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  1. Normally I change my storage drives (normal harddrive) after 5 years.
  2. No, I used 2 SSDs in drivepool with duplication enabled.
  3. Jumping in on this: Christopher, what would you recommend for good performance? Is there a rule of thumb? For example: at least a quad core core i5 or x GB RAM per TB data in drivepool?
  4. I have used drivepool in this scenario and I saw a quite large performance penalty when it comes to many small files: a single SSD is way faster here than drivepool. Simple test: install a game on the drivepool with many small files and you will see the difference in loading times. I assume that drivepool's internal lookup for the files in the different directories in its own caches/lists/arrays is slower compared to the pure windows lookup.
  5. 1. are all drives fine, can you look at the smart values? 2. disable antivirus for large copy sessions (I assume that the files have been scanned before).
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