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  1. Thanks for the info, you are probably right about it not being down to DrivePool. Just out of curiosity do you have a network folder on your Quick Access in File Explorer ?
  2. For some reason on my pool if I move or cut files and place them in a folder in Windows 10 File Explorer the files stay visible where they were after until I manually refresh explorer. Which is a bit annoying when moving lots of different files. Is there any reason for this ? I can try and learn to manually refresh after every move, but if there is a solution this would be good, thanks.
  3. I just installed the Beta (over the top of the stable release I had) and as soon as I loaded it up the Pool Organisation bit at the bottom of the screen started to check the drives, I didn't ask it to do anything. Within 5 minutes I got the below warning. I don't have duplication activated. Any ideas what I can do ? Should I be worried about it ? I don't really understand what it is telling me. When I hover over the warning info it shows up as "duplication inconsistent" but I don't have duplication activated. I remember a few hours earlier I deleted a ISO file directly from the drive poo
  4. Thanks Christopher. I really like your software, I purchased 2 copies the other day of DrivePool for both my computers. Regarding the beta, do I just install as normal, will it effect my pool or settings ??? At the moment I have the normal final version installed I think (2.2.5).
  5. Thanks. Well the odd thing is the error would tend to happen on the larger files, as I deal in blu-ray ISOs these are often 10gb+ files, although it would give an error within 100mb or so of those files. Lots of the smaller files copied okay. I didn't even realise having Asynchronous ticked could cause issues, but I was clutching at straws so tried every setting and deticking that one seemed to make it work okay. Yes, I only use Teracopy too for the extra options like queuing and unattended service as I tend to copy large things overnight when asleep. I use Multipar for my usenet do
  6. I use Teracopy and have just installed DrivePool. I have created 3 disks in a pool. There is 7TB of space free in the pool. For some odd reason I keep getting errors copying files across to it (from a non-drivepool drive), in Teracopy the error shows up as "Error writing file @96468992" (this error number changes by the way depending on file). But some files copy across. I deal mainly in large Blu-Ray sized files if this matters. There is plenty of space left on all 3 drives. I tried with other copying software (CopyHandler) just in case Teracopy was at fault and got another similar erro
  7. Thanks Shane. Just a few follow ups if okay. 1). On the All in One plug in it says "Fill up the disks in the order specified below", but I can't see my drives listed below that. Does it not mean specific drives then ? At the top there is a list of drives, but not below it ? 2) On the main page there is a small blue and orange triangle arrow. The orange arrow is correct in saying it won't fill beyond 99% but why do I have blue arrows too ? I don't have a duplicate drive or anything. It says it is in the un-duplicate target for re-balancing ??? I have balancing set to 99% but the blue
  8. So just downloaded Drive Pool and added 3 drives to the pool. One drive is nearly full and the other 2 have a fair amount left. I thought I had changed the balancing settings so it will only balance when reaching 50gb free space, but it seems after I pressed "re-measure" (I was just checking different things out) to have removed 1 video file from each folder on 2 of my drives on to the drive with the most space (the one I have at the top of the list for new files). I could understand if these were new files but it has moved existing files, which is not ticked. I presume "Or this much fre
  9. Thanks Shane. Do I keep the parity drive out of the drive pool or does it not matter ? So for instance, if I have 5 drives mounted to folders for Drive Pool, and 1 parity drive, should I keep that separate and out of the pool, or can I also mount to folder that drive too ?
  10. I am brand new to all this. Just downloaded both DrivePool and SnapRAID. I have removed my hard drive letters (6 different drives) in Disk Management after making a large virtual pool drive in DrivePool. I now want to create a single Parity drive. So with SnapRAID do I select just the DrivePool drive (which I doubt, given I won't have a parity drive big enough) or do I point it to the drive folders with my MountedDrives folder (where I have placed all my hard drive mounts) ? If so, is that directly at the root folder or the hidden DrivePool folder ? I am using Elucidate to GUI SnapRAID (given
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