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    SSD Optimiser

    Ok, no input. lol So as I was getting nowhere slowly, and the SSDs aren't holding any data and two were not even being used, I destroyed the volumes {VDs} after removing them from DrivePool. I formatted them and re-added them individually to drive pool. I marked all 4 as SSDs, set balancing to 1 in the morning, and made the SSD optimizer the top plug in above Scanner and Prevent Drive Overfill. Copied a folder with a few large files. It used SSD01 & SSD02 for a small amount of the files, SSD03 for the bulk, and it looks like nada for SSD04. I have a lot to c
  2. gringott

    SSD Optimiser

    Hope everybody had a Great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! Ok, now to the meat of the question. I have a bit of an issue and I am not sure where I went wrong. Probably something simple or perhaps I am on the wrong track. I will explain what I am trying to do, and please point out where I am going wrong. I will try to give as much detail as possible so you don't have to waterboard me for more info. I am preparing my workstation and main server to be linked by 10GbE. The server has Windows 10 Pro 10.0.16229 Build 16299 x64 as an OS. Fresh install.
  3. Yes, it is great! Had to do it twice in about 24 hours and had zero issues since I remembered to deactivate first before wiping the previous OS installs. Kudos on a great system.
  4. Please let us know your result. I personally was investigating USB 3 with UASP, the problem I found was some users complaining of corrupted data, drives wiped, etc, in reviews. I found this across the board with many enclosures. Seems they also go to sleep which may be a power setting issue in the OS. I have extensive experience with eSata and many enclosures, but the tech is dated, the controller cards are now a small selection and problems with drivers on Windows newer OSes for older cards. On my main system [file host] I moved to SAS and for expansion a DAS SAS enclosure [both homebrew
  5. Then I will. Glad I checked in. Happy Holiday Season to all of you.
  6. No, actually I just "updated" to the other day. Should I install in the meantime?
  7. All I want for Christmas..... lol
  8. gringott

    Equipment Source

    Next time you purchase a new computer item on ebay do a real search for the model number outside of ebay. Again, almost always I can buy it cheaper elsewhere. It used to be always, but over the last twenty years it has been very rare. I used to show people when they would tell me they picked up a HDD cheap for example, I would do a search and within a minute find it cheaper from a normal non-ebay store - including shipping. Still true to this day. But I am cheap - I want the best item for the cheapest price. I'm on ebay all the time and the first thing I do when I am interested in something is
  9. Whatever. All I know is I do not have drive failures and I save a lot of money. I toss the boxes in the spare room. I'll fleabay them or toss them when the warranty is up. It just seems to me that you guys are paying an awful lot of money on drives. Since you got money to burn, more power to you. Me, I'm cheap. I do a return on investment and decide what's good for me. I know from experience, cooling is key, these drives [clamshells] work and all my other non-NAS desktop drives work great and don't fail, running 24 / 7 since WHS came out, and before that running 24 / 7 in workstati
  10. You didn't put it back in the case? Why not? There is no seal of any kind. The Samsungs are even better, they are more flexible plastic and go right back like new. Well, for each his own. I haven't had any drive failures at all with clamshells so if I do I'll report back and let you know what happens.
  11. Yes, externals. Seagate externals have one year warranty, the Samsung [same Seagate drive inside] three years. Why the difference? I suspect the Seagate case have a higher return rate due to poor cooling, they aren't willing to take the hit on returns. When they are removed from the case, the cooling is on you. Given proper cooling they should last as long as the desktop versions, it is exactly the same drive. Is a desktop drive warranty not real? Really? A NAS drive warranty from the same drive manufacturer is more real? All your drives listed are desktop drives, with a "NAS" labe
  12. gringott

    SATA card

    I would for sure stay away from the 2720SGL, and look at HightPoint with a jaded eye. Do a check on newegg - yes, some of the users complaints are bs, but that many for the same reasons? My experience with HighPoint has been one decent card without issues out of 5, a couple were literally worthless. I wouldn't touch the 2720SGL with a ten foot pole. IMHO the best product they ever made was the on board minimal hardware mostly software RAID back in the Windows 98 / 2000 era. They popularized the trend that is still here. Rock solid and came on the motherboard. Everything since has been
  13. gringott

    Equipment Source

    TripleR - Nice find. I added that firm to my search sources. As for ebay, here has been my experience the last 20 years with NEW computer gear - I have very very rarely found an item on ebay that I couldn't get cheaper from a regular vendor store [not ebay not auction]. On those very very rare occasions I have found ebay to the be the cheapest, and purchased, I found out later the item had some defect even if it was NIB - leading me to believe the manufaturers used a second party ebay vendor to move stuff that works, but has a known defect that limits operation etc. In other words, rather
  14. I've been paying around $23.80 per TB with 5TB drives, not factoring in some I got cheaper and the two Toshibas with longer warranties I paid $30 per TB [Desktop retail, not clamshell or OEM]. The Samsung externals I have been buying have a 3 year warranty. Zero failures of clamshell drives. What temperature do your drives report in that NORCO case? Just curious.
  15. You guys are quick [and rich], I'm currently doing 5 TB drives due to price per TB. I remember 3 TB drives, only got 4 before 4 TB became a "better deal". Still using the 3 TBs, no failures, knock on Bill Gates head [wood]. All my 4 TBs are going strong, had two fail [long story] but still at edge of warranty, so got free replacements.Picked up a couple of Toshiba 5 TB desktop drives at a great price with good warranty, no issues with performance, however they are very noisy at times as other buyers have reported. For the last couple of years I have been mostly buying externals and clamshellin
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