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    Ginoliggime reacted to Ryan Joachim in Forgot to enable encryption on initial creation - do I need to start from scratch?   
    Like the title says, I totally missed the box to enable encryption on my StableBit folder and now I'm wondering if it's possible to turn encryption on after the fact (since some has already been uploaded), or if I should just delete everything and start from scratch?
    I don't see an option to enable it, so I'm leaning towards the last option.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to dasani3x in CloudDrive Nearly Unusable Recently (Google Drive)   
    Hello all, first of all, I am a huge fan of the software and will be a paying customer on day one. However, I feel the need to point out how much the performance of my CloudDrive has slipped in the recent week or two. I am using Google Drive and it seems like every time I update to the newest beta update, I get great performance for 12-24 hours. 400 mb/s up and no issues downloading and streaming over Plex. After that, it becomes nearly unusable. This is on version

    I haven't had nearly that level of errors before, but now I find the drive unmounted after an hour or two worth of work, and data rarely actually uploads, usually 1.5 mb/s at a time. 
    After updating to, I am back to better speed with no errors.

    Is there anything I can be doing to have more consistent speeds and reliability?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to steffenmand in +1 for GoogleDrive for Work support   
    Excatly what i wanted :-D let my speed be unleashed!
    hopefully this will make it to amazon as well when you get the answers from them as well :-)
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    Ginoliggime reacted to Neaox in Expand/Rename existing cloud drives   
    Hi there,
    Is it possible to modify existing cloud drives, for instance expanding them in size or renaming them?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to Spotta in USB to Sata adapter   
    I need to get a couple of new USB to Sata adaptors for my toolkit, but these would also be useful for upgrading my DP hdds and temporarily attaching disks to have them scanned while i'm at work.
    Are there any known to work with Scanner, or known not to work which should be avoided?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to pocomo in Google Drive: I/O Error 'The parameter is incorrect'   
    New user here, trialing build 722 on Windows 10.
    I have created my drive using Google Drive, but it keeps disconnecting with repeated instances of this error (see attached screenshots):
          [ioManager:72] Error performing I/O operation on provider. Failed. The parameter is incorrect
    Any clue what this is? I ran a check on my network connection which is pretty solid, results here: http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/restore/id=369839a0-12857-24e54d82-c64f-41fc-b12d
    Right now Cloud Drive is promising but unusable for me.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Ginoliggime reacted to Gbyrd in Poor performance Google Drive (not rate limit)   
    I have not been able to get Google drive working well. The download is always limited to about 3-4 Mbps. Before it use to be much higher, seems like the more people using this app the performance takes a heavy hit because of it. Anyway to get it resolved?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to thestillwind in DrivePool + CloudDrive + Local Drive....   
    I've search a little and couldn't find the anwser I wanted. I'm pooling a physical 6tb + 10tb on amazon + 10tb on google.
    I want to : make a google folder to put files in that will go into the google 10tb, and the same for amazon
    If there is no way to put files into a drive by choice, how can I change drive priority to put files, because I want the amazon one to be the lastest to get pooled.
    (I know I can put files directly in the poolpart folder on the google/amazon drive, but I want to know if I can do it in the pooled drive directly)
    Edit : Nevermind I was tired when I wrote that and found out how to do what I wanted in the balance option.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to jbarr in Could CloudDrive be compatible with DreamHost "DreamObjects" cloud storage?   
    I have a Dreamhost Web hosting account (that I'm very satisfied with.) They also offer "DreamObjects" which is an Open Source cloud-based storage service (based on Ceph) that can utilize an API that is compatible with the Amazon S3 API.
    Could CloudDrive be compatible with something like this?
    Their pricing structure starts at something like $0.025/GB/month storage, and $0.05/GB/month for download. It seems pretty reasonable. (I don't work for them--I'm just a happy customer.)
    Being able to leverage CloudDrive with this would be very handy.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to RobbieH in I'm at a loss   
    I did not want to blame Drivepool, I've been using it for years and have been a supporter the entire time, but something's going wrong with my servers and I think it's due to the latest beta. I upgraded a while back based on a recommendation, but now I can't keep my servers up. Don't worry, I'm not upset, I can recover from whatever happens, but this is just getting tiring trying to figure out what's going on.
    It all started when one of my WD 5TB Red drives starting throwing SMART errors on "server 1", reported by Scanner. Not long after that, I started getting corruption errors. To make matters worse, the STxxx blah blah 3TB drive I use as a dup drive on a second VM also started failing, and throwing errors. Two problems at once. Joy. So, I pulled both drives from "server 2" and replaced them with 4TB HGST NAS drives. OK, so that one has been stable since. But, I'm still fighting issues on "server 1". I bought a 8TB archive drive, since I was running low on space anyway. It took me SEVERAL days to get all the data to the point I could remove the 'failing' WD 5TB drive. But, finally, after hours and hours of chkdsk /f and chkdsk /r and trying to move data, rinse repeat, I finally got that drive to remove. OK, things look good. I go a couple of days and it seems things are stabilized. Oh, I spoke too soon. Data is corrupting not only on the other 5TB drive, but now also data is corrupting like crazy on the new 8TB drive. I can't do a dang thing, I can't breathe in the general direction of the box even, without having data corruption and everything screwed up. 
    I don't know what logs you need, what ANYTHING you need. You know I've supported Drivepool and Scanner. Maybe I'm wrong and it's not the fault. But I can't think of what else it might be. I haven't jacked around with anything that I know of. 
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    Ginoliggime reacted to steffenmand in +1 for GoogleDrive for Work support   
    Hi Christoffer,
    I know i have asked lots of times, but what is the options for larger chunks on google ? - Im getting a lot of rate exceeded and larger chunks would help slow down the api calls as well as increase the general upload/download as the response time is the real speed killer atm.
    You had it working on amazon before the new api, shouldn't it be easy to migrate to the google provider ? - I know you most likely wont notice a difference, but us with really high speeds really do and 20 MB is still too small atm, which results in the rate exceeded due to excessive api calls
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    Ginoliggime reacted to Reptile in +1 for GoogleDrive for Work support   
    Google Drive for Work means unlimited storage for about 40 dollar a month. And even normal googledrive accounts could be pooled together with drivepool. And nothing stops you from having multiple google accounts right.
    Furthermore google has amazing speed. I get around 220 Mbit/s. Yes on gigabit fiber google allows to sync with up to 250 mbit/s per second. It would be wonderful to have Google Drive support.
    Fast, afordable, unlimited.
    Is there a beta release supporting this provider already?
    Yours sincerely 

