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  1. Firstly When moving data around and after re-measure i always have an "other" amount of data ranging from 1-5GB; first what is this? Second; since i remove the drive letters after my drives are added to a pool I am concerned that the pool is not registering this data so how can i "access" this data so to check what it is and delete it if not needed to to integrate it properly into the pooled data?
  2. Hi, thanks for that detailed response I have transferred the files and did and re-measure and now all three drives have blue lines in the GUI which i think means all is good, i also confirmed this by adding the data on each individual drive/volume and compared it to the total size of the pool-data and they match Only now i have a new issue, when i try to delete a file it says "File Access Denied... You need permission to perform this action... You require permission from Administrators to make changes to this file" And when i try to edit a word document it says "Word cannot save
  3. Unfortunately i cannot transfer the files because I already formatted them now I have now added drive e to the pool, which consists of three 6tb drives a, b and e I did a re-measure, a and b are all blue in drive pool and drive e is half way grey (half full) so how do i "merge" the folders, sub folders and files correctly please
  4. Should i add the e drive to the pool first and then how exactly do i manually move the files because there is no space on drive a and b? Also i have not yet actually removed drives c and d and there is still the hidden pool folder so i could transfer the data back and then due the migration properly??
  5. I have four drives in my current pool, a, b, c, and d I have bought a new drive (e) I have transfer the actual data from c and d (not the whole folder where the name is something like "poolparvcvc4234") Now I remove drives c and d from the pool So if i simply add "e" to the pool will all the data migrate into the other folders of a and b? For example my overall pool has a folder named "videos" there are specific sub-folders and then files within this main folder and these are spread across a and b and now e, by adding e to the pool will they merge into the pool so tha
  6. I am trying to create a new pool with 4 hard drives, one drive is empty, one is half full and the other two are 99% full I added the drives to the new pool and it did not without errors; however i cannot see any data on the new pool "Drivepool D:)" The data does seem to be "there" because in the My Computer window i can see the blur data usage bar corresponding to how full the pool should be, and this changed accordingly as i added each drive I have disabled "hide hidden folders" but still cannot find anything And in the DrivePool window for the new pool the pie chart is gr
  7. "Another option is to use Stablebit Clouddrive with the Local Disk feature to create a fully encrypted volume, instead of using Bitlocker. You could make two of these (one on each drive), then pool them using Drivepool. Or you can create a normal 2-disk pool and then put an encrypted Clouddrive on it - the choice is yours" 1) What you said above seems more appealing to me than having to use bit locker but i don't quite understand how it works. Would i have to purchase cloud drive? 2) Have this cloud-feature would open myself up to security/privacy issues because its a "cloud" i.e.
  8. Firstly apologizes for bumping an "old" thread" but i have had other things to sort out To confirm, only on my pooled drives the thumbnails for my videos, pictures etc always get re-created, but the cache file is still there. I used this trick to disable windows from deleting and starting the cache from scratch which it does when it gets too big https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/177357-thumbnail-cache-prevent-windows-deleting.html https://www.sitepoint.com/switch-off-thumbs-db-in-windows/ - This link appears to turn off thumbnail creation, thus i would not have any thumbnails f
  9. 1) But then would i be able to pool two bit locked drives with stable bit? 2) And use a single password to unlock both drives simultaneously? 3) I am also a bit weary of drive failure with encrypted drives or something else going wrong, where i presume if something does go wrong then i lose access to everything on the drives; which i why I would like some kind of non-encryption option for security/privacy and hopfully something within stable bit itself
  10. Is there a way to password protect a pool i have created; i don't own nor do i want any cloud functionality so that drives and data are "local" only
  11. Please advise me on what i need to do
  12. Yep, it only occurs on my pooled drives so its not got anything to do with windows...
  13. Hi, its not showing the ...notifications.exe only "DrivePool.Service.exe So what should i do
  14. Thanks for the feeback However i have to say that even though it does seem to be windows "not playing nice" with stable bit i do think you should endeavor to fix the issue in the pipeline
  15. Sorry forgot to say that i use Windows 7 I have rebuilt, the windows thumbnail and icon cache multiple times as in deleted the "thumbnail cache" option in disk clean up Note that i actually used this trick to stop the cache from auto deleting and rebuilding when you have a lot of thumbs but i completed delted these modifications and still no help I will leave some pictures on my SSD to see if the issue is native to the pooled drives now
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