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Best App To Search Pooled Files



Hey Guys - 

Always been a fan of the tool Everything due to its instant results, no need to schedule scanned updates, and small footprint.  Unfortunately, you can't use it to search a pool (or at least I don't know how to.)  I've tried Locate32 which is ok but still requires lengthy scheduled scanning of the pool and with the size of mine this can take a while.  

Just wanted to post to see what anyone else uses to search for files in pool hoping to find a better alternative similar to Everything.


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I'm using Everything with DrivePool actually. :)

Basically you have 3 choices:

1) You either can go the slow way and add your pool drive letter as a generic "folder" to the DB, which will work as expected but be very slow on indexing.

2) You can directly index ALL of the base drives of your pool, which will index very fast because NTFS-Journal can be used, but it will lead to duplicate entries for all your duplicated files with different (base drive) paths. Also, you shouldn't fiddle around with the files at the base drive paths because it will circumvent drive pool from working properly (DrivePool is the only one meant to handle the files directly on the pool's base drives).

3) Or you can use a technique mentioned here in order to make Everything scan the base drives but output the file with the pool's path. You will also get duplicate entries for duplicate files, but they will both have the expected pool drive letter path and you can also actually work with them (e.g. delete them from context menu) right in Everything.

I use method 2 and 3 in conjunction, which makes each duplicated file appear 4 times in Everything (^_^), but this way I can see which file is duplicated onto which base drive, and I can also work with the files on the pool drive letter (V: in my case) right from within Everything:


Here I searched for one specific file "testprojekt" on a pool with 2x duplication, which is shown on the pool's path (V:) via method 3 as well as on the two base drives path where the duplicated files physically lie around via method 2.

I did this with Everything 1.4. There may even be new possibilities for more easily achieving method 3 with Everything 1.5, without having to deal with cryptic semicolon-separated config files: Community member klepp has had some discussion here with David from voidtools. Anyway, I didn't read through it since my solution works well at the moment.

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Total Commander is allowing you to search on the Pool itself or on the drives (letter or mountpoints). You can also Save the searches as templates, and use them quickly later.

Is also supporting attributes, Text, conditions, time based attributes, Regex ...

It's a shareware application, and if your bothered by the startup message, you could register it.

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