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  1. Hello Shane, I followed the instructions and removed the directory as an administrator. All seems well after reboot. Thanks,
  2. Hello, There are some instructions from Drashna in this forum post from 2016 and I wanted to if I need to to turn off the Recycle Bin in the GUI before executing the administrator commands. From what is stated in the post, the command is only necessary to remove the Recycle Bin directory on the Pool drive letter and not the individual drives in the Pool. I would also like to know if I should perform any actions provided from Drashna regarding the takedown command in may case. I suspect my other warnings are "normal" and are not a concern. For my DrivePool, I don't beli
  3. Hello Rob, I would like to know what the Microsoft automated repair might do to the system and perhaps view the contents of the recycle bin before I allow the repair to continue. I had emptied the recycle bin a few days ago so it would normally be empty. I'm hesitant to proceed in this case because the last time I allowed Windows to automatically repair the corrupted recycle bin it deleted files on three drives. I must say that it happened very fast and then the drives were corrupt. Windows then forced a chkdsk at reboot but nothing could be recovered.
  4. Hello, I am receiving a Recycle Bin Corrupted error for my DrivePool and I recently had the same issue on a few individual drives in an external enclosure. When I replied "Yes" to allow Windows to correct the errors on the external drives which were in a MediaSonic enclosure, it effectively deleted all of the files and I was not able to recover. Since this happened a few days ago, I am reluctant to allow Windows to repair the DrivePool Recycle Bin and I replied "No" for the moment. I am reaching out to this audience for any advice on this issue. The computer has been operating essent
  5. Hello, I have been using DrivePool for many years on Windows 10 Pro and I use a MediaSonic Pro box but only for backup or temporary storage, not for the DrivePool. I have an ASMedia USB 3.0 controller and an eSATA part to connect the MediaSonic. I haven't really touched the system for four years and decided to begin some maintenance this week and possibly add the MediaSonic drives to the pool. I have two older machines with the Intel Z77 chipset and very little software other than DrivePool and a media server. I was at the point of checking the drives but when I moved the four drives in t
  6. Hello, I've had ownership in the files in the past as an administrator and I believe the next step is to apply the same process to each folder. It seems to fail at the DrivePool level. I am sharing my screen captures at the following link using OneDrive. Please review and let me know know if you have any additional advice. Thanks https://1drv.ms/f/s!AuLYefUiL9FiiRQ_njNtSq060NFF
  7. Hello, I followed the instructions from Drashna above and applied the settings to the Pool (Drive N: in my case). The process did not complete and I received the two errors along with a warning afterwards that the recycle bin was corrupt and requesting that the contents be emptied. Is there any advice or are there any additional steps I should take to apply permissions to the files in the pool? I would like to attach some screen captures to this post but it was not working in Firefox. Any tips on adding pictures to posts? Thanks,
  8. Hello, I upgraded two machines this weekend from 8.1 to 10. One machine I installed in place with no changes to DrivePool or StableBit and I receive some error information in the Windows log. See below. DrivePool 2.1.0558 Scanner Error report file saved to: C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2016_07_04-05_58_34.9.saencryptedreport Exception: CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterLogException: {reporter_exception} at CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowLogReportN(Exception TheException, Object[] TheParams) at CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Excepti
  9. Hello, We have two Windows 8.1 Pro machines with DrivePool and StableBit. Both have run reliably for over two years. I intend to update to Windows 10 and I would appreciate any precautionary advice and recommendations to ensure a reliable transition. I believe that there may be user permissions issues for the shares if I don't complete certain steps. Machine One is considered a file server and has very little software installed since it was built. It has one Windows 7 Virtual Machine in Hyper-V and several access permissions for the family. Machine Two is used routinely as the fam
  10. Thanks for your reply; I edited the spelling error in the post and added a link to another post from someone discussing S.M.A.R.T. throttling. I am watching the drives but because all three behave the same for LCC I thought there may be a common cause.
  11. Hello, I formatted my drives and moved them from a Windows Home Server v1 to Windows 8.1 running DrivePool and StableBit. Soon after the moves, I received a SMART warning from StableBit for a high load cycle count. I received the same warning for another drive today and decided to look a little deeper. I have one Drive a WD 2TB (EARS) that is 3 years and 10 days old (per StableBit). It was installed in WHS v1 for 33 months accumulated approximately 280,000 load cycle count. In just under four (4) months in the new system I've accumulated approximately 140,000 load cycles. I another d
  12. Update I reverted to an earlier Acronis Drive image from before installing DrivePool. For reference I placed the same set of folders on a drive outside of the pool and experienced no issues. I copied the same set of folders to the DrivePool and repeated the same permissions error. I selected each folder individually and allowed windows to reorder the permissions. I plan to continue to use DrivePool after Windows made the corrections. On a separate note, the pool contains one 3TB drive and one 4TB drive. Windows disk management reports the pool as 2TB. Please let me know if this is
  13. Hello, I enabled trace logging with the pool in it's existing state but could not reproduce the error. I removed and recreated the pool. I reproduced the windows security warning and uploaded the service logs per the wiki instructions. Maybe there is some useful information in the logs. Bob
  14. Hello, I have a fresh install of Windows 8.1 and I created one DrivePool using two new disks (GPT partitions). I copied an empty folder structure that I developed from another computer but when I tried to share the folders I received a Windows warning stating that "permissions are incorrectly ordered which may cause some entries to be ineffective". I searched and found very little assistance but it seemed to correct the problem I enable inheritance under advanced security settings. To save time I went to the root of the DrivePool and enabled inheritance which appears to have corrected the
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