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  1. Hi Shane, I've had zero feedback from Covecube however, just today I retried and the license activated. No idea why but, problem is resolved. Thanks for trying to help, much appreciated! Also, I just found out that DYNAMIC disks cannot be added to a pool, only BASIC disks - type can be checked in Device Manager/Disk Management. Thought i'd add this in case it helps others via Google.
  2. Thank you! It's a real shame. The very first support issue I had way back yonder days was solved really quickly and helpfully, but the second one (first for this issue) has never been answered to this day and it was a few weeks ago. Hopefully your poke will help this. Thanks again and have a cracker of a weekend!
  3. Hi Shane, thanks for your help! I used the contact form. Both. With and without. Neither work.
  4. I'm getting a little bit annoyed right now. I built a new PC. I tried to use my old license on the new PC (old one is still here) and got "license not found" which is clearly wrong error message. I emailed used the Contact Form to get support. Got no response. Bought another license because, ya know what, my time is more expensive than waiting for a response that may never happen. Had to rebuild the same PC (rampant random DLL sucking all CPU). That time it said it would migrate license to the same new computer. Third rebuild - this time due to "System Interrupts" sucking all my CPU (honestly, last fracking time I build on AMD) and now again, I'm being told License not found!!!! Error I won't buy another license. If this isn't resolved I'll use another solution.
  5. Just be careful to monitor the heat, specially if they are bunched together.
  6. Hi WingNut, sorry for slow response, was working with Support to test a few things. I totally agree that 1 minute is excessive but, it was really just to help me test quicker. The testing completed I can now conclude that this is very unlikely an issue with DrivePool. I disabled the CloveCube device in device mangler and the pool drive went offline. I also stopped both DrivePool services. The drives still did not sleep. So this tells me it's very unlikely to be DrivePool related. Anyway, here is an excerpt from my response to Christopher in the support team: Just to add a little clarity. Of the 8 drives in the case three of the drives *were* maxing out around 42 to 44c but since then I added the third fan AND spaced them out a little more so this is why those three are now maxing out at 39c. The other 5 in the case are maxing out at 32-35 so the CPU case disks I think are now OK. The external enclosure Oyen Mobius Pro 5C simply can't handle the heat from these disks so, I've gone old school and stuck a USB powered fan in front of it with the door open. This brings the disks in this right down to 32c (Oyen - I hope you see this!!! VERY POOR!). This is only used once a week as an external mirror sync backup so this is an acceptable work around. And actually as the desk fan is USB powered the Mobius enclosure does indeed power the fan from it's outbound USB port.
  7. Product: StableBit DrivePool Version: I've an issue where no matter how many fans and maxing out the speed setting on the fans the hard drives are getting to over 40c. I've set the windows sleep timer for all the disks in Advanced Power to sleep in 1 minute but, this isn't happening and I believe this is due to DrivePool somehow making the OS think the disks are in use when they are in fact idle. I'm currently running 8x8tb pool and also a 4*12tb pool and both pools have exactly the same problem. Do you think this is a possibility? If so, any tips on how I might be able to let the disks sleep when not being used by anything other than the DrivePool service?
  8. All fixed. Thank you very much for the swift work and resolution!
  9. That's not the same error as us, it's totally different. Suggest you start another thread and log a ticket. Also, read through a thread before posting.
  10. OK, so I just rebuilt my server for a third time in 2 days and it's now at 1511. I've installed the release (not RC) of stablebit and then accessed an exe on the server and ran this on the laptop from the server. Running a remote exe from the DP worked fine for me.
  11. Don't bother with the RC above, it has exactly the same issue (I'm using it). I can't rollback as mine is a new install straight from Microsoft using the Windows Media Creation tool so I don't have an old version of Windows 10 to install/rollback to. Just FYI: Microsoft no longer host older versions of Windows 10 so I would have to get an older copy from somewhere else. I'm amazed this got through testing, i mean, it was tested, wasn't it Cove????!!!!
  12. Yeap, EXACTLY the same problem here. Copying files TO the pool via network share creates an instant BSOD.
  13. stuza

    DriveBalancing - OFF

    Thanks! Fingers crossed for the future then.
  14. stuza

    DriveBalancing - OFF

    That's what I've done, thanks. What a about the other tabs of Balancers and File Placement?
  15. stuza

    DriveBalancing - OFF

    Thanks! I've got "Do not balance Automatically" selected but I can't find a trigger option to deselect? Do I have to be concerned with any of the slections in the Balancers tab or the File Placement?
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