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    Empty folders

    Ah OK, thanks!
  2. Saphir

    Empty folders

    Hallo, is it normal that there are Empty folders everywhere in my Pool? The folders are correct but It looks like the balancer were moving the files to another disc and leaving empty folders behind.
  3. I'm not using the Cloud version but the hint withe the JASON I will try next time. Thanks.
  4. That's what I would like to do too, my OS on a M2 drive :-) I keep my fingers crossed for your installation. @Christopher (Drashna): Would be nice to save the settings from PoolDrive like it is for the scanner possible.
  5. If you have set up the file placement to put a specific folder on a specific drive it should work. I wouldn't use the Ordered File Placement Plugin for this because it seems that this Plugin is for a general order priority for drives (will fill on drive after another with all the files are coming in). The file placement I marked should do what you want.
  6. Hi Glauco I just changed my Server from WHS 2011 to Win 10 with deleting from my OS drive the old partitions and installing Win10 frech from an USB Stick. The drives with my data which were in a Pool I disconnected in this time. Afterwards I installed DrivePool new on the new OS, switched the PC of and connected the data drives. after starting Win 10 I looked in DrivePool and the Pool was there. It worked with my Backup Pool too. Only the drive letter was changed. You only have to install DrivePoll and connect all your Pool drives. DrivePool scannes the drives and will find the infor
  7. On the main setting side of the balancer you can set if the balancer is starting at a specific time or if a certain amount of data has to be moved. I have set my SSD to 600 GB as example. If there is not the need to move 600 GB the data will stay on the SSD.
  8. Saphir

    DrivePool and Backup

    Thanks for your answers. I saw that my sync software watches after files and folders. Checking a folder I saw that it has ecerywhere the same timestamp and on one place not but there was a timestamp from today and the problem was there before too. My setup is PoolDrive Z:Data and Y:Backup. Allwaysync makes the sync oneway from Z to Y. The folder structure is synced too. Y: lookes the same as Z: + a hidden folder for the file history in every folder. Empty folders I found but have to check if this happens continuously. For the folder I checked because the files shouldn't go to the his
  9. Hi, For Backups I use Allwaysync withn Versioning. The Backup goes to Pool which HDDs are in case that is connected with USB to the Server. The Server has the Pool with the original Data. Since a long time I have enabled the duplication of the most important folders. Every thing seemed to be OK with the Backup. This days I switched on the duplication for all folders and I have changed one HDD. The balancing was moving a lot of files arround and now the duplication is doing his job. What I see in the Backup is, that in the versioning there are being files copied in which I havend chan
  10. @Shane Can you change the title of this thread in "DrivePool and SSD combinations" I think that would fix better to the subject, thanks. Not needed anymore. With holfing the right mouse button on the title I was able to change it by myself. Didn't see that feature before and found it now by chance.
  11. Thanks for your answers. This are the answers from t he costumer service. I post them here because others may have the same questions an will find this answers helpfull too: question 1: Is the duplication working with having one SSD-drive set for cache. Is DrivePool writing the files to the cache SSD-drive and a duplication to the HDDs in the Archive? answer: Yes, but if you have duplication enabled, and don't have two SSDs, then yeah, it's falling back to using one of the HDDs. question 2: How is the reading of this files, is DrivePool reading the files on the cache SSD
  12. Yes I was only setting one drive as SSD cache. In the moment I have changed my setting to find out what is working how with DrivePool. Maybe I write my questions here too and you can have a look. My questions: 1. Is the duplication working with having one SSD-drive set for cache. Is DrivePool writing the files to the cache SSD-drive and a duplication to the HDDs in the Archive? 2. How is the reading of this files, is DrivePool reading the files on the cache SSD-drive first if they are still there or will the duplication on the HDD slow it down? 3. Would it be better
  13. Thanks Shane for your answer and help. My settings you can the in the screenshot. If I understood you right it should be the correct way, that the "file placement rules" are not override the the SSD Optimizer. What I don't undertand is why my SSD in the archive (with file placement to it and not set in the optimizer as SSD) and the Cache SSD (set as SSD in the optimizer) don't get new files which should be there. They remained empty. For A few minutes I was writing a support ticket because I can't find anythink in the documentation and in the forum what makes my questions clear. Can
  14. Thanks for your help. It seems we have realy a bit of an language problem. I'm using drivepool now since a few yours but never used folder placement or SSD Optimizer before. Good do read that the SSD Cache is working. For me it wasn't working at all. I will test a bit and write to the support.
  15. Hmm I see I mixed my questions about Archive SSD and Cache SSD :-( Maybe I wrote it not good enough. That the Cache is completely emptied, that's how I understand drivepool is working. Thge probelm now is that both SSD Archive and Cache are staying empty: For the Archive SSD I set the folder placement for only a few folders but they are not placed to the Archice SSD. Maybe it has a completly other reason because the SSDs are empty: Duplication. If I have enabled the duplication and have only 1 SSD as cache is that working? I thought DrivePool is moving the duplikated files to t
  16. My oldest internal drive I use frequently is from 2010 (WD black) and a few from 2011 (WD green, Barracuda green, Samsung). In the beginning of my Server I used "normal" HDDs because I had a some and they were cheaper. Since 2013 I buy WD red but only if I need them really. The old drive can run till they die. Only one Samsung/Seagate HDD has a few bad errors but is still working (I replaced it this days). Two Seagates have proplems with the LCC which is going very fast up. The WD black LCC goes a bit faster up to. Overall I'm very lucky with my HDDs. I have externel dirves too and they
  17. I have a question to your settings for the Cache SSD because I don't see that there is anything written on it. Did you allow the file placement to write on the cache SSD? I'm not sure how exactly that function works. If I enable it than DrivePool knows to use it as cache only because the SSD Optimizer Plugin says it or will it place Archive files than to it. The Idea is what I read from you. All written data should be go to the cache SSD and if a specific amount of date has to be balanced (600 GB in my case) it should be go from the cache SSD to the archive HDDs. I hope from this that my
  18. Thanks! I had this allready set to 100 GB but because of your answer I set it a bit lower and changed the setting above so that ist works. If I use the SSD like this maybe I should use my 1 TB SSD für the Cache and not the small 128 GB one.
  19. I think I will have soon a looke to the speeds in my network too. How did you do that? I use the "SSD Optimizer" Plugin but I can only set how much the SSD can be filled, not at which point it will be emptied to the archiv. What do you mean with temp folders directed to the Pool?
  20. Hi gtaus, thanks for sharing your expirience. Read Striping is turned on thanks for the hint I checked it. That sounds great. I was assuming it but was not shure about it. If it works in your case it will work for me too and I leave the Archive SSD in the Pool. I have only 1 SSD for Archive files, the othere is the writing cache. Striping would not work in this case. Would be interesting to have the douple speed of an SSD but I really thing there are to many bottlenecks to use this speed how you told. I only put this Archive SSD in the Pool because it's from my old
  21. Hello together, I just optimized my Drivepool a bit and set a 128 GB SSD as write cache. I had another SSD with 1GB I had left I put into the pool and set drivepool to write only folders on it which I use most and should be fast available. This folders have also a duplication (the other Archive drives are HDDs). I'm not sure if this is working or the SSD is useless for more speed. How is drivepool working: - does drivepool read both the original und the duplicated folders if I use them from the Client? - will drive pool recognize which drive is faster and read from this fir
  22. Hi, this is an older thread but I have exactly the same situation with 2 older Seagate Barracuda with 2 TB. Every few seconds it counts a cycle up. Seems there was an general problem with this HDDs.
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