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  1. Excellent! Thanks Alex and Christopher! That's the kind of info we were all looking for.
  2. OK, sorry for the dumb question but this is annoying me. I'm using StableBit Scanner v2.4.2929 on WHS2011 and I had an external USB3 Seagate drive overheat (150F) during a backup on a really hot day over a month ago. The drive is fine and currently reporting temps in the 70's. How do I clear the WHS2011 server warning in the Alert viewer notification area without resorting to "Ignore this alert"? Thanks.
  3. Well, I prefer v1.3 for WHS2011 because of the dashboard integration. v2 may include newer features, but for now v1.3 is my choice.
  4. Alex fixed it! Turns out the virtual (pool) drive was starting in offline mode after restart. Bringing the drive "online" (in Disk Management) allowed SBDP to detect the pool and re-engage all the pooled drives. Woohoo! Thanks Alex.
  5. I love that case. Your build looks very similar to a "what-if" project here: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5578-can-you-build-your-own-gen8-equivalent-microserver/
  6. Sure, but I have the server temporarily configured back to S2012E so I could run a restore for a corrupted OS install. I'll try and get the server back to WHS2011 tomorrow. I'll update the calendar once everything settles down and you can have your way with it. Thanks Alex!
  7. Well I would, but that folder is empty. There aren't any errors, the pool just isn't recognized for what it is when using v1.3. v2 works fine, there's just no dashboard integration.
  8. Nope. An OS reinstall didn't solve anything. It's definitely a v2 vs v1 incompatibility.
  9. I enabled "tracing" and here are the log files: http://www.mediafire.com/?ej6dr7u400m0byd Notable item from DrivePool.Service-2013-07-07.log: DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 Error getting info on pack. Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004240B 2013-07-07 18:37:56Z 142857507 Everything I look at tells me that v1.3 isn't compatible with pools built using v2. Is there a repository to download older installers to see if the problem is with the 1.3.2 branch? Nevermind...found it. *Edit. Older versions are doing the same thing. I'll revert my OS to a clean state from backup image and try from scratch.
  10. OK, I uninstalled v2 and went through the steps here: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q8964978 The only thing that was left after the uninstall were the registry entries. So from that clean starting point I did the following: 1. Shutdown the server 2. Remove all pooled drives so that only C: drive remains. 3. Cold-boot the server 4. RDP to server and install StableBit.DrivePool_1.3.2.7556_Release.wssx 5. After install completes, start dashboard and insert license key into SBDP. 6. Shutdown the server 7. Insert all pooled drives. 8. Cold-boot the server 9. RDP to server and start dashboard, click SBDP tab. ... No drive pools detected. Here's some screenshots:
  11. Ah, that's a bit extensive. I didn't go that far. I'll give it a shot and report back.
  12. After uninstalling/reinstalling SBDP v1.3 several times, I couldn't get it to create a pool using ANY drives. It appeared to be thoroughly broken. I installed SBDP v2 and it automatically detected my old (from S2012E) pool as well as created a new pool using the new 4TB drives. I'm in the process of duplicating the data between the two pools. I guess I'm stuck on SBDPv2 on WHS2011 since it's the only thing that works now. Strange...very strange. So nobody answered one of my original questions: Will DrivePool (SBDP) v2 eventually replace v1.3? Or will the new features of v2 be backported to v1.3 to maintain dashboard integration? ...or will dashboard integration be added to v2 eventually?
  13. OK, that's weird. I have two new Seagate "red" drives (ST4000VN000) and I can't add them to ANY pool with v1.3. I've deleted any partition using diskmgmt.msc and all I get when selecting "Add disk to pool" is "successful" but no pool exists in explorer even after multiple restarts. Attempting to add the drive to a pool again results in the error above "can't add a drive to an existing pool".
  14. Well I tried adding the existing drive back to a pool and got an error that said essentially "can't add a drive to an existing pool" or something to that effect. I give up. I'll just create a new pool and add the data back from my drobo. It'll only be a few days out of date.
  15. Yes, SBDP is activated with my key (not trial). Well, my setup may be non-standard. I have two 4TB drives that were added to a pool that was created in SBDPv2 within S2012E. This pool wasn't created in v1.3, it was created in v2. I have the individual drive letters turned off (hidden drives), with the pool assigned drive-letter 'E'. Both drives are visible in diskmgmt.msc and online. When I have time later today, I'll assign drive letters and check for the hidden folders. Question: Would clicking the "Add drive to the pool" button corrupt the current data in any way?
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