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  1. It turned out doing the reinstall steps fixed the problem. Thanks.
  2. Hi Jaga, I did the reinstall steps you listed, and turned on logging in the advanced settings, so i'll keep an eye on it and see if that worked.
  3. Done and done. Also, I wanted to say it's also not remembering scanning my internal SSD drive, either. So it's not just affecting the drives in the external enclosure. Thanks
  4. My server running DrivePool and Scanner went kaput so I put the drives in a Mediasonic ProBox enclosure (which, for the most part, worked seamlessly with DrivePool on my laptop). That said, Scanner is having some issues not retaining settings for the now-removable drives. On every reboot or disconnect of the ProBox (it is on a laptop, after all), Scanner fails to retain settings for the 3 HDDs in the enclosure. The internal SSD to the laptop seems to be working normally. I let it run for several hours yesterday and am a little disappointed all that progress was lost. To test it, I let it run a little (about 1%), then rebooted, and all three drives said "Last Scanned: Never." I am running v2.5.4.2316, please let me know how to debug this.
  5. So strange, it did end up sleeping during the day while I was away for a couple hours. I did not try the work windows scanner, so if you don't hear back from me, it was Jaga's suggestions that did the trick (maybe it was catching up on something after the first settings changes).
  6. Hmm, nope, it didn't work. attaching log file. I just tried to manually sleep at 9:00 pm PDT, left the room, came back and it was awake again. Log confirms it's skipping the SMART checks. Scanner.Service-2018-06-06.zip
  7. Thanks Jaga, I'll give it a shot. BTW, unchecking the " unless disk scans are past due by x days " box didn't help, so crossing my fingers for this.
  8. Hi, lately I've noticed my PC never goes to sleep. I think this maybe after updating from Win 10 1703 to the Fall Update and then to the April update (I did both in the same day). If I put the PC to sleep, it wakes up about 30 seconds later. Troubleshooting indicates it's Stablebit Scanner waking it up to run scans on my disks. It does this at all hours even though it is only supposed to run 1-7 am, probably because "unless disk scans are past due by x days" is checked. The "oldest scanned block" on all disks is indeed outside that window, but it appears Scanner decides the disks don't need scanning. I've attached a recent log. I've unchecked the "past due" box to see if it will resolve the issue for now. Scanner.Service-2018-06-05.zip
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