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    Ginoliggime reacted to Alex in Amazon Cloud Drive - Why is it not supported?   
    Some people have mentioned that we're not transparent enough with regards to what's going on with Amazon Cloud Drive support. That was definitely not the intention, and if that's how you guys feel, then I'm sorry about that and I want to change that. We really have nothing to gain by keeping any of this secret.
    Here, you will find a timeline of exactly what's happening with our ongoing communications with the Amazon Cloud Drive team, and I will keep this thread up to date as things develop.
    On May 28th the first public BETA of StableBit CloudDrive was released without Amazon Cloud Drive production access enabled. At the time, I thought that the semi-automated whitelisting process that we went through was "Production Access". While this is similar to other providers, like Dropbox, it became apparent that for Amazon Cloud Drive, it's not. Upon closer reading of their documentation, it appears that the whitelisting process actually imposed "Developer Access" on us. To get upgraded to "Production Access" Amazon Cloud Drive requires direct email communications with the Amazon Cloud Drive team. We submitted our application for approval for production access originally on Aug. 15 over email: On Aug 24th I wrote in requesting a status update, because no one had replied to me, so I had no idea whether the email was read or not. On Aug. 27th I finally got an email back letting me know that our application was approved for production use. I was pleasantly surprised. On Sept 1st, after some testing, I wrote another email to Amazon letting them know that we are having issues with Amazon not respecting the Content-Type of uploads, and that we are also having issues with the new permission scopes that have been changes since we initially submitted our application for approval. No one answered this particular email until... On Sept 7th I received a panicked email from Amazon addressed to me (with CCs to other Amazon addresses) letting me know that Amazon is seeing unusual call patterns from one of our users.  On Sept 11th I replied explaining that we do not keep track of what our customers are doing, and that our software can scale very well, as long as the server permits it and the network bandwidth is sufficient. Our software does respect 429 throttling responses from the server and it does perform exponential backoff, as is standard practice in such cases. Nevertheless, I offered to limit the number of threads that we use, or to apply any other limits that Amazon deems necessary on the client side. I highlighted on this page the key question that really needs answered. Also, please note that obviously Amazon knows who this user is, since they have to be their customer in order to be logged into Amazon Cloud Drive. Also note that instead of banning or throttling that particular customer, Amazon has chosen to block the entire user base of our application.
    On Sept. 16th I received a response from Amazon. On Sept. 21st I haven't heard anything back yet, so I sent them this. I waited until Oct. 29th and no one answered. At that point I informed them that we're going ahead with the next public BETA regardless. Some time in the beginning of November an Amazon employee, on the Amazon forums, started claiming that we're not answering our emails. This was amidst their users asking why Amazon Cloud Drive is not supported with StableBit CloudDrive. So I did post a reply to that, listing a similar timeline. One Nov. 11th I sent another email to them. On Nov 13th Amazon finally replied. I redacted the limits, I don't know if they want those public.
    On Nov. 19th I sent them another email asking to clarify what the limits mean exactly. On Nov 25th Amazon replied with some questions and concerns regarding the number of API calls per second: On Dec. 2nd I replied with the answers and a new build that implemented large chunk support. This was a fairly complicated change to our code designed to minimize the number of calls per second for large file uploads.

