra math class in high school. They had some that were true, some that are simulated, some that weren't even listed. I just want to make sure that what I get is going to be what I need. I've never bought a UPS before and want to make sure I don't screw it up. I had this in my Newegg wishlist from 09/2017: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16842102224 The price is considerably higher that what I saw at the store, by a good $140 bucks. And it has less outlets. Am I paying more for the mounting hardware? Or is it because of the brand? At the store they had a lot of APC and Cyberpower. But the mostly all looked like the kind here: https://goo.gl/DALv9U Any help?
  16. You make it sound so complicated. Would you recommend then that I just leave the policy to offline? I just find it annoying when I'm trying to troubleshoot failing backplanes and drives, to have to go in and re-online them every time I pull one and move it to another slot. For the rare instance where I'm actually installing a new drive, I don't mind it being offline all that much. I mean, I have to go into the Disk Manager to initialize the drive and format it before I can use it anyway. Maybe I'll just leave it lol. So I got the replacement backplane for the faulty one they sent me today. It looks the same as the others, and is missing the MOLEX power pins. I just don't understand how they can say "they're not needed". If that's the case, why have them installed in the first place? Ok, so they have one model only and they pull the pins for their cases that aren't 2-supply made. Still, why bother pulling the pins at all? What happens if one socket blows? I can't connect to the other one... I guess if the power on the backplane goes, I'd probably need to replace the backplane anyway. <shrug> I just don't understand why they bother.. seems like more work to "downgrade" them. Anyway, the new backplane works like a dream! I tested it first above the case with the drives originally installed there. They were all detected just fine in the controller card's utility. I then installed the backplane and tested all the drives again prior to screwing it in. I then connected the power and data to all the other backplanes and tested those. Everything seemed to be working just fine. Then when Windows loaded up, Drivepool was again complaining about the drives in Rail 6 being missing. OMG. So I disconnected everything, pulled out the #6 and looked at it for signs of damage. No blown caps, no bent pins, no broken plastic. So I reconnected the data and power to just #6 and tested each slot. They were all working fine. What gives... So I then reinstalled it to the slot again, tested each drive bay, everything's good. Maybe the data cable became loose when I was removing the fans. Who knows? All I know is, it is now WORKING, and everything is good. Now I just got to wait for DrivePool to finish checking the data so I can start using my server again! Hey quick question... was there ever a build of Scanner built yet that will attempt to recover files that are damaged from elsewhere in the pool? Like, Scanner says a drive has some bad sectors, it scans for affected files and attempts to repair them in a new location. Was there a build made that just checks if the file exists somewhere in the pool, and then just erases the file on the damaged drive and just goes on to attempt sector repair (remap)?
  17. We have the read receipt option in our Outlook at work. It's definitely nice to know that somebody has looked at it and just hasn't responded to you yet (or ever). It would have been nice in the particular case, because I would have been able to see that she/they had not opened it yet. Would have been an indication that something was really F*ed up. I still don't understand why their email server would full on BLOCK the email, and not just send it truncated or something. Even still, if it were blocked, it should have sent it back to me as undeliverable with at least some reason why. This looks to me like they just have a filter set up to just automatically delete all email if it contains attachments over 50k or something. Anyway, since I started using my old drive cage and reverse cable, I was able to find 2 drives that had completely failed. So I ordered a new 4tb drive through Amazon (free 2-day prime shipping). It arrived today. I have it plugged in and formatting. I've had very high success with Seagate's 4tb NAS drives (codenamed IronWolf). They were $250+, now it's down to $160. Pretty cool that. The drives available in the same original price range are 10tb now. Jeez! I almost bought an 8tb drive, but I'm still unsure if it's worth it. I have a lot of data I just store and don't move around a lot, but the way DrivePool appears to work, I think it's better not having a drive that has a major throughput dropoff after utilizing 50%. It seems like my pool is always trying to move files around whenever I add new data. Any thoughts on this? Also @ Chris - Did you miss my question when I asked about that whole "new drives appear offline" bit in Windows Server 2k12r2? You said something about using Diskpart, and I asked for more details since I don't know that program. It sounds like a drive partitioning tool similar to the old 'fdisk', so I wasn't sure if that's what you meant, or how to go about doing it. Also, is it something that I can set once and never worry about again, or is it something I'd have to set for each drive separately and repeatedly every time I connect a new drive?
  18. I can't request read receipts with my google address. It says it only works for work and school (and point blankly says it won't work on my account). But yeah that option would have been nice.
