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    Pool files all deleted

    Im not sure if DrivePool updated on its own but I haven’t messed with Drive Pool at all before my files were deleted. My drives show no data from drive pool and I have all the files unhidden. I have a recovery program that can pull all the deleted data but I’m still trying to figure out how all my Drive Pool data deleted all my files. I’m looking at building a NAS system and steer away from any pool software.
  2. Hopefully this can be salvaged but I have my media server that has had DrivePool installed for over 4 years and without any issues. last night I rebooted my server to find that all 19TB of pooled files that were either duplicated or non duplicated are gone. The pool still shows the drives are active but it’s like DrivePool formatted the drives. Any clue on what possibly went wrong and how I lost 19TB of files? thanks!
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