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  1. The idea of balancing only a small portion each day would be perfect. Yet I do not see this feature coming any time soon.
  2. Hey Jaga, Thank you for your response and advice. I guess your way is the only way if I really want to spread the data. We are not talking about critical data that cannot ever be replaced. Although it would take a lot of time to replace the lost files if a drive would die.. When I would just add a new drive and continue all the new files will go onto this drive until it is filled up. For a media server with multiple people streaming at the same time I don't like the idea all new files will go on the same drive as new files will be accessed the most. Spreading data means spreading load Hoping 1 day 10TB SSD's will get affordable
  3. Hi all, Currently I have 5 disks of which 4 are Pooled in drivepool. The 5th drive acts as parity drive for Snapraid. Now I want to add a new drive to the pool. I can do 2 things, first thing is to simple add new drive to pool and add drive to snapraid config. As drivepool will fill the drives equally I expect all new files going to the newly added drive. My pool is not balancing automatically. I actually want drivepool to spread all curent data from 4 to 5 drives. But this apposes a risk when moving files and a drive would die, from documentation of Snapraid to move files to new disk they advise following: In case you need to move files from one data disk of the array to another disk also in the array, the 100% safe way to proceed is: Copy the files to the new location. Run a 'diff' command to verify that the just copied files are correctly identified as 'copy'. Run a 'sync' command. Delete the files from the original location. Run again a 'sync' command. This process gives the guarantee that even if disks die during the sync process, you will be able to recover everything. It also verifies that the hashes of all the moved files are matching the original ones. I dont think I can achieve above with Drivepool as I do not have option to let drivepool copy files to new disk, then stop balancing process. Run diff and sync command and after resume balancing process so it will remove the copied files from the original location. Only thing I think of to achieve above is to manually copy files to new disk from existing drives. Run diff and sync command and then manually delete the files from the original location. But this is a lot of work. Please let me know your thoughts about above or provide me suggestions how I may can achieve what I want
  4. Its been a while since my last reply. I'm using the onboard controller of an ASROCK x399 Taichi motherboard. I have not been using the scanner and since then no issue occurred. What kind of controller would you suggest?
  5. Hey Jaga, Thank you for your respons, I get what you are saying. But I don't believe the scanner was actively testing. But what about reading smart data, is this on ongoing process? Could this create a drive crash? I have scheduled scanning also during the night. And run sync before this. I will check it again but as currently the server is actively being accessed by Plex users need to look if there is a window for testing again.
  6. Hi there, I'm (was) using stablebit drivepool and scanner together with Snapraid. But I found that while transferring a lot of files over network or when Snapraid sync is running and Stablebit scanner service is active it will result in 1 of my harddrives crashing (random drive crashing, not same every time) making my complete system unresponsive. Computer wont restart only using reset button. I'm able to open taskmanager and I am able to see 1 of the drives is showing 100% usage. After disabling the service the issue does not occur anymore. Are other seeing same issue? I'm using 10TB WD red drives connected to sata ports of an Asrock X399 Taichi motherboard.
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