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  1. umfriend why didnt i think of that you right thank you just a side not should i have two poolpart folders on some drives ?
  2. the gui shows all hard drives between 45 to 51% full thats what made me wonder today to be honest so its approx 5tb
  3. i have four 3 tb drives in a drivepool D: E: F: G: and drivepool being 10.7tb and Z: in D i have no folders in E i have POOLPART and then server folders music and pictures in F i have POOLPART and then server folders music and pictures IN G i have server folder and nothing inside and Z: i have server folders and again music pictures and all my dvd or blu ray rips im confused should all my drives have something on them and also have pool part folders
  4. AMCross

    Licence question

    logged a new ticket and got confirmation email straight away this time
  5. AMCross

    Licence question

    logged the ticket never got an email confimation will log a new one
  6. AMCross

    Licence question

    hi christopher how do i check on ticket updates as I seem to have forgot
  7. AMCross

    Licence question

    details sent on 15/02/17 as instructed do i get an email with confirmation that it ok
  8. AMCross

    Licence question

    decided to do away with home server 2011 and installed windows 10 pro so much faster using an i7 and 32gb ram but forgot to unlicence driver pool and scanner can i reuse the licence or do i need a new one
  9. AMCross


    hi all anybody managed to get this to work seems the non domain hack doesnt work but system seems much more effieient although i may need to do a reinstall as some folders seem to not be working and reshare option crashes
  10. both 2012r2 and 2016 were too much of a steep learning curve for me but when you go back to server 2011 dam its so slow :-( does the domain skip hack also work with 2016 ?
  11. Christopher one more question if I may As my windows 2011 seemed so slow and lagging althought running i5 with 16gb ram ive decided to retry the windows 2012r2 essentials got all my stablebit products running fine got Launchpad on client and can see my shares don't want to join domain used the well documented links you have provided but how can I get server to show under network from clients as need this for printer and mymovies etc thanks again
  12. christopher managed to stoppedwindows health service restarted service and seems to be working now thanks for your help
  13. thanks Christopher pm you a link to log file
  14. decided to remove three 3tb wd red as they has been running for 3 years whilst removing the second one I noticed after remote desktop into sever that I had 152 alerts couldn't read them so after the last drive was removed I rebooted server now alerts are showing as no data running 2.20.670 any ideas please
  15. http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Utilities try the ntfs permissions Reset NTFS Permissions on the Pool Resets all NTFS permissions on the DrivePool pool. This will also empty the recycle bin on the pool if there is one. Use this if DrivePool shows 'Access Denied' errors when maintaining the pool. After the fix, open the Dashboard to 'Server Folders' and set permissions for each folder on the pool. You can do this by selecting a folder and clicking 'View the folder properties'. Note: This sets the pool into a "clean" state, that mimics the permissions of a clean, new disk. Note: After doing this, to ensure proper user access, please use the Dashboard to change the permissions on the shared folders
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