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  1. The idea of balancing only a small portion each day would be perfect. Yet I do not see this feature coming any time soon.
  2. Hey Jaga, Thank you for your response and advice. I guess your way is the only way if I really want to spread the data. We are not talking about critical data that cannot ever be replaced. Although it would take a lot of time to replace the lost files if a drive would die.. When I would just add a new drive and continue all the new files will go onto this drive until it is filled up. For a media server with multiple people streaming at the same time I don't like the idea all new files will go on the same drive as new files will be accessed the most. Spreading data means spreading loa
  3. Hi all, Currently I have 5 disks of which 4 are Pooled in drivepool. The 5th drive acts as parity drive for Snapraid. Now I want to add a new drive to the pool. I can do 2 things, first thing is to simple add new drive to pool and add drive to snapraid config. As drivepool will fill the drives equally I expect all new files going to the newly added drive. My pool is not balancing automatically. I actually want drivepool to spread all curent data from 4 to 5 drives. But this apposes a risk when moving files and a drive would die, from documentation of Snapraid to move files
  4. Its been a while since my last reply. I'm using the onboard controller of an ASROCK x399 Taichi motherboard. I have not been using the scanner and since then no issue occurred. What kind of controller would you suggest?
  5. Hey Jaga, Thank you for your respons, I get what you are saying. But I don't believe the scanner was actively testing. But what about reading smart data, is this on ongoing process? Could this create a drive crash? I have scheduled scanning also during the night. And run sync before this. I will check it again but as currently the server is actively being accessed by Plex users need to look if there is a window for testing again.
  6. Hi there, I'm (was) using stablebit drivepool and scanner together with Snapraid. But I found that while transferring a lot of files over network or when Snapraid sync is running and Stablebit scanner service is active it will result in 1 of my harddrives crashing (random drive crashing, not same every time) making my complete system unresponsive. Computer wont restart only using reset button. I'm able to open taskmanager and I am able to see 1 of the drives is showing 100% usage. After disabling the service the issue does not occur anymore. Are other seeing same issue? I'm u
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