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  1. Just as a final update on this issue for future reference for others. I discovered that that actual problem that prevented me accessing the backend was my virus protection application that started to block stable bit. I applied an "exception" to the stablebit app in my virus program and all worked well and back to normal.
  2. Many thanks, I updated both drivepool and scanner to latest versions and all is working now.
  3. Stablebit Drive Pool version: Stablebit Scanner version: Running windows 10 with 4 x 4TB HD running of SATA from the motherboard. Been using this set up for several years with no problems. All windows 10 updates up to date. Although I am running 4 x 4TB in full duplication my drivepool is reporting 14 TB in windows file explorer PC. Windows system Admin show all 4 main drives healthy and shows the drive pool healthy. The drive pool seems to be working fine in that I can read and write files ok. However, my main issue is that I cannot access the background service. I am accessing locally and am running Sophos antivirus. I also cannot access the Stablebit Scanner background service either. Have rebooted several times. Not sure if it is a problem but I am storing my onedrive folder on the drive pool. I checked the error logs (C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\ErrorReports) but there are no error logs since 2016 so no major errors. Any ideas how I can get into the drivepool background service?
  4. Useful feedback thanks....what card would you recommend if not the silicon images one? Thats great! A SATA III port multiplier enclosure would be very useful indeed. Anybody have any experience with this new model?
  5. Looking to buy a 5 bay eSata Enclosure and have looked at soem of these; http://www.sansdigital.com/towerraid/tr5mb.html http://www.span.com/product/NetStor-5-Bay-SATA-to-Multiplier-eSATA-NA710C-Enclosure-Removable-Caddies-for-5x-SATA-HD-Port-Multiplier-eSATA-~16415 http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/content/5-bay-raid-station Does anybody have ayn feedback on usign any fo these, good or bad? Or recommend other models?
  6. GeorgeS

    DrivePoolUI Hang

    I'm getting the same problem with 2.X build 420 on windows 8.1 machine. Have filed a ticket but certainly seems to be related to when balancing occurs at the same time as copying large amounts of data at the same time into the pool. Rebooting the PC does not resolve the freeze and I have to do clean reinstall each time. This really needs a fix soon.
  7. That's fantastic news, exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks
  8. After reading all the online information I am still a little unclear about the how file and folder duplications works. If I have several discs in the pool, say 10. Now if I set file duplication to 2 x and I set a specific folder (with many subfolders) to 2x duplication too. Is the result as follows; All files NOT in the folder are duplicated across any of the 10 pool discs. All files IN the folder AND subfolders are kept on 1 disc and duplicated on another disc. When the size of the duplicated folder exceeds the size of the disc in the pool that it is stored on, what happens? A) I get a message to say it is full or B ) does it expand the folder over 2 discs (4 discs with duplicate). My objective is to keep some folders together on one disc, whilst others I don’t mind how they are duplicated across the rest of the pool.
  9. Just a hypothetical question as this has not yet happened but I need to understand this so that I can set up correctly. I have a windows 8.1 desktop with 2 x 2TB and 2 x 4TB linked to the SATA connectors on my desktop motherboard and 8 x 2 TB discs connected by eSATA through port multiplier connected to my desktop eSATA connector. So that’s 12 discs in total and I have file duplication set. Now if my desktop motherboard and/or operating system completely fail, can I just buy a new PC and then plug by pool discs into any SATA connectors available on it, install Stablebit on the PC and the pool will be instantly recognised and usable? What I am asking I guess is whether it matters how the pool discs are reconnected to the new motherboard, i.e. BIOS settings and IRQ info an all that or is this all transparent to stable bit? Thank in advance for any advice
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