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  1. I'm at a loss

    Right now I'm running with the one drive added, only using it for recording from WMC and for MCEBuddy to read from. I have not re-established the pool, I want to make sure that the drive is 100% stable before I do. So far so good, but we will see. I'm going out of town this weekend so it'll continue to get used over the weekend. Maybe when I return on Tuesday I'll create a pool again. Oh, Scanner is testing the drive in the background too, so that's a little more that's going on as a test. You guys have me worried that I might have a controller problem, so I'm very nervous about putting the pool back.
  2. I'm at a loss

    So it has been over a week without DP installed, and zero corruption issues. I am going to put back ONE drive today, with a new cable, and pool across them. I really need to do this anyway because the only existing drive right now is an 8TB Seagate archive drive, and it's too slow to be a recording drive for WMC and the other tasks I need to do. I'm taking your advice and partitioning off 1TB of the 5TB WD Red to set up as "SSD", and will also use that partition for WMC's recorder. This is using an Intel S1200RP motherboard and the onboard SATA controllers. Another VM, with two HGST NAS drives running WSE2012 and DP is still going strong, no problems at all.
  3. I'm at a loss

    I am very sorry to hear about your medical issues. I suppose it could be a controller issue, but other drives in this box are working as expected, just on different VMs. I'm nixing the idea of a cable issue, I think it would be very unusual to have three cables to go bad at the same time. For now I'm going to leave DP out, and might even remove Scanner, just to ensure these are not the cause of the issues. If I have more problems, I'll know that the problems can't be DP or Scanner.
  4. I'm at a loss

    When I start seeing problems, I would check them all. But again, I am down to just one drive. And even now it is flaky as hell. The server just now thinks I have no drives in the pool. I clicked "Add", and it installed a driver for Covecube Drivepool, I'm telling you, something is flaky. In other words, the "non-pooled" drives are down to just C:, and there are no drives in the pool. My H: drive shows up, but is no longer in the pool and it also cannot be added to the pool. So I guess I'm now down to zero drives. Is Christopher gone from the forum? Now this is getting frustrating because it's completely unstable. Unhappily, I have now uninstalled DrivePool from this server. I have recopied from backups multiple times just to lose them again, and the stuff I did not have backups of are gone for good (which I blame on me) due to corruption. NO WAY, I just removed DrivePool and now that drive is blank too, asking to be formatted. It cannot be a coincidence that I lost so many drives all at once, and only the drives in the pools. it is reporting back as RAW, the partition is gone. I'm now toast.
  5. I'm at a loss

    I confirmed one of the drives was bad, but it is out of the pool. I've mentioned this above. There actually was a problem with Scanner that was showing SMART errors incorrectly: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2661-hard-drive-errors-next-steps/&do=findComment&comment=18306 Nothing updated, stated above this is Windows 7.
  6. I'm at a loss

    Because it's a VM. DP is in a VM. I have talked many times with Drashna about it. It's configured correctly, and has been running right for years. Checkdisk runs at pre-boot, DP can't start until Windows is booted. Yes, I have checked for viruses. Plex is the main application on this server, but it's been there since day 1. The only other app is WMC.
  7. I'm at a loss

    Spider, all the common CHKDSK errors. File descriptor errors, security errors, truncated files, orphaned files... I got 'em all. The only thing between the motherboard and the hard drives are SATA cables.
  8. I'm at a loss

    Things go wonky, DP won't duplicate, says "errors on disk" Reboot computer CHKDSK runs for hours, and I mean like 12 hours. All sorts of data corruption issues are repaired. Run for a while, BAM, data corrupted again.
  9. I'm at a loss

    Second drive did fail WD tests and is being replaced by WD. But, I still don't know why I am getting data corruption with that drive out.
  10. I'm at a loss

    Overnight I ran WD extended diagnostics on one of the 5TB Red drives. It came back with no errors. I'm about to start it on the second drive.
  11. I'm at a loss

    Just took a look, no errors to be concerned about. A few for not being able to set up shares due to missing folders (of course) and looks like I have an NTP issue, but no hardware related or IDE/SCSI errors.
  12. I'm at a loss

    I did not want to blame Drivepool, I've been using it for years and have been a supporter the entire time, but something's going wrong with my servers and I think it's due to the latest beta. I upgraded a while back based on a recommendation, but now I can't keep my servers up. Don't worry, I'm not upset, I can recover from whatever happens, but this is just getting tiring trying to figure out what's going on. It all started when one of my WD 5TB Red drives starting throwing SMART errors on "server 1", reported by Scanner. Not long after that, I started getting corruption errors. To make matters worse, the STxxx blah blah 3TB drive I use as a dup drive on a second VM also started failing, and throwing errors. Two problems at once. Joy. So, I pulled both drives from "server 2" and replaced them with 4TB HGST NAS drives. OK, so that one has been stable since. But, I'm still fighting issues on "server 1". I bought a 8TB archive drive, since I was running low on space anyway. It took me SEVERAL days to get all the data to the point I could remove the 'failing' WD 5TB drive. But, finally, after hours and hours of chkdsk /f and chkdsk /r and trying to move data, rinse repeat, I finally got that drive to remove. OK, things look good. I go a couple of days and it seems things are stabilized. Oh, I spoke too soon. Data is corrupting not only on the other 5TB drive, but now also data is corrupting like crazy on the new 8TB drive. I can't do a dang thing, I can't breathe in the general direction of the box even, without having data corruption and everything screwed up. I don't know what logs you need, what ANYTHING you need. You know I've supported Drivepool and Scanner. Maybe I'm wrong and it's not the fault. But I can't think of what else it might be. I haven't jacked around with anything that I know of.
  13. DP not balancing to my archive disks

    In your post, you mentioned ISO files, but the last picture shows the setting for .DVD files.
  14. 8TB Archive showing up as 1.3 TB

    I figured out more... once you have the drive formatted in the VM's IDE controller, you can move it over to the SCSI controller with no issues. Once I did that, I got SMART data for the drive.
  15. Cannot Repair "File System Damage" on Pooled Drive

    chkdsk /r takes a LONG time, just so you know. Especially if you have sectors that are hard to read.