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  1. According to Christopher, this is expected behavior. I could use the ignore command from CMD but since the drive was damaged, I just removed it permanently, so not worried about it getting added back. But apparently the Remove command does nor prevent DP from recognizing a drive and adding it back in.
  2. Thanks for the input. Due to other computer problems unrelated to DP, I ended up having to restore a system image from a few days before the problem with the drivepool service started, so that fixed the issue with no service.
  3. Wow - all of that? I was just going to uninstall and reinstall. Why did you remove everything from the pools and re-create?
  4. Just a bit more information - it turned out that although the pool drive folders were all there, they appeared empty, though the files were still on the underlying drives. However, when I run the service from the command line, it does work, and the pooled drive does become fully accessible. So - the question is how do I get the service re-registered into the Services panel - and why does the installer fail? Is it safe to uninstall and then try reinstalling? (I can never use the phrase "is it safe" without thinking of the movie Marathon Man). Thanks!
  5. Hi - I've had drivepool running fine for quite some time (other than being slow). Today I noticed that the UI was stopped looking for the service. Went into Services to restart and the service was gone. Determined that Bit Defender had quarantined the service executable, which I restored. Couldn't get it to show in Services panel though. Tried running the service from command line and it started successfully, but still doesn't show up in the Services panel. I've tried restarting the system - no help Figured I should reinstall drivepool, but the installer doesn't get past initia
  6. Hi Chris and others - I'm pretty confused about the SSD optimizer and how plugins work together. I've read in some older threads that if you use the SSD optimizer you should disable other balancers - but that means losing a lot of important functionality, which is not at all redundant with SSD optimizer. I thought the point of the SSD plugin was that files would initially go to the SSD, and then from there, would gradually be moved to other disks, duplicated on the archive disks and balanced according to rules. It doesn't make sense to me that these would be in conflict with th
  7. I'm setting up snapraid to use along with drivepool - lots of threads on here I've seen. However, I'm running up against a couple things I haven't seen mentioned. Unlike some others, I AM using some duplication and some DP balancing. I realize that snapraid won't be able to complete parity until the balancing settles down - that's fine. Once it's all rebalanced, the drives I'm using with snapraid will have static media files. Question 1: I have some files that will work better outside of the pool - such as image backups. I've seen people recommend setting the base folder for sna
  8. Got an old 640GB drive from a system being tossed (WD Blue) - manufactured 2009. Obviously it's pretty small, so it's not a big concern, but I was surprised to find that Scanner started marking every sector as bad - I stopped it after something like 30,000 bad sectors. I ran chkdsk with the full scan and fix, and it reported no problems at all. ( I also did a full format and again ran it through scanner - same thing. And again chkdsk says all good). The drive was plugged into a USB dock that I've had no previous problems with. It also said no SMART data was available - but I
  9. So I've been having trouble getting a potentially damaged drive evacuated and removed. I've posted other places about that so I won't go into those issues. However, after manually removing unduplicated files, I physically took the drive out of the system. When DP said there was a Missing Drive, I clicked Remove, and since it was absent, it pretty quickly got removed. I then plugged the drive back in and it immediately appeared back in the pool - rather than in unpooled drives. This is not what I would have expected - I'm wondering if this is intentional or a problem. My assumpt
  10. I've been puzzled why unduplicated content on a drive with SMART warnings and damage was not being removed, despite setting various balancers to do so. I discovered today part of the reason - possibly all of it. I believe all the remaining unduplicated content were backup images from Macrium Reflect. Reflect has an anti-ransomware function that can prevent any changes to backup files. This was preventing drivepool from removing them. I realized this when I shut down drivepool service and tried to manually move those files to another drive. I'd have expected drivepool to report t
  11. I've resolved a part of this but I'm going to start a couple new threads so people can find in the future.
  12. the disconnects were actually on two other drives - not the damaged ones. I'm not sure I'm understanding the dpcmd ignore -- I don't know which files on this drive are unduplicated and which are duplicates - so it's not clear to me how I should manually remove the files. That's why I set the drive usage limiter to remove only unduplicated files - but that hasn't happened at all. Feel free to respond on my ticket if you prefer.
  13. Also , as I've explained in our private messages on my ticket, I tried the force damaged disk removal - its not that it's getting stuck on damaged files -it's that it hasn't even begun removing files from this drive because it's been measuring the pool for days. It did at one point start to balance but only moved a few files on other drives and barely touched this one.
  14. Hi Christopher - I don't think this has anything to do with the damage on the disk. It's only 20 sectors and 3 files, of which I was able to recover 1. I can open folders on the drive, open files, copy files, etc And drive pool is generally taking forever to measure and balance the pool - it goes way beyond this particular drive.
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