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    Spider99 reacted to TerryMundy in Maximum number of connected drives?   
    Thank you!  I found a few explanations and how to "shade tree mechanic" fix it, but this appears to be the least troublesome and easiest way out.  You are a hero!
    When building systems at work cooking up a Nimble Storage Array with 1PB when it's not my money is up my alley.  But building on the cheap at home with garage sale parts required more thought.  Like playing chess it 4D.  It just blows the mind.
    Now off to find some chassis to house the 3.5" SATA drives as 16 are 2.5" and work flawlessly in the MSA70.
    Maybe I can get out of the dog house once all of the home movies and family photos are back online.
    Once again, this forum has saved my bacon and I only hope to become knowledgeable enough to help others as I've been helped.
    Much appreciate the quick answer!
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    Spider99 reacted to Shane in Delay Time for volumes to mounting - Questions   
    From what I can figure out from trawling the manual and changelogs:
    CoveFs_WaitForVolumesOnMountMs (Default: "10000") - How long to wait for all the volumes to arrive in MS.

    This is usually for older pools (pools that don't initially know how many poolparts they should be waiting for). DrivePool will wait at most this long between detecting the first poolpart folder and mounting the corresponding pool drive.
      CoveFs_WaitForKnownPoolPartsOnMountMs (Default: "10000") - (Newer pools may be aware of it's parts) If a pool is aware of how many pool parts it's made of, at mount time, it will wait for all of those pool parts to arrive before allowing the OS to finish mounting the pool.

    This is usually for newer pools (pools that do initially know how many poolparts they should be waiting for). DrivePool will wait at most this long for those poolparts to finish being detected before mounting the corresponding pool drive.
      CoveFs_WaitForPoolsAndPoolPartsAfterMountMs (Default: "10000") - How long the service will wait for all of the detected pools to finish mounting, and then for all of the known pool parts to get recognized on those pools.

    This is for all pools, and is how long DrivePool will wait at most for all pools to complete mounting and all known poolparts to be recognised before starting other DrivePool processes such as missing disk detection, file duplication, balancing, user notifications, etc. Appparently this also particularly helps with Bitlocker drives. So in your case I think maybe increase the first two to something a little larger and the last one to at least as large as the first two? E.g. 15000, 15000, 15000, or maybe 20000, 20000, 30000? The minimums will depend on your system.
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    Spider99 reacted to Edward in Do I need to be on Beta for apps?   
    Thanks guys
    I plucked up the courage and went to beta on all apps and connected to the new cloud thing.  Looking good!
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Edward in Do I need to be on Beta for apps?   
    been on DP beta all the time for years - no issues of note
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Edward in Do I need to be on Beta for apps?   
    yep - beta apps
    new ones posted today
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    Spider99 got a reaction from KingfisherUK in Scanner- sub menus - wrong location   
    anything above 1920x1200 does not work
    i have two other displays
    2560x1600 and 4k - they do not work
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    Spider99 got a reaction from KingfisherUK in Scanner- sub menus - wrong location   
    its a resolution issue - lower resolutions it works - higher does not
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    Spider99 got a reaction from KingfisherUK in Scanner - Column Chooser   
    Scanner is missing a couple of column options that exist in the app
    Age and Power - both of which i use - can these be added?
    Ping and Bay are also missing
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    Spider99 got a reaction from KingfisherUK in Dashboard - Split by PC   
    Could we have the option to split the dashboard by the a PC (host)
    having combined results - is not that useful as when there is an issue - there is no obvious why to tell which pc its on
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Shane in How old are your drives?   
    Unless i get performance issue need more speeeeed -  i dont replace mine till they die
    or i run out of space and need bigger ones
    have a lot of old smallish drives hanging around gathering dust
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    Spider99 reacted to MariusMS in Scan Throttling Still Happening Despite Disabling   
    That was exactly it, thanks so much for your response!
