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  1. Thanks for the information, Jaga. From what I see, a balancer doesn't have this level of control (i.e. choose which files go where) and dpcmd.exe, for now, doesn't have anything for this either. I also ran "Process Monitor" while adding a rule in the UI to see if DrivePool saved the rules in a file/registry somewhere, that I could modify directly. I saw the rule being added in a json file in "program data" but the content of the file is too 'internal' for an external process to mess around. Anyway, for now, I might do an application that would 'tell me' which rules to create manually.
  2. Hi, Like others, I really like DrivePool but I would really like a way to consolidate my folders as much as possible: I understand that DrivePool already juggles with a lot of constraints and rules (duplicated files, balancers, etc) and its complex to add something like this on top of all the rest. But, for people that 'only' use DrivePool as a 'meta-disk', I'm thinking that an external application could do this by managing the File Placement Rules. What I'm thinking is to make an application that would: Run once per day or week (there is no need to adjusts often). Analyze the content of the files in the pool (recursive folder size, age of files, etc). Create/Modify rules according to some principles : Recursively, try to keep whole folder on the same drive. Example: Emulation [100 GB] can fit on the same drive => Add rule "\Emulation\*" => Disk A TV Series [10 TB] cannot fit on the same drive: TV Series\Alias [100 GB] can fit on same drive => "\TV Series\Alias\*" => Disk B TV Series\XYZ [600GB] cannot fit on same drive (or there isn't room left on a disk for the whole folder): TV Series\XYZ\Season 1 [50GB] => "\TV Series\XYZ\Season 1\*" => Disk B TV Series\XYZ\Season 2 [50GB] => "\TV Series\XYZ\Season 2\*" => Disk C To limit the number of drive that are used, I would also try to "fill" the smaller drives with the folder that contain the oldest files (ex. finished series like 'TV Series\Alias'). Is there an API to programmatically manage the File Placement rules? Thanks, Christian
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