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  1. Not sure where I am supposed to be posting this but I figured I would try here first. I was hoping for a feature that would allow us to empty the SSD optimizer at a specific rate. (For example, move X gbs from SSD to archive when the SSD drive is this full or this much data needs to be moved.) Currently, when the criteria is met, the entire SSD is emptied into the archives all at once. My goal is to keep the more current data on the SSD and slowly push older data into the archives. I am hoping to just move the first X GBs written be moved to the archive whenever the trigger cr
  2. dsp

    DrivePool SSD Cache

    Ah darn. After I posted this, I started to research alternatives and came across primocache. If you heard of it or used it before? I am wondering if primocache might be a useful alternative.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is using primocache with CloudDrive? I am trying to get the benefits of a read/write cache. I am currently using drivepool with 3 cloud drives and 1 SSD cache disk. For the most part, this is working well with the SSD cache disk being the write cache. However, I am noticing that the clouddrive cache does not appear to be as fast as the cache disk. Also, when I set the clouddrive cache to a really large size, 50 gbs+, it takes awhile for the system to shutdown at times. I was hoping for a solution where I could speed everything up. I have 1 gigabit up/down connection an
  4. dsp

    DrivePool SSD Cache

    Is there a way to make Drivepool store the most recent x GBs of files on a certain disk, and then move old files off of it and balance into my archive disks? I would like it so my most recently added files are stored on my SSD drive but slowly push out all data to my archive disks. Currently the SSD Cache plugin will let my SSD fill up, but then immediately empty it out once it starts to balance it.
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