  19. Well I've made some progress.. Waiting to hear back. I decided to CALL them. Last night when I got home from work I called them. In Eastern Standard Time it was 8pm, but that should be 4pm in California. There was no answer, then after about the 6th ring there was an automated voice system saying they were closed and to call back again, then it hung up before letting me leave a message. So today I got off at 6pm, so I called them again. This time it went right through and I got.. wait for it... JUDY ZHOU!! The person who sent me the faulty backplane in the first place lol. So I told her I had been trying to communicate via email the request for RMA and she said they never got the email. At first I'm thinking "check again" but she asked if I had attached a photo with the email and I told her I did, showing the problem. She said the photos might have been too large, that their email system might have blocked it and to try again after reducing them. She also suggested I not combine them, but send them individually. I had them zipped. So I just got done resending a new request with the photos attached at 800x533 resolution, and I opted to not include all the added red text and arrows. She seemed nice enough, were it not for a huge language gap and her broken English lol. So if things go as planned, she'll get this email with the reduced resolution images, and I'll have this finally taken care of. If I can get a GOOD backplane, I can at least confirm the system/company is good and I can go ahead and order another one for #6. All said, I think they are probably going to follow through now that I've called them. It does make sense about getting email blocked if it's too large. I know Yahoo mail has a size limit to what I can attach. That's why I included a link to the photos online. But still, if it blocks the whole email, that would explain why they never even got the link. It would also explain why they haven't responded yet, since each email I sent was a forward of the same email with the same photos attached. All my bad mouthing about them, and it was probably my fault to begin with. Fingers crossed this is good! ========= UPDATE!!!!! ========= Just got this message in my email: ------ Hi, Aaron The power connector is not a problem. We removed it because no need 2 for one backplane. We will mail you another one with good Sas connector by USPS mail tomorrow. The tracking will be ########## Thanks Judy Zhou NORCO Technologies Inc 17531 Railroad Street, Suite C City of Industry CA 91748 Tel: 1(626)965-7470 Fax: 1(866)430-0865 Web: www.norcotek.com Email: judyzhou@norcotek.com ------ So there you have it! I sent her a reply asking if she wanted this one back, haven't heard back yet. I wonder if I can maybe FIX this one, then I won't have to buy another one? I'd really like to have that capability of having redundancy power even though I'm not using it. But to me, that SAS connector is just way too tiny to think I can do anything with. I mean, those pins are TINY. Maybe I can get in there with some needle-nose tweezers and pull out that little damaged bit of plastic.. does it look like something that would be NEEDED? It looks like it's just something from the bottom of the socket that got broken off and some how lodged itself diagonally up where the connection with the SAS cable is made. If I can remove it, maybe the connector will work fine.
  20. Doncha just luv it?! I was at work today, got a blurp on my phone that I got an email from info@ipcdirect.net. We have a limited data plan, so I didn't open it. Just got home from work, and wouldn't you know.. it's an automated system asking for me to provide customer feedback on my purchase. WTF. ---------------------- Email for Day #4 ---------------------- You must be either automatically deleting my requests, or simply ignoring me. What's the deal? Do you not understand English? Perhaps I'll try Chinese... 我訂購的背æ¿åœ¨æŠµé”時有缺陷。 我需è¦ä¸€å€‹RMA來交æ›ä¸€å€‹å·¥ä½œçš„。 ä½ èƒ½å›žç­”æˆ‘çš„æŒ‡ç¤ºå—Žï¼Ÿ è¬è¬ï¼ The backplane I ordered was defective upon arrival. I need an RMA to exchange it for a working one. Will you please reply with instructions for me? Thank you! -Aaron ----- Forwarded Message -----
  21. Is that your list of stuff to sell, or list of stuff you're currently using? I have no need for 2 x 4u server cases (24 drive i assume), my home entertainment collection isn't near that large (yet!). But if they're for sell, I wonder how much you'd part for one of them seeing as how mine is falling apart at the seams. I live in Columbus, Ohio. Chris has sent me quite a few bits of hardware over the last couple of years. He lives in California and it takes 2 maybe 3 days tops to get here. Anyway, since going with the old drive cages and reverse breakout cables, I've managed to have Drivepool verify all the files exist, although not all entirely duplicated to my specified settings. I have a spare drive that isn't necessarily failing but runs at 48c when the drive isn't being used and is just powered on. So I typically only use it sparingly as needed. I've added it into the pool to help spread out some duplication until I get some replacement drives (and backplane(s)). @Chris - That's probably what I'm going to have to do eventually. I don't know where my credit went. I had good credit, then Capital One shafted me when I lost my job. They