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  1. I have forgot or couldn't deactivate my license before and just used the Contact Us via StableBits website.
  2. Have a look at Scanner manual in Right click menu section. You have Ping Disk or Burst test. This should do what you are looking for. https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=Disk List
  3. Have you checked your Scanner settings? Settings-Scanner settings What option is selected in the Work window? Is Automatic Scanning enabled?
  4. I have no issue seeing my 960 Pro. Currently on beta (DirectIOOverride enabled)
  5. That did the trick, thanks.
  6. It is purely cosmetic but in scanner setting-all setting it shows the wrong version number. Setting shows but add-ins shows
  7. What driver and firmware version are you on? http://highpoint-tech.com/USA_new-test/rr3500_download.htm
  8. There is a guide here and just a little work on your part. http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5463715
  9. Are you using the current firmware and driver? http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/rr2300_download.htm
  10. Are you opening the Dashboard before the service has actually started?
  11. Is it a Dynamic Disk? If so DP currently does not support dynamic disks only basic.
  12. You can mark all sectors as good again.
  13. https://stablebit.com/contact
  14. You can add disks with data, once the disk is add to the pool you have to move the data to the poolparts.xxxxxxxx folder.
  15. Uploaded logs, but I am using v1.3.5.7572.
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