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  1. I would not see it being a issue with Windows 11 but would guess the upgrade process being a issue vs a clean install. But only support/dev can comment on this. And the licensing system would complain about this system change also invalidating the current license.
  2. Something like this. How to Skip Disk Checking on Windows 10 Startup (windowsdigitals.com)
  3. Only other thing I can suggest is re-measuring the pool.
  4. It should be everything outside of the PoolPart folder. From the user manual. Other This includes the disk space occupied by non-pooled files and things such as file system metadata.
  5. I ran into this a few months ago and lots of googling to find these random KB's that needed to be manually applied before things would work. Windows6.1-KB2781272-x64 (GPT) windows6.1-kb4474419-v3-x64_b5614c6cea5cb4e198717789633dca16308ef79c (SHA2) windows6.1-kb4490628-x64_d3de52d6987f7c8bdc2c015dca69eac96047c76e (SHA2) Windows6.1-KB3138612-x64 (update fix) But true I am only seeing Defender updates and the custom domain stopped working awhile ago also.
  6. Hmm nothing about a update on website or changelog. https://stablebit.com/DrivePool/ChangeLog?Platform=win
  7. I have several of these Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB drives with 2-3 million LCC that are 6 to 8 years old with only this LCC issue. Gradually replacing or using for other things.
  8. I have forgot or couldn't deactivate my license before and just used the Contact Us via StableBits website.
  9. Have a look at Scanner manual in Right click menu section. You have Ping Disk or Burst test. This should do what you are looking for. https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=Disk List
  10. Have you checked your Scanner settings? Settings-Scanner settings What option is selected in the Work window? Is Automatic Scanning enabled?
  11. I have no issue seeing my 960 Pro. Currently on beta (DirectIOOverride enabled)
  12. That did the trick, thanks.
  13. It is purely cosmetic but in scanner setting-all setting it shows the wrong version number. Setting shows but add-ins shows
  14. What driver and firmware version are you on? http://highpoint-tech.com/USA_new-test/rr3500_download.htm
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