sent my $4 charge to collections and closed my account. While in collections I never got billed. Suddenly years later I get this bill in the mail saying I owed some creditor I never heard of over $3k. When I called them to find out who they were and what that was for, they said it was originally issued from Capital One. When I called Capital One, they said they no longer had the account, and I couldn't pay my $4 to them, I'd have to settle with the collection agency. Apparently it had skipped around to a dozen different collection agencies before finally landing on one with the decency to send a bill. I had no idea I even still owed, but over 5 years, late fees, no payment fees, interest, etc all added up. The latest agency was willing to settle for half, so I used one year's tax refund to pay it off. But by then the damage was done. I don't have BAD credit, I have ZERO credit. I can't buy a car and make payments, I have to save and buy with cash. I can't move into an apartment because they run a credit check. Like I said, I can't even get overdraft protection from my own bank. I've even tried applying for financing at places like Walmart. When I got my TV, I had the cash in hand but gave it a shot hoping they would set up a line to let me rebuild credit while I paid them off. They instantly declined the application, but just as instantly took the cash. One place I went to said the don't even accept cash, that they don't have a register and lockbox to hold it and I'd have to pay with a card. Luckily my bank has a debit card with a MasterCard logo on it, or I'd be screwed.
  22. Here's an interesting bit of (non-Norco-related) development... I decided to forego using a backplane for the time being while Norco continues to BS around. I still have my original iStar drive cages from my old case. One converts 3x5.25 bays into 5x3.5, and the other converts 2x5.25 into 3x3.5. So I thought, why not use my reverse breakout cable and hooked these drives up through that temporarily. In doing so, I remembered why I hated this setup lol. The middle slot on my 5-bay cage doesn't work, but that's ok because a reverse cable only has 4 connectors. I connected the cables, remounted the drives onto it's new cage cradles, and booted it up. DING! Instant recognization of 3 of the drives. The 4th one never came up. So I hooked it into my regular computer, and wouldn't you know.... it never spins up. The computer recognizes a drive is connected though, but is unable to read any information from the drive. So that one's dead (though I suspect it may be in one of those "standby" modes). I then tried another drive that I had stored in one of the bays on row #6. It too was unrecognized in the server. When I connected IT to my computer, it spins up, detects the available capacity, but is unable to read anything from the drive. "Disk Management" shows it is uninitialized. I tried to initialize it as either "MBR" or "GPT", but both come up with a "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)". So I'm guessing it's dead now too. I tried google for various solutions to either re-initialize a drive when I get that error, or even just "waking up" the drive that is detected but doesn't spin up. I suspect that drive is just asleep, but I can't figure out how to force it awake. Anyway, checked warranty status on those 2 drives, both are out of warranty. Combined (500gb and 1.5tb) I'm out 2tb now. Plus a backplane. Not to mention the already hosed expander. This thing is just beating the heck out of me!
  23. Latest (the forwarded message is included, I'm just not including it here in this forum): ------------------------------------------ Sent to sales@norcotekcom, service@norcotek.com, info@ipcdirect.net, judyzhou@norcotek.com (the person who wanted pictures of my old backplane), and wells@norcotek.com (the person who wanted to know what drive screws I needed)...... ------------------------------------------ It has now been 50 hours (2 days and 2 hours) since my initial request was made to RMA a DOA replacement backplane. You continue to ignore my emails. So I have now added 2 more additional addresses to my ever growing list of contacts to send this request to. Please do not ignore! If you could even just reply to say "we'll look into it" or something, I'd be happier knowing it's at least being looked at. From my point of view, you are ignoring this, hoping it will go away. I am not about to let that happen. Please fix this ASAP. -Aaron ----- Forwarded Message -----
  24. Another day, no reply. @lee1878 - Would this work if it's a Mastercard, but also a checking debit card from your bank? That's all I have. I couldn't get "credit" if my life depended on it. I can't even get overdraft protection from my own bank that I've had an account with over 20 years.
  25. I wish I could afford a better case and just replace the whole thing. I have a crappy grocery store job that pays their employees pitifully while their CEO sits making $300k plus a year on salary and really only works 2 days a month. Anyway, I'll see where this goes. It was pretty interesting that it only took them an hour to send me an email asking for photos when I clicked the ORDER button on their website, but then they never replied back when I asked for further details prior to ordering.
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