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  1. Hi everyone, First, I would like to share that I am very satisfied with DP&Scanner. This IS a "State of the art" software. Second, I have personally experienced 4 HDD drives fail, burned by the PSU,(99% data was professionally $$$$ recovered) and a content information, would have been comfortable, just to rapid compare and have a status overview. I also asked myself, how to catalog the pooled drives content, logging/versioning, just to know, if a pooled drive will die, if professional recovery make sense (again), but also, to check the duplication algorithm is working as advertised. Being a fan of "as simple as it get's", I have found a simple free File lister, command line capable. https://www.jam-software.com/filelist/ I have build up a .cmd file to export Drive letter (eg: %Drive_letter_%Label%_YYYYMMDDSS.txt), for each pooled drives. Then I scheduled a job to run every 3hours, and before running, just pack all previous .txt's into an archive, for versioning purposes. I get for each 10*2TB, 60% filled pooled HDD's, around 15-20MB .txt file (with excluding content filter option) in ~20minute time. An zipped archive, with all files inside, is getting 20MB per archive. For checking, I just use Notepad++ "Find in Files" function, point down to the desired .txt's folder path, and I get what I'm looking for, on each file per drive. I would love to see such options for finding the file on each drive, built up in DP interface. Hopefully good info, and not a long post. Good luck!
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