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    Spider99 got a reaction from MariusMS in Scan Throttling Still Happening Despite Disabling   
    throttling also occurs if the drives get hot - check that setting
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Shane in Upgrading mirrored drives in drivepool   
    i would go with option 1 - as you only have two drives with duplication so they are the "same" - does not matter which one you choose - vss will not be copied etc
    3 - would work but will be slower than 1
    2 - avoid cloning liable to give you problems
    and yes - shut down any service thats writing to the pool before you start - more for maintaining the best speed
    internal copy will be approx 1TB per 3 hrs - give or take - remember speed will vary by files size (lots of small files very slow) (large files quick) and where the data is on the disk - i suspect that the new 8TB will be quicker than the 4TB so the speed will depend on the 4TB disk....
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    Spider99 got a reaction from gtaus in File Placement, how to add new HDD for only backup files   
    another way would be if you dont need duplication
    1 dont add the disk to the pool
    2 use backup software - set a job to copy the changed/added files to it - nightly job or similar
    simpler and you dont have to mess with FPR's that may get complex
    also you can detach it and move it to another pc without having to remove it from DP as it would throw an error
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    Spider99 got a reaction from theDwiz in How would Plex know where the duplicate file is if a drive fails?   
    UmFriend is correct Plex only sees what DP presents to it as it sees the pool drive (virtual) and not the disks
    if a drive fails then the "other" copy is used so Plex or any app carries on as normal if you have duplication on. As for the streaming error - could be a number of reasons - one of which is the file was damaged by the disk failure or the disk was removed and plex then could not find the file.......
    If you have read striping on you can see in DP that it uses both disks at various times when presenting a file to application X - this does not radically change the speed of the read but if one disk slows (as other files are also being accessed at the same time on one disk) the other will be used etc etc. The speed of the read is the speed of the disk being used - no magic here.
    Basically if you want redundancy then you need more space for the duplication or be selective in which shows you duplicate - but you will need more space at some point.
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    Spider99 reacted to Bulkhead in LSI00301 9207-8i, SAS2 2308 Mustang HBA Win10 Best Practices   
    OK - I found the issue (for me). MS Virus & Threat Protection has prevented Scanner from seeing the drives attached to my HBA.   At this point I don't even know if any of the Scanner settings changes, including the one documented above, made any difference. I have seen the impact real-time protection has on even my new, pretty robust pc, and have made a habit of disabling the real-time protection. Windows, inexplicably, occasionally re-enables the feature. The result has been that when I made changes that may have resolved the issue with Scanner seeing SMART data on my drives, Windows has prevented me from seeing the correct result because it had re-enabled the real-time protection without my knowledge..   Anyway,  in the image below you can see that Win has blocked the scanner service executable. I have add it, as well as the .native Scanner service, to the list of excluded programs and can confirm it has solved the issue following a reboot of my machine upon which Windows automatically re-enables real-time virus protection. I am now seeing all information on the drives on the HBA as I should.   For the record my system is currently:  OS Name    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version    10.0.19041 Build 19041   Thanks to Spider99 for hanging in with me!
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Jasper in Event log warning   
    you can ignore them - i asked a long time ago and Christopher confirmed its a side effect of it being a virtual disk and nothing to worry about
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Doug in Samsung 9xx NVMe support   
    It depends on the OS
    Win10 will work but say 2012r2 will not
    or thats how it works for me with my 950 Pro's - unless 960's work differently
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    Spider99 reacted to Karen in Windows 10 update - hard drives in pool disappeared from Drivepool.   
    Thank you everyone who has commented on this thread - with your help I was able to get everything working again! Thanks for being patient !
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    Spider99 reacted to Alex in M.2 Drives - No Smart data - NVME and Sata   
    As per your issue, I've obtained a similar WD M.2 drive and did some testing with it. Starting with build 3193 StableBit Scanner should be able to get SMART data from your M.2 WD SATA drive. I've also added SMART interpretation rules to BitFlock for these drives as well.
