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  1. I am trying to create a new pool with 4 hard drives, one drive is empty, one is half full and the other two are 99% full I added the drives to the new pool and it did not without errors; however i cannot see any data on the new pool "Drivepool D:)" The data does seem to be "there" because in the My Computer window i can see the blur data usage bar corresponding to how full the pool should be, and this changed accordingly as i added each drive I have disabled "hide hidden folders" but still cannot find anything And in the DrivePool window for the new pool the pie chart is gray as opposed to blue I have rebooted after creating the pool, then removed the drive letters for the pooled drives, then rebooted again and still no data is visible I have an older pool which is working fine so don't think its a global error
  2. "Another option is to use Stablebit Clouddrive with the Local Disk feature to create a fully encrypted volume, instead of using Bitlocker. You could make two of these (one on each drive), then pool them using Drivepool. Or you can create a normal 2-disk pool and then put an encrypted Clouddrive on it - the choice is yours" 1) What you said above seems more appealing to me than having to use bit locker but i don't quite understand how it works. Would i have to purchase cloud drive? 2) Have this cloud-feature would open myself up to security/privacy issues because its a "cloud" i.e. remote access etc which is obviously the exact opposite of what i want to be doing Thanks
  3. Firstly apologizes for bumping an "old" thread" but i have had other things to sort out To confirm, only on my pooled drives the thumbnails for my videos, pictures etc always get re-created, but the cache file is still there. I used this trick to disable windows from deleting and starting the cache from scratch which it does when it gets too big https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/177357-thumbnail-cache-prevent-windows-deleting.html https://www.sitepoint.com/switch-off-thumbs-db-in-windows/ - This link appears to turn off thumbnail creation, thus i would not have any thumbnails for all my pictures and videos... The whole point of the thread was to allow me to have thumbnails cached and not have to continuously re-create them To confirm this only occurs with pooled drives so the issue clearly lies with stable bit, i should not have to get third party tools to resolve the "issue" with your software The software Icaros does not seem to do picture thumbnails but only videos which again does not fit my needs
  4. 1) But then would i be able to pool two bit locked drives with stable bit? 2) And use a single password to unlock both drives simultaneously? 3) I am also a bit weary of drive failure with encrypted drives or something else going wrong, where i presume if something does go wrong then i lose access to everything on the drives; which i why I would like some kind of non-encryption option for security/privacy and hopfully something within stable bit itself
  5. Is there a way to password protect a pool i have created; i don't own nor do i want any cloud functionality so that drives and data are "local" only
  6. Please advise me on what i need to do
  7. Yep, it only occurs on my pooled drives so its not got anything to do with windows...
  8. Hi, its not showing the ...notifications.exe only "DrivePool.Service.exe So what should i do
  9. Thanks for the feeback However i have to say that even though it does seem to be windows "not playing nice" with stable bit i do think you should endeavor to fix the issue in the pipeline
  10. Sorry forgot to say that i use Windows 7 I have rebuilt, the windows thumbnail and icon cache multiple times as in deleted the "thumbnail cache" option in disk clean up Note that i actually used this trick to stop the cache from auto deleting and rebuilding when you have a lot of thumbs but i completed delted these modifications and still no help I will leave some pictures on my SSD to see if the issue is native to the pooled drives now
  11. I remember there used to be a tray icon for stable bit when you booted into windows but its gone for me now; how do i get it back because i want to ensure i get any error messages etc to ensure my pooled data is safe; for example i keep getting "ensure file duplication consistency" messages but only when I actually load the GUI
  12. I have created a pool and want it to be "D" drive but whenever i turn on or connect another hard drive it would always make the newly connected drive as "D drive" and then automatically change the pooled drive to a different letter...
  13. I have tired to get my files on the pool to keep the thumbnails but they always get deleted even though the thumbnail cache size on C drive appears to still have stored them; how do i resolve this?
  14. So when you say the defaults do you mean i should uninstall the Order File Placement plug in, or not have it selected, at the top of the list, at the bottom? Please be detailed as to which balencers i should select and de-select and in which order they sdould be in because this setting is the only one that i am having trouble with. Note that I dont have stabe bit scanner, i will not be using files duplication (maybe 3GB or so). Thanks
  15. 1) I will be creating a pool with 2 6TB Toshiba drives. Can i set up stable bit to create a pool with a partition of a drive? Like the pool would have the full 6TB drive and then say 5TB of the other drive, so that i can have a 1TB partition for non-pooled storage (for stuff like downloads, scratch disk, data that is altered frequently? 2) The data on the pool is going to be pretty static (with minimal deletion or altering of files etc). As such I literally want a JBOD setup; with minimal "balancing", I/O performance or "unnecessary" reading of the library etc stuff going on in the background. What settings should i use to accomplish this? I already installed the Order File Placement plug in. I am confused as to what position the plugin-boxes should be in, in the pool options window for my set up
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