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  1. joe_m

    Scanner Scheduling?

    Great idea! so I have tried to make it work.... i have changed the settings file: <setting name="Scanner_RunningFile" serializeAs="String"> <value>true</value> I have restarted the service and started a scan but I can't find the "Scanner_RunningFile" anywhere on the server. What am I missing?
  2. joe_m

    Scanner Scheduling?

    Thank you again! I will give your suggestions a try. My ask would be to please add an option within the settings > Work Window to specify a day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and/or day of the month. (1st, etc..) I look forward to the update. Thanks.
  3. joe_m

    Scanner Scheduling?

    Thank you for the replies and suggestions Drashna! I do have "wake for scan" selected but it is NOT waking the server from hibernation. I don't think I want to disable the "interfere" options as I am concerned that Scanner will have an impact on client PC access to shared files including videos. I like the idea of a command line that would initiate the scan on a set schedule. If that would work I could schedule LightsOut to awake the server on the command date and time and stay awake long enough to complete the full scanning. Can you help me with the command? I would like t
  4. joe_m

    Scanner Scheduling?

    I have Scanner running on WHS2011 server which is also running the add-in LightsOut. I have the server scheduled in LightsOut to awake for a few hours in the morning to perform the server back-up and then again later at night to back-up client PCs and shut them down. Except for the scheduled back-up times, the server is usually in hibernation (sleep not available on HP EX495) The server is occasionally awakened by the clients to access shared files. When Scanner runs in this use case it appears to start over every time the server awakens from hibernation but is usually suspended by the dr
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