    You can read my Nuts & Bolts post on large chunk support here: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1622-large-chunks-and-the-io-manager/ On Dec. 10th 2015, Amazon replied: I have no idea what they mean regarding the encrypted data size. AES-CBC is a 1:1 encryption scheme. Some number of bytes go in and the same exact number of bytes come out, encrypted. We do have some minor overhead for the checksum / authentication signature at the end of every 1 MB unit of data, but that's at most 64 bytes per 1 MB when using HMAC-SHA512 (which is 0.006 % overhead). You can easily verify this by creating an encrypted cloud drive of some size, filling it up to capacity, and then checking how much data is used on the server.

    Here's the data for a 5 GB encrypted drive:

    Yes, it's 5 GBs.  
      To clarify the error issue here (I'm not 100% certain about this), Amazon doesn't provide a good way to ID these files. We have to try to upload them again, and then grab the error ID to get the actual file ID so we can update the file.  This is inefficient and would be solved with a more robust API that included a search functionality, or a better file list call. So, this is basically "by design" and required currently.  -Christopher     Unfortunately, we haven't pursued this with Amazon recently. This is due to a number of big bugs that we have been following up on.  However, these bugs have lead to a lot of performance, stability and reliability fixes. And a lot of users have reported that these fixes have significantly improved the Amazon Cloud Drive provider.  That is something that is great to hear, as it may help to get the provider to a stable/reliable state.    That said, once we get to a more stable state (after the next public beta build (after or a stable/RC release), we do plan on pursuing this again.     But in the meanwhile, we have held off on this as we want to focus on the entire product rather than a single, problematic provider.  -Christopher     Amazon has "snuck in" additional guidelines that don't bode well for us.  https://developer.amazon.com/public/apis/experience/cloud-drive/content/developer-guide Don’t build apps that encrypt customer data  
    What does this mean for us? We have no idea right now.  Hopefully, this is a guideline and not a hard rule (other apps allow encryption, so that's hopeful, at least). 
    But if we don't get re-approved, we'll deal with that when the time comes (though, we will push hard to get approval).
    - Christopher (Jan 15. 2017)
    If you haven't seen already, we've released a "gold" version of StableBit CloudDrive. Meaning that we have an official release! 
    Unfortunately, because of increasing issues with Amazon Cloud Drive, that appear to be ENTIRELY server side (drive issues due to "429" errors, odd outages, etc), and that we are STILL not approved for production status (despite sending off additional emails a month ago, requesting approval or at least an update), we have dropped support Amazon Cloud Drive. 

