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How old are your drives?

How old is your oldest hard drive?  

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  1. 1. How old is the oldest drive in your storage pool?

    • 0-2 years
    • 2-4 years
    • 4-6 years
    • 6+ years


I recently ordered some new hardware from a supplier I've used for many years and when looking back through my order history, I noticed that I had purchased four 2TB Samsung HD204UI drives from them 10 years ago - three of these drives are still going strong in my file server! I've had numerous drives fail on me over the years, yet these ones just keep going!

This got me thinking - how old is the oldest drive you have in your PC/server? Whilst I now know these HD204UI's are 10 years old, Stablebit Scanner reports them as around 7 years 300 days old, so I assume that's been their "power on" time.

(Before anyone asks, yes I do have some redundancy in my system and have spare drives on standby just in case!)

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Unless i get performance issue need more speeeeed -  i dont replace mine till they die

or i run out of space and need bigger ones

have a lot of old smallish drives hanging around gathering dust :)

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