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  1. Jaga

    On which drive is a file located?

    Glad to hear it Terry, good luck!
  2. Jaga

    Scan File System despite no letter assigned?

    Scanner will scan them even -without- mounting them to a drive letter. If you want to run chkdsk in a command prompt, the easiest method is giving the drive a letter and then running it. There should be no need to delete a folder, especially if a drive is mounted to that folder. If you want to force a re-check in Scanner of the file system on a drive, make sure Automatic scanning is enabled (the big button up top), and "Perform work at any time of the day" is enabled in the General tab in Settings. Then click the + to the left of the drive, scroll down to file system health, click the down arrow next to it to open it, then the down arrow next to the swirling green arrow. Choose either Mark all file systems unchecked, or Mark all Damaged file systems unchecked. Scanner should then kickoff a File System check on that particular drive. You can have both a drive letter and a folder mount point assigned to any hard drive at any time (or neither). They are not mutually exclusive. Add a letter, remove a letter, mount to a folder, unmount from a folder - however you want to use it. Scanner doesn't truly care.
  3. Jaga

    Scan File System despite no letter assigned?

    Scanner doesn't require a drive letter, even for a file system check. All nine (9) drives in my pool are mounted into subfolders on C:, and Scanner does it's regular surface & file system checks on them without complaint. I believe Scanner uses chkdsk for file systems, but to run deeper manual (command prompt) analysis/fixes with chkdsk a drive letter is easiest yes.
  4. Jaga

    UNKNOWN pool?

    My pure NTFS pool had that identity issue as well for a little while. I don't recall what fixed it - I think it was either a DP service restart or a pool re-measure and a reboot. It's largely non-impactive from what I saw since I never had a problem with the data or volume. It was right around the time I first created the pool (9 drives, 64k format).
  5. Have you tried setting them to Automatic (Delayed Start)? Might help if there are any timing issues. Also - is service Recovery set to auto-restart in the event of service failure?
  6. Jaga

    the question about drivepool

    Could this possibly be triggered by backup software? I would have assumed (perhaps incorrectly) a duplication check (via the small gear in the upper-right/troubleshooting) would look at sizes/created/last-accessed and correct anything out of sync. But not many people are going to do that on a regular basis to ensure consistency, especially since it's in the troubleshooting category. @tuthm - try the recheck duplication and see how it works for you. (edit) I see you already have!
  7. Cool, didn't know they made those. Been doing it the old-fashioned way forever, but never had a problem. Nice to know they're available.
  8. You could always just jump the pins in the MB connector of the PSU as well. Used to do that back in the old days for testing different PSUs and for running out-of-box components. If it's a standard ATX MB connector there are a lot of guides on the web how to do it easily with just a piece of wire and taping it on. No cost involved. I think that's what Christopher meant by a dumb jumper.
  9. Jaga

    Scanner lost all data?

    Usually you can toggle them unhealthy and then healthy one after the other, which gets around that. It sounds like Scanner lost settings on the crash/reboot. If you check "Enable Advanced Settings and Troubleshooting", a new selection appears in the Settings drop-down. In the Advanced Settings area you can now use "Backup settings" and "Restore settings" in case this ever happens.
  10. Thought the Deactivate UI feature was for de/re-activating without uninstalling. One more note for my personal KB...
  11. Jaga

    Scanner lost all data?

    Are you sure their surface check data didn't just age past the "Check readable / unchecked every X days" number in the preferences area? It'll do it automatically depending on the Work Window settings under the General tab. i.e. if set to "Perform work at any time of the day" and set to 90 days, any scan data aging to 90+ days will trigger a new surface scan on that drive. Also - turning on "Scan using Background I/O priority" and "Do not interfere with disk access" (higher sensitivity means less drive competition/thrashing) can help with the buffering in other apps.
  12. Jaga

    M.2 Drives - No Smart data - NVME and Sata

    Didn't think a NVMe drive running on a controller in AHCI mode would block/dishonor SMART calls - you'd think legacy compatibility would kick in at the very least. Time to do some more reading.
  13. Click the double-right arrow to the right of the balancing bar while it's working. That will increase priority on the re-balance and speed up transfers.
  14. I'm totally throwing out a couple of SWAGs here, but my first guess is that somehow Drivepool's command queue may be getting swamped. What DP has to do when you rename a folder: Check all drives in the pool for the existence of the folder, if you have file/folder or pool duplication going on Rename each existence if it found one The way to check and see if Drivepool is the culprit is to run it against the actual volume, not the pool itself. i.e. if your pool letter is D: and it has E: and F: in it, run the utility against both E: and F:. That takes Drivepool out of the equation, though you'll want to do a re-measure on the pool after (in case any of those you renamed were duplicated) so it can adjust. I believe DP keeps duplication info in the pool itself. If the utility ended up renaming folders that explicitly had duplication set in DP, then you'd have to go and add them again. The other possibility is that some process(es) still have handles open to those folders or files under them. If you rebooted into Safe Mode and ran the utility against the drives (E: and F: respectively), you might be able to get around those processes that lock you out of the change. It would be worth testing.
  15. Jaga

    Read Striping not working at all?

    Except for the priority classes that Drivepool puts drives into. i.e. an external USB will always be in a different priority class from an internal SATA drive, no matter what (per the DP docs). I'm not entirely sure if that gives a benefit when you have super fast external drives (mine are almost as fast as my internal spinners due to their new USB connections), but it's part of the algorithm that Alex put into DP. Which is interesting. Makes you wonder if the UI is lying to you about block striping in it's UI, or if block striping needs something else to fully kick in on large files. Might have to wait for @Christopher (Drashna) or @Alex to chime in and let us know.