    This does not impact existing users, as you will still be able to mount and use your existing drives. However, we have blocked the ability to create new drives for Amazon Cloud Drive.   
    This was not a decision that we made lightly, and while we don't regret this decision, we are saddened by it. We would have loved to come to some sort of outcome that included keeping full support for Amazon Cloud Drive. 
    -Christopher (May 17, 2017)
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    Ginoliggime reacted to bnbg in File Explorer hanging   
    I've had this issue for as long as I've been using CloudDrive.
    When I navigate the drive, most of the time Explorer will hang (not responding) when I click into a folder.
    When it doesn't hang, sometimes it will take ~2 minutes to load the folder.
    The folders don't have many files in them. I have the pinning options enabled.
    I thought it might be a bug because the drive was created with an early version of CD, so I created a new drive to see if the issue was gone but it's still happening.
    Is there anything I can do? Really annoying having to restart explorer almost every time I want to browse the drive.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to dsteinschneider in Looking for recommendation on eSATA card and drive enclosure   
    I'm looking for recommendations for a PCIe eSATA card and 4 or 8 bay enclosure.
    Maybe someone might know why I'm having the issues described below:
    Back story:
    I have a Rosewill RC-219 connected to a MediaSonic Probox 4 drive enclosure. For 3 years I ran this card and enclosure in an Optiplex GX-620 running WHS 2011 and DrivePool. After about a year and a half of solid performance the Probox started to occasionally disappear. If I cycled its power it would come back without doing anything else. I replaced the Optiplex GX-620 with a Dell Vostro 430 running Windows 7 Pro 64. I also replaced the RC-219 with a new identical card.
    The Probox would disappear on the new setup a few times a week but I found if I rebooted every night the problem stopped with our normal use. Recently I started converting all our WTV mpeg2 recorded TV to h.264 MKV on a second machine that reads the movies from this box but saves them on its own drive. Under this use the Probox has been disappearing several times a day. 
    I get an Event ID 9. I saw someone online who running WHS-2011 with the same PCIe SATA card who flashed a certain BIOS and driver and the above behavior stopped - I can't replicate their experience because the drivers they used are 32bit. 
    BTW The 4 drives are 4 year old WD30 EZRX-00MMMB0 (Green 3TB). I ran wdidle3 to stop the heads from parking but a couple of the drives already had 250K plus load cycles before I figured that out.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to RJGNOW in Damaged File System Error Will Not Clear   
    Title says it all.... Damaged File System Error Will Not Clear.
    1) Removed drive from pool,
    2) Reformatted HDD
    3) Re-added drive to pool.
    4) Forced Scanner to rescan drive
    Error persists in scanner.
    5) double checked with the windows disk check and it return OK.
    Now what? (I just started a 2nd scan)
    I also noticed that even with a corrupted file system, DrivePool was still reading and writing data to that drive. I know that the drive will evacuate on a SMART error but it doesn't look like that happens with any other error???
    Scanner Version : BETA
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    Ginoliggime reacted to w00ki3 in Is there any plans to support EMC Atmos   
    Are there any plans to support the EMC Atmos storage?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to Midoxai in OneDrive for Business Provider Issues   
    I've seen the public response of Alex in the issue:
    If I understand it correct, there is a big overhead while making small reads. On the other hand I think that the actual max chunk size of 1 MB increases the overhead in download-time for big files, because the maximal number of download threads is limited so it adds one Round-Trip-Time to the download-time for every additional Request.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to ManuelG in ACD Unlimited & Plex   
    Hi, i´m from germany and here its now possible to sign up for ACD unlimited, wich sounds pretty cool.
    i have at home plex server with right now around 13TB, but its near full and old...
    So, on change to a new pc my raid is going to break up...
    1.? Is there anyone that use Stablebit to store every movies and series on ACD and watch movies etc with Stablebit on the fly?

    2.? How is the experience with Amazon and Stablebit...
    yesterday i try netdrive, but i just get around 4/0,5mbit and i´m here at 400/50mbit
    so i break up, and want to try this software...
    3.? When i create a  storrage with Stablebit and upload everything to Amazon Cloud, whats up, when i get a news computer ore it crash, can i reconnect to it?
    Course as i see it looks like Stablebit dont use the Storrage as it is, it sams it create a container like truecrypt etc...
    Anyone may give me answers?!
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    Ginoliggime reacted to jjbrunton in Google Drive uploads/downloads stopping completely   
    First off - thanks for an amazing piece of software, it's great to be able to upload encrypted stuff to Google Drive like a real hard drive. Fantastic.
    I am having an issue at the moment where Cloud Drive stops after a while of uploading and just sits with no activity permanently until I restart the machine. It still has data in the 'To Upload' part of the storage but nothing happens, no uploads.
    I am on build 597.
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    Ginoliggime reacted to Statikk in ACD recognizing some chunks as photos   
    When I log in from the ACD web app some of my chunk files are showing up under the photos section.  I guess my concern is that at some point amazon may treat these files differently than files that it sees as misc data files and I'll end up with missing chunks.  Should I be concerned?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to fredde in FTPS error   
    I'm trying to setup a clouddrive using Explicit FTP + SSL (FTPS) to a Filezilla server and get this error: "Authentication type already set to TLS (534)"
    I can connect to the server using Filezilla client and it passes the test at ftptest.net. Any ideas?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to waoonetwork in I/O error   
    I started to get this error today and was wondering if its something I need to worry about. I figure its because I dumped a couple hundred GB's of data into the drive without letting it finish syncing.

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    Ginoliggime reacted to athunt in Recover Files Without mounting cloud storage?   
    Before i use anything i like to know there are alternate ways to decrypt the data.
    Currently you have to mount the drive against the cloud storage to get the data back. Can you manually copy all files locally into a folder and decrypt it that way? I read some old threads that it would be a future feature. Do I just mount a "Local" path and use the same passphrase to decrypt the data?
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    Ginoliggime reacted to Christofer in DrivePool & CloudDrive combo   
    I need help with a setup. At the moment I've got 4X unlimited GDrives that I want to be both encrypted and mirrored with each other. So a 1:1:1:1 relationship between them all..
    Is that possible with the use of CloudDrive and DrivePool? My thought is to first connect and mount the GDrives in CloudDrive, then pool them (and "duplicate" 4X), then back to CloudDrive to mount the pool as "local drive" and encrypt.

    Thoughts about it?

    Thanks in advance!

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