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  1. Drives A and B are the same make/model. A is on the MB and B is on an add-in controller. (a necessity for the time being) They are formatted exactly the same and Windows says they are the same logical size, as does Steblebit Scanner (the 2 left frames). But DrivePool wants to be weird and call them slightly different sizes. Also the balancing is weird, but I'm not so worried about that. I suspect it is related to DrivePool thinking they are different size drives. I'm not sure if Drive A is getting shorted or Drive B is getting bonus space. 3.65 seems to agree with Windows and Scanner. This is a pretty minor issue, but it's kinda driving me nuts.
  2. Drat. The files are already mixed in the drivepool. (all of the files and the iSCSI volume) This would be a "Nice to Have" feature. Please consider this a feature request.
  3. Is it possible to esure at least 1 copy of every duplicated file is placed on one specific drive? I have a QNAP connected as a drive in my pool via iSCSI. Since it's RAID6 it would be spiffy if at least 1 copy of all duplicated files ended up on it. It has the space for it. All duplicated files in the drivepool already exist there currently in the usual haphhazard way. The logic being that the QNAP is protecting the files with RAID6, but if the control board dies in the thing the data is still within the pool duplicated elsewhere.
  4. Lucky me! I only have 4 of these. One of them is very unhappy. I am also very unhappy because I cannot figure out which one is the culprit. I will likely have to pull them one at a time a boot up each time until my system is less cranky.
  5. Ah, the troubleshooting log seems to be the hint I needed. Thanks!
  6. This issue persists. Any suggestions?
  7. How do I get it to apply these rules? I have clicked "Rebalance" twice now and this message remains.
  8. nauip

    Can I have a hint?

    I never figured out what file(s) caused the error but it seems to have gone away on its own.
  9. nauip

    Can I have a hint?

    I assure you, space is not the problem.
  10. I am running in to something similar to this. Mine is heavily favoring one SSD rather than "spreading the love" to all 4 of my SSDs.
  11. nauip

    SSD Optimiser

    Make sure SSD Optimiser is at the top of the Balancers order. Possibly below Stablebit Scanner if you have this installed. The balancers are used in order they are listed.
  12. I think it would be theoretically possible if you were so inclined to try it. Since drive pool is a service within Windows you would be asking for a good deal of trouble if you decided to try this. I suspect Windows Updating would cause you no end of trouble if you were ever to successfully get it running.
  13. Just ran in to this. Fixed now!
  14. Q1 - Drivepool isn't RAID, it's JBOD with awesome features. Q2 - I don't think it can/will do this. As far as I can tell, once the SSDs are full to their limits or if you use the scheduler it will just empty the SSDs. Others might have figured out what you are asking and likely know better. edited to add: This guy seems to be on to something.
  15. Ah, it's still early here. I'm not reading terribly thoroughly, yet. found.000 is where chkdisk throws "lost" files it finds on scan. For whatever reason the allocation table lost track of those files.I've never seen such a large number of them, but that's not to say it's not possible. Review the folder delete whatever you don't need, move everything else to a Recovered folder within your pool and forget about it. If it happens again, then get worried. If the condition of the disk is bugging you Stablebit Scanner is a good tool Stablebit sells, but there are free options that are just as good (but not automated) such as CrystalDiskInfo (my favorite tool). https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo
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