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  1. Thanks all for your response. Support did get back to me, and a simple Uninstall and Reinstall finally restored all my pools. But the first time I ran Uninstall, the Uninstaller stalled at "Initiating..." and made Windows hang. I had to do a hard Windows shutdown and reboot back into Windows 11 to get uninstaller to work. I guess the lesson is, do a clean reboot first before running the Uninstaller! Life is good again, thanks Covecube!
  2. While waiting for someone to reply, I am digging around and noticed in Troubleshooting > Service Log , there is a "warning" line Should I try the "Reset All settings"? But I don't want to mess it up further. Please help!
  3. Stupid me, I automatically assumed that DrivePool will work on Windows 11. After clicking on "Upgrade to Windows 11" last night when I was really tired, I woke up to a rude awakening this morning to find that all my DrivePools have been replaced with a cryptic "COVECUBEcoveFS____" I am seriously panicking right now because I have no access to all my pools but at least Windows > Disk Management still shows all my drives as connected and Poolpart folders on each drive are still present. Just hoping they are not wiped. What can I do to resuscitate Drivepool? Covecube team or anyone else, help!
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