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  1. Chris, your link (StableBit DrivePool Q5510455) is awesome. I was changing servers and due to my past experience, I was dreading connecting it to the pool. I followed the directions and it appears to have worked. My only suggestion for the inexperienced like myself would be to be more specific right in the beginning where it states to "Right Click on the drive". That's where I stumbled a bit and then decided it meant "DrivePool". I hope that was correct because like I said earlier, everything seems to be working. :-)
  2. I'm curious if anyone who was running ver xxx.636 has upgraded to xxx.639 yet?
  3. TripleR

    Equipment Source

    You are correct, there is always a risk when buying used equipment. In my case, the vendor has a store and offers a 30 warranty. In my opinion, if the equipment doesn't fail within 30 days you should be good to go. How long, who knows? So far I have gotten 3 years out of them. I think we all try to get the best price possible keeping location, shipping etc. in mind. In my case the server was $140, the expander was $130. If any item fails and cannot be repaired then off for recycling they go. My video card in my main PC cost more than both those items together. :-)
  4. TripleR

    Equipment Source

    Gringott, Yes Ebay may be a bit of a risk however, Ebay must be tough on their sellers because anytime I have had a problem, these sellers damn near panic to try to resolve the issue. In addition I typically don't deal with new sellers and stick mostly with power sellers.
  5. TripleR

    Equipment Source

    Yes, you are absolutely correct, this type of equipment is all over Ebay. Not sure why you think it looks cheap. It's doing the job reliably. Cheers
  6. TripleR

    Equipment Source

    I thought I had mentioned this before on this site but regardless here it is again. I noticed a lot of folks here are buying new consumer type equip for their servers. That's what I did for years until I discovered UnixSurplus and bought this: http://www.unixsurplus.com/product/nas-vmware-raid-server-32-bay-35-sas-or-sata-jbod-storage-array-up-to-96tb This is retired commercial equip with lots of years left in it. This is two separate units, the top is a 1U server which has a S5000PSL Intel motherboard with dual Xeons. I got mine fitted with 16GB of ram. The unit below is a 16 bay drive unit that can handle SATA or SAS drives. Both these units are half depth and very light, not a all like the HP DL360's I have. I have had mine running for about 3 years now non-stop with no problems. I liked it so much that I purchased a 2nd set as a backup. You can't beat the price. I bought mine without a card because I was going with the HighPoint 2722 Non-RAID controller. I can confirm this card works like a charm with WHS 2011 or Win 10 and it passes the S.M.A.R.T. data. If you do get a server here without the card ensure you get the 1U riser card for it. It may or may not have it. Make sure you ask for it. I no longer have to worry about how I'm going to squeeze one more drive in my PC case. BTW, these drive bays can be daisy chained. Here is an old picture of my setup. I hadn't gotten my 2nd server/drive bay yet. It was a cheap build for me, the rack was about $70 and it does the job. I hope this post gives people an alternative to consumer class equipment. Ron
  7. Thanks Chris. That did fix the problem. Cheers Ron
  8. Hi There, I was wondering if anyone else is having problems seeing Stablebit Scanner when remoting into the server that is running Win 10. I have no problems seeing the Desktop and no problems running any other app including DrivePool except for Stablebit Scanner. I can only see part of the page, no drives. I had no issues remoting into WHS 2011 utilizing same PC with Win 10. Not a big deal as everything is fine when I locally log into the server just strange that it's only that app that is having problems. Ron
  9. Purchased one of these about a year ago. 16 bays, SAS or SATA. I love it and there cheap! http://www.unixsurplus.com/product/sgi-3u-media-server-storage-16-hd-bay-sas-sata-ssd-san-array-35-nas-jbod-good
  10. I don't see that option either. Under Settings / DrivePool, the Performance Section with Read Striping does not show up.
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