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How old are your drives?

How old is your oldest hard drive?  

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  1. 1. How old is the oldest drive in your storage pool?

    • 0-2 years
    • 2-4 years
    • 4-6 years
    • 6+ years


I recently ordered some new hardware from a supplier I've used for many years and when looking back through my order history, I noticed that I had purchased four 2TB Samsung HD204UI drives from them 10 years ago - three of these drives are still going strong in my file server! I've had numerous drives fail on me over the years, yet these ones just keep going!

This got me thinking - how old is the oldest drive you have in your PC/server? Whilst I now know these HD204UI's are 10 years old, Stablebit Scanner reports them as around 7 years 300 days old, so I assume that's been their "power on" time.

(Before anyone asks, yes I do have some redundancy in my system and have spare drives on standby just in case!)

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I am in the process of replacing my oldest drives, which were about 6 years old. I recently had 3 HDDs fail, but they were actually newer ~3 year old drives, so go figure. Unfortunately, my HDDs do not seem to age well, and they go from no SMART warnings to completely dead within a day or so. I have tried many different brands of HDDs and they all seem to fail about the same.

Amazon.com has had a special going on with renewed 4TB HDDs for $60.00 which have 5 year warranties. I bought a few of those because they were NAS drives and the 5 year warranty is better than the 2 year warranty I was getting on my new drives. So far, the drives have all checked out fine. They also report 0 hours on the renewed drives and no SMART warnings. Don't know if buying renewed drives will prove to be a good investment, but I am not getting 5 years out of my newest bunch of drives with only 2 year warranties. So, at least I am getting 5 years covered with the renewed drives.

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My storage needs don't really grow so I am just sticking with what I have, anything between 1.7 and 5.5 yo (6 drives). I bought them spread out over time. Mostly Toshiba and HGST as I had a few issues with Seagate and WD years ago. Only 2 HDDs of same type and purchase date so those are in seperate Pools.

As long as they don;t fail, I'll run them until they do.

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