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  1. Hey All - Is anyone aware of potential support or workaround to add NTFS Journaling for a disk pool? I searched the forum and couldn't find a reference to it. In the past, I used the app "Everything" as it used NTFS Journaling so that it wouldn't have to index on a schedule. Since using a pool, I've been unable to use it which wasn't a big deal until I tried out a new app (to me) today named SpaceOBServer which catalogs a disks contents - similar to TreeSize / WinDirStat - as I am wanting it to keep a historical inventory of my pooled contents. It also offers NTFS Jour
  2. Hey Guys - Just wrote Support, but wanted to post here as well in case anyone had ideas and perhaps could reply sooner... I am a long time DrivePool user who currently has a 43.7tb pool comprised of 11 disks including an SSD used with the plugin. To note, I do not use the duplication feature - just use it for additional space & consolidation. I'm trying to remove a bad disk and am running into issues so wanted to write and see what my best bet would be to safely get as much data as possible from the bad one given what I'm running into. This morning, Scanner notified me t
  3. Hey Guys - About an hour ago, I was prompted up upgrade Corsair iCue which is software I use for my VOID Headset. I did so, rebooted, and upon coming back up; my pool was gone. It's not that it wasn't writable, but that the partition didn't appear and when opening DrivePool, no pie chart was displayed - just a list of disks not in the pool. I looked in DP logs, but didn't see anything that stood out besides the fact that it looked normal. I tried many things to remediate including... Reinstall (Repair) of DrivePool System Restore (Attempted twice and both failed - s
  4. Good Morning - I'm a long time DrivePool & Scanner user and love the pair of apps which I use in my home lab. Just wanted to ask a quick question, please. I'm wrapping up designing a Grafana dashboard for my lab PCs which gets its data from InnoDB which in turn is populated by both telegraf and open hardware monitor. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find a good source for performance of individual disks - just basics for logical ones which obviously doesn't help with a pool. Just wanted to post and ask where exactly Scanner pulls its disk stats from - especially "Performance
  5. Hey Guys - I've used StableBit DrivePool & Scanner for a couple of years now and it's worked great. The thing is, the pool is in my primary workstation which I also use for work, gaming, VR (Oculus Rift), plus running a lot of hosted apps like Plex Media Server, Sonarr, Radarr, etc... Currently, the workstation can use up to 50% of its resources at idle which is obviously crazy. The workstation is already at the best CPU it can have for the socket and realize that to get a new one I'd have to buy all new CPU, Motherboard, & RAM. I therefore decided to build a PC from spare pa
  6. UPDATE I ran chkdsk against it without "/f" and got results stating: The type of the file system is NTFS. The first NTFS boot sector is unreadable or corrupt. Reading second NTFS boot sector instead. I ran with a "/f" and it recovered it to NTFS. Restarting the DrivePool service kicked it back into the pool as well. Now the big question: Is this usually a software issue that causes this to occur or is it due to hardware failure? I had Scanner working and it was checking during last status, but currently not reporting any SMART errors. I'm afr
  7. bzowk

    Drive just went RAW

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  8. Hey Guys - I have a big issue I need help with, please. I've used DrivePool without major issue for a couple of years now. My pool is run in Windows 10 x64 and consists of 10 disks including an SSD. About an hour ago, I got some malware which I had to clean off using Malwarebytes in safe mode - nothing larger than quarantining files and restarting. Once done, I got alerts that a disk was missing from my pool. I've run into this issue previously if a cable is loose but after reseating everything and powering back on, I noticed that the disk is present. This specific disk is
  9. Thanks for the reply... I didn't even realize there was a newer version. I'm upgrading to now and will test afterwards. Thanks!
  10. Hey Guys - For the past couple of months, I've had an issue which I found out today only occurs with network file shares that are on my drive pool. I am able to connect to these file shares just fine as well as read from them, however; if i try to write to them or edit a file within one, the workstation (system that hosts the share) immediately bluescreens, bugchecks, dumps, then restarts. I run both DrivePool as well as Scanner which scans as needed at night. I have all performance options enabled except for "Bypass file system filters" plus use the SSD plugin. Balanc
  11. Hey Guys - I've been using DrivePool & Scanner for a few years now and overall it's been great. My home pool currently consists of 12 disks (11 SATA + 1 SSD for caching) totalling over 43.7tb which is assigned to my D: drive. Being a big fan of monitoring resources, I'd love to be able to monitor the overall disk performance in some sort of desktop gadget or widget. This is easy to do for the pool's individual disks if drive letters are assigned or within Scanner, but not the pool as a whole. Since the pool isn't a standard disk, most applications that do this simply show the D:\
  12. Hey Guys - I've used DrivePool + Scanner for a few years now after switching to it from a similar product and it's worked great overall. Just wanted to ask three quick questions, please. Question #1 When posting this, I found out that I'm actually a few releases behind on DrivePool. Given my setup (below) and current version ( Beta), is an uninstall then install of (latest) still the suggested route? Would I need to reinstall the plugin afterwards and/or reconfigure any balancing settings or will they remain intact? I see that Scanner is still at the same
  13. Hey Guys - Quick question which I couldn't find the answer to when searching. Should Windows 10's (Current Branch) built in "Scheduled Optimization" be turned On or Off for pooled disks / SSD cache? I have used DrivePool for years now and am currently running which maintains a 43.9tb pool comprised of 10 platter disks and a single 250GB SSD for caching. Been having intermittant File System Damaged errors in Scanner recently and trying to see if I can improve how things are configured. Applying feature updates for Win10 unfortunately resets many settings system wide (at leas
  14. Thanks for the replies! OK, I'll check out that part of the forum. As for the 4U 36 bay server, I'd love to have that. If I weren't married, it would be a no brainer but I'm lucky to get the limited budget I have now Was considering upgrading my motherboard & CPU then using my existing ones in a dedicated tower for this. Unfortunately, I'll have to replace the RAM too as newer motherboards don't support what I've got and have sunk a good chunk into my 32gb. In fact, while at it I thought I'd ask for opinions. My primary PC has a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H, QuadCore Intel Core
  15. Hey Guys - To answer you questions... is the user that runs the script the same as the one that you used to install dp and/or it runs under? Yes - it uses the same local Windows user account to execute the script which is my primary account and a local administrator Does the missing folder issue occur over the network, or on the local pool? If asking if the disappearing folder appears when viewing a list of folders over the network, I don't think it does appear when accessing the path via SMB. Again, it's a really strange issue; but one I've got to get resolved soon. Than
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