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  1. Yep, but the problem is there is nothing outside of that, 383gb is a massive amount. Can it be anything else ? I have checked partition software and can't see anything hidden. Also WinDirStat doesn't show anything hidden. I am so stuck.
  2. Anyone ? Any ideas ? I am wasting 380gb of data. Is there nothing else I can try ?
  3. I have checked other peoples similar issues, and I don't have Shadow Copies enabled, Recycle Bin files, or other files. I have also re-measured. What could be the problem ? See below for screenshots. I use Windows 10 with version BETA WinDirStats shows 2.3tb used, so not sure where DrIvePool is getting the extra 0.38tb from ? It is not a system drive, just a storage drive, external 3.5". None of the other 6 hard drives in the same pool show any "other" files. I am not using duplication.
  4. Thanks for the info, you are probably right about it not being down to DrivePool. Just out of curiosity do you have a network folder on your Quick Access in File Explorer ?
  5. For some reason on my pool if I move or cut files and place them in a folder in Windows 10 File Explorer the files stay visible where they were after until I manually refresh explorer. Which is a bit annoying when moving lots of different files. Is there any reason for this ? I can try and learn to manually refresh after every move, but if there is a solution this would be good, thanks.
  6. I just installed the Beta (over the top of the stable release I had) and as soon as I loaded it up the Pool Organisation bit at the bottom of the screen started to check the drives, I didn't ask it to do anything. Within 5 minutes I got the below warning. I don't have duplication activated. Any ideas what I can do ? Should I be worried about it ? I don't really understand what it is telling me. When I hover over the warning info it shows up as "duplication inconsistent" but I don't have duplication activated. I remember a few hours earlier I deleted a ISO file directly from the drive pool hidden folder on a drive and not the merged drive pool drive letter. Could this be why ? Is it safe for me to click the "automatically resolve...." checkbox ? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Christopher. I really like your software, I purchased 2 copies the other day of DrivePool for both my computers. Regarding the beta, do I just install as normal, will it effect my pool or settings ??? At the moment I have the normal final version installed I think (2.2.5).
  8. Thanks. Well the odd thing is the error would tend to happen on the larger files, as I deal in blu-ray ISOs these are often 10gb+ files, although it would give an error within 100mb or so of those files. Lots of the smaller files copied okay. I didn't even realise having Asynchronous ticked could cause issues, but I was clutching at straws so tried every setting and deticking that one seemed to make it work okay. Yes, I only use Teracopy too for the extra options like queuing and unattended service as I tend to copy large things overnight when asleep. I use Multipar for my usenet downloads, I have not used it outside of usenet though so that is interesting to know. I tend to use WinMerge to compare folders after a copy but Par2 might be a good solution too for me.
  9. I use Teracopy and have just installed DrivePool. I have created 3 disks in a pool. There is 7TB of space free in the pool. For some odd reason I keep getting errors copying files across to it (from a non-drivepool drive), in Teracopy the error shows up as "Error writing file @96468992" (this error number changes by the way depending on file). But some files copy across. I deal mainly in large Blu-Ray sized files if this matters. There is plenty of space left on all 3 drives. I tried with other copying software (CopyHandler) just in case Teracopy was at fault and got another similar error when trying to copy files to my DrivePool drive which says "Invalid access to memory location". On one file it got about 100MB in to a 20GB file before giving the error. Another got 30mb in to a 20gb file. Others didn't even start to copy. Really frustrating. Any ideas what may be happening ? I looked in the DrivePool log file but can't see anything. Why would some files copy across okay but not others ? As I say, I have checked and there is more then enough room on all 3 drives in the pool so it can't be giving an error due to disk space. The only add-on I am using is "Ordered file placement", the rest are de-ticked. EDIT : Hmmm, I disabled "asynchronous file transfer" in Teracopy and it seems to be copying the files now, I was just clutching at straws trying everything and that seems to have helped. But if this is to blame why did some files copy across okay earlier with it enabled ??? I am just worried whether to trust the copies are okay or not.
  10. Thanks Shane. Just a few follow ups if okay. 1). On the All in One plug in it says "Fill up the disks in the order specified below", but I can't see my drives listed below that. Does it not mean specific drives then ? At the top there is a list of drives, but not below it ? 2) On the main page there is a small blue and orange triangle arrow. The orange arrow is correct in saying it won't fill beyond 99% but why do I have blue arrows too ? I don't have a duplicate drive or anything. It says it is in the un-duplicate target for re-balancing ??? I have balancing set to 99% but the blue arrows are placed in random places ?? Thanks again !!
  11. So just downloaded Drive Pool and added 3 drives to the pool. One drive is nearly full and the other 2 have a fair amount left. I thought I had changed the balancing settings so it will only balance when reaching 50gb free space, but it seems after I pressed "re-measure" (I was just checking different things out) to have removed 1 video file from each folder on 2 of my drives on to the drive with the most space (the one I have at the top of the list for new files). I could understand if these were new files but it has moved existing files, which is not ticked. I presume "Or this much free space" overrides the percentage bar above it if ticked ? As I had it ticked. Is it because "Drive Emptying" was set to 85% ? But I am confused, as doesn't that cancel out the max space options ? I have installed a couple of the plugins. Basically all I want is for any new files added to be added on the drives in order that I have them under "Ordered File Placement" plugin. I don't need them spread across other drives until that drive is full up to 50gb free space and I don't need it to move files already on the drive. I have "Volume Equalization" deticked in the plugins. Also does "Prevent Drive Overfill" not do exactly the same as "Drive Usage Limiter" ??? If I tick the "All in One" plugin do I need to detick all the other plugins ? I notice also Stablebit Scanner is in the plugins, is this the same as the separate software that you buy ? Is it only activated right now because I am in a trial or is it the same name but different software ? I will soon be buying 2 licenses of Drive Pool so just want to make-sure I can get my head around it before I do. Thanks for any help.
  12. Thanks Shane. Do I keep the parity drive out of the drive pool or does it not matter ? So for instance, if I have 5 drives mounted to folders for Drive Pool, and 1 parity drive, should I keep that separate and out of the pool, or can I also mount to folder that drive too ?
  13. I am brand new to all this. Just downloaded both DrivePool and SnapRAID. I have removed my hard drive letters (6 different drives) in Disk Management after making a large virtual pool drive in DrivePool. I now want to create a single Parity drive. So with SnapRAID do I select just the DrivePool drive (which I doubt, given I won't have a parity drive big enough) or do I point it to the drive folders with my MountedDrives folder (where I have placed all my hard drive mounts) ? If so, is that directly at the root folder or the hidden DrivePool folder ? I am using Elucidate to GUI SnapRAID (given how much of a layman newbie I am). Also my biggest drive is 8TB, I want to use that size for parity, I also have 2x 8TB archive drives in the pool (so 3x 8TB in total), do I need to slightly reduce the partition on my two 8TB drives or will this not be needed ? I just wasn't sure if the parity drive data has overheads that needs slightly more than the biggest drive in the pool. Thanks for any help.
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