    You can get the latest development BETAs here: http://dl.covecube.com/ScannerWindows/beta/download/
    As for Windows Server 2012 R2 and NVMe, currently, NVMe support in the StableBit Scanner requires Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016.
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Down sizing my server   
    Happy New Year!
    the i3 has a passmark of about 5000
    that will do a one or possibly 2 transcodes - depending on what you are transcoding
    for comparison my qnap 853a with a n3150 (passmark 1600) can barely do a 1080p transcode - so you need a passmark of 2000+ to transcode on the fly a H264 1080p file - for HVEC and larger frame size you will need more power.
    Emby does have support for intel quicksync - although its still experimental - but does work - which can help to lower the load - the i3 will be better for this as well
    I pre transcode my video's so the clients can play them natively so the server does not work that hard - in that case a celeron would do fine as a file server
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    Spider99 got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Establishing a pool over existing drives   
    Yes thats the "quick and dirty" method - i used it when i setup my pool - 30TB+
    As the data is on the disks its a "move" (from outside to inside the poolpart folder) rather than a copy process so is very quick as you are just changing the file location on the disk(s)
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    Spider99 got a reaction from rogerpinet in Placement in different controllers and/or groups of disks   
    You could create two pools - one for each controller - with no duplication
    then make a new pool of the the two pools with duplication - i.e a pool of pools
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    Spider99 got a reaction from vapedrib in Usb Backup Drives   
    I got myself three Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8 drives to do some deep backup storage  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01IAD5ZC6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    scanner see's them fine and chugs away checking the disks
    But i was surprised when i swapped one for another that scanner was not picking up that the drive was different - i even gave it a clue as i changed the drive letter and named the volume differently and the signature of the disk would be different as well as the serial number
    Scanner was attributing the scan results from the old drive to the new drive - which could be a problem and/or lead to confusion.
    Yes these are USb drives but scanner is picking up all the Disk Details with no problem.
    I closed the UI between swapping the drives
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    Spider99 reacted to JazzMan in My Storage Server   
    I bought the Q30 including the mobo, raid card and power supply from them.  They list a few sample configurations on their site, and have a configurator for more choices, but when I dealt with them they were super flexible in working with each clients' specific needs.  The configurator can be a starting point but then you can order off the menu.  In my use case I wanted a different CPU than what they had on the configuraator; they could not source the specific one I asked for but understood my requirements and suggested an appropriate alternative they could source.
    You can check out these articles if you are not familiar with storage pods;
    or search the web for something like "backblaze storage pod" and maybe add "open source" if you really are interested in just acquiring a case from a metal shop and not all the internals.
    For some history as I understand it;
    45Drives was an early supplier to BackBlaze but is no longer.  I think BackBlaze is up to version 6 or higher of the pod.  Around version 4 or so, BackBlaze switched to BackupPods.com and possibly others as suppliers of the pods.  However the pod designs are open source and can be bought and put together from a parts list if one desires.
    I needed something that arrived working and was not a server build learning experience, so I bought a system assembled and tested sans drives.  I then just dropped my drives in, installed Win 7 and DP and was basically ready to go.  Most drives were moved from some other computers, one of which had been running DP, and I added a few blank drives, so I did have to move some files around to get them into the new pool and duplicated properly. 
    My perhaps faulty recollection was that 45Drives wouldn't necessarily sell you all the nuts and bolts and individual parts one by one like at Radio Shack of old but would be very flexible in putting together (or leaving out) the major electronic components that go into a server to a clients' needs, and that BackupBods was the opposite on either ends of that;.they would either sell you a completely built working machine with all the drives and little customization, or they would sell you all the nuts and bolts and individual parts a la carte to assemble yourself.
    I'd contact both companies and explain what you are looking for. (metal case, metal case with backplanes, etc.)  Protocase is the metal fab shop for 45Drives, so if you really are just interested in the chassis and not the backplanes, etc, you could contact them.
    This info may have changed in the past 1.5 years.
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