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  1. Honestly, I wouldn'r really recommend disabling balancing. The default balancers cover edge cases, mostly... so if it's balancing data, there is probably a good reason for it, and disabling it may cause problems, down the line.
  2. before anything else, upgrade the version. There was an issue that caused the user rate limit exceeded warnings, and has been fixed since. Just to make sure that this isn't the same issue .... Also, if you have 2+ drives backed by Google Drive, you want to split the resources between them. Eg, 40mbps each (if there are 2), and 4-5 threads, each.
  3. That's good information to know! Though, would you be willing to post the process of how you did all this, specifically?
  4. Also, there are PCI-e riser cards that have NVMe slots. Though, they may be expensive.
  5. The best question here is: how to determine it's actually enabled and in use? by .... checking for bitlocker'ed drives. It's really a catch 22. It also effects other encrytion types, for the drives. Not just bitlocaker. So, "it's complixated", for sure.
  6. You need to contact support to get this resolved. https://stablebit.com/Contact
  7. Specifically, Dynamic Disks add a significant level of complexity, just because of the many different ways that they can be configured. This causes issues because DrivePool actively avoids putting files on the same, physical disk when a drive has multiple partitions. This detection is done in the kernel, so it has to be fast. But because of how complex dynamic disks are, this would drastically slow down the driver. Motherboard based RAID would absolutely work for this.
  8. A better question may be, check the toolbar, make sure that it says "Automatic Scanning Enabled". If it does not, then click on it to enable it. Additionally, check the license status for the software. We recently found a bug that prevents the UI from properly displaying the "trial expired" UI. This has been fixed, but you may be running a version that hasn't.
  9. It should only delete files that are duplicated and shouldn't be. Or if you've changed it. However, it only delets the files if they have identical file paths (and therefore would be treated as the same file, by the pool). You can have the same name for every file, but unless they're at the same file path, they're considered different files.
  10. Absolutely! That's how we do a majority of our testing, in fact! And yes, it would. Best solution for that? Create a second drive for the VM, use that exclusively for the cache, and don't back that drive up.
  11. So the automounting didn't help? That's .... odd. And nice, on the RED utility!
  12. ^ This. The level of duplication is the number of instances of files you have. x1 means just one of the file, unduplicated. x2 meaning 2 of the files, and so on. And any time you change the levels, it will run a duplcation pass, and ensure that whichever files are at the correct number of instances that they should be at. That means copying or deleting files, depending on what you changed.
  13. Well, a lot of that is that Stablebit Scanner and StableBit DrivePool have been out for a long while now. A majority of any bugs have been found, so not as much fixes out. Most of the issues we get now are extreme edge cases (eg very weird), or due to hardware/software interactions. We haven't really added any new features to them, as the last set of features were in prep for StableBit CloudDrive, in fact. However, we are working on StableBit Cloud right now, and that has a majority of our focus. Once that's "completed", we'll be able to shift focus more (eg add new features, or
  14. You can always manually add a list of peers to each system. https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Advanced_Settings#RemoteControl.xml But this can be complicated, and not due to upgrading. Also make sure that all of the systems are using the same version.
  15. Well, I'm glad to hear that it's working fine now. Sorry, no we don't have a PDF, unfortunately. As for deduplication tools, We don't really support them, because of how tey work. However, I do know that stuff like Microsofts Data Deduplication feature does work woth the pool, but only on the underlying disks, and not the pool directly. Other programs are going to be the same way, for the most part. As for backups, that depends on how that's set up exactly. if you want to use the pool, that's fine, but I would recommend a second pool, and using some sort of sync
  16. No, you shouldn't need internet access. The only product that requise it is StableBit CloudDrive. As for the corrupted drives, that's unusual, but if you're having issues with your installation, it's possible. And do you mean that StableBit DrivePool won't start up? if so, it sounds like the settings may have gotten corrupted. And in that case: https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q2299585B Use the "Alternative Steps" to reset the settings.
  17. Could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact ?
  18. In theory, there shouldn't be, but if you can open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact Also, it looks like you have mysql installed, and that's also usin a LOT of memory.
  19. That should be fine. Usually, the LSI/Broadcom/whomever controllers are good about that, as well as te Marvell controller, so shouldn't have any issues migrating controllers.
  20. The new versions don't have a dedicated WSSX installer. However, if they detect that the Essentials Experience role is installed (eg WHS2011, and the Server 2012-2016 Essentials), it will install the dashboard tabs automatically.
  21. By default, StableBit DrivePool places the files on the drive with the most available space (absolute, not percentage). This may be what you're seeing.
  22. @Shane Yes. From the notes for the balancer: @Spider99 Just keep in mind that StableBit DrivePool is aware of when different volumes/partitions are on the same physical disk, and will avoid placing duplicate data on the same